Giving Back: Steelers Lead By Example

By Rick Dayton

There literally are dozens of agencies across Allegheny County that help teens and youth succeed, assist older seniors, and do what they can to reduce the financial struggles for families.

Last year, 27 Pittsburgh area companies were added to the growing list of those that run internal campaigns for the United Way; and the Pittsburgh Steelers continue to show the way.

“It’s something that we are working hard to bring in some of the new businesses that haven’t been involved with the United Way before and it’s really working,” Steelers President Art Rooney told KDKA. “And every year we are bringing new companies to the group that runs the United Way campaign.”

Rooney says it works because the United Way guarantees success by working with hundreds of local assistance agencies that know first-hand about the need.

“That message gets out to the community that they understand that the United Way does its job of making sure that the dollars get to the place where they’re most needed; so I think historically, there has been a trust that’s built up in this community with the United Way — probably more so than a lot of other communities.”

Steelers fever is contagious in Pittsburgh; and in that same vein, Rooney hopes that giving through the United Way also becomes something that everyone wants to do.

“Unfortunately there are a lot of needs in the community and still a lot of people out there who need help,’ Rooney continued, “so I think we have tried to set that kind of example.”

Over the years, countless Steelers personally show why giving is the right thing to do.

“Charlie Batch has been a great spokesman has been for the United Way,” the Steelers president added. “He is all over town spreading the message and so we have been fortunate over the years to have guys who have been willing to take their own time.”

For more information on how you can “Live United For a Greater Pittsburgh,” visit the United Way of Allegheny County at

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One Comment

  1. Anon. says:

    The Pittsburgh Penguins do WAY more charity work than the Steelers. The PENGUINS are the guys who are leading the way, not the Steelers. The Penguins visit children who have cancer and volunteer at food banks to help the homeless. The Steelers assist seniors? What, do they help grandma cross the street? I’m sorry, but I believe that the Penguins are the better team that help in charity work. The Penguins are the leaders.

  2. Teri says:

    This is just one example of how the Steelers give back to the community. I believe that both our Steelers and our Penguins give back much to the community and I do not think there needs to be a contest of which team does more. I know for a fact that many Steelers visit sick children in hospitals – I have been at Children’s when some of those visits were made. Members of both teams do many things that the public is made aware of as well as many things we never hear about and do not even imagine. Suffice to say that BOTH the Penguins and the Steelers lead by example and are more than just talented sportsmen. They are also incredible humanitarians who do much to give back the blessings they have received.

  3. Halleluja says:

    All Hail Lord God Rooney

  4. L. Warren says:

    Teri, thank you for being positive and reminding others to focus on what is important versus what is not.

  5. Rick says:

    What a great message Teri! We are very blessed to have 2 organizations that are very generous in giving back to the community. I too agree that many of the efforts are done for the right reasons with little regard for recognition. As a native resident I am very proud of these organizations and look for their continued success both in the sports arenas and even more importantly their work among the disadvantaged.

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