Woman Injured In Bloomfield Shooting

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Police are still looking for suspects after shots were fired outside of the Sunoco A-Plus on Liberty Avenue in Bloomfield.

Pittsburgh Police Commander Tim O’Connor said a man who pulled up to the gas pump had words with another man who was leaving the mini-mart, pulled out a gun and started shooting.

KDKA-TV’s Ralph Iannotti reports 10 to 15 rounds were fired. The gunman, the victim, and the girl in the suspect’s car all ran away.

They left their Nissan Maxima at the gas pump.

A woman standing by the Matilda Street entrance of West Penn Hospital was either hit by a ricochet bullet or flying glass. Several witnesses ran for cover because they thought it was a robbery.

O’Connor said it was fortunate no one else was hurt considering the time of day.


One Comment

  1. Joe says:

    The shooting took place right outside of West Penn Hospital and they took her to Presbyterian???????????????? WHY?????

    1. Morgan says:

      Because they don’t have an emergency room anymore! Genius, huh?

    2. The Wolf - Paramedic says:

      W.Penn is not a trauma Center! and would only call 911 for an ambulance to transport!

  2. Scott says:

    Her injuries determine where she goes. I do not know what the current status of West Penn’s ER is but Presby is a level 1 trauma center meaning they are equipped and staffed to handle the worse cases.

  3. goonie says:

    you are right scott we do not take level one trauma here at wph never have

  4. goonie says:

    the er doesn’t close til 12/31/10

  5. Sara Sams says:

    According to the news Pittsburgh is so bad you all need a ER on just about every corner. What a shame society is going to hell. Things are going to get much worse. Hope the lady will recover quickly.

  6. FedUp says:

    Take all these gang bangers, put them on a military plane, give them a one way ticket and drop them off over the mountains of Afghanistan — then they can play shoot ’em up all the want — the f’n losers.

    1. tax payer says:

      I love that idea, take all of the people on death row also. That’s less of our tax dollars going too waste.

  7. bigJERM1212 says:

    Sara: Pittsburgh is not bad at all, it’s just a certain group of people responsible for ALL of the shootings, they cause lots of trouble and many robbirers with randomly shooting any at time, anywhere…look what happened on lgiht-up night?! but no politician or anybody will ever stand up to this group and say enough is enough

  8. Tracy p. says:

    Has crime gotten better or worse since the big Hope guy got in there?

  9. johnnykov says:

    Why don’t these shoot ’em ups happen in the mostly white communities with white shooters? Anyone ever wonder?

  10. Dr. Obvious says:

    It is rather intersting that you can no longer report that the suspect was a “black” male who escaped. It is not tacial profiling, it is called being mildly observant!

    1. naacp says:

      you better watch your step obvious, we think your violating someone rights

  11. dan says:

    This is a sign of what is coming everyones way. Sad thing is that someone that reads my comment will experience this in the next year…It may be you. Keep voting for that idiot Ravenstal.

    1. tax payer says:

      Exactly what would you like the mayor too do? He is one man who is trying he CAN NOT stop all of the stupid pepole who decide to do stupid things, the police can’t even. This needs too be a group efford, one man can’t do the impossiable!!!

  12. Mayor stupidstal says:

    Hey more people need to bring money into the city and live here. Yea we may have 200 murders a year and probably a thousand shootings but those are all isolated incidents.

  13. mayor stupidstal says:

    Wiil somebody buy me a new bodyguard for xmas

  14. dan says:

    The mayor plowed the streets when they were bad, why doesn’t he help the police out and become a officer, and hit the streets…They need the people!

  15. Mayor stupidstal says:

    Listen I have a tub full of hot ladies and some cold mikes hard lemonades, I can’t just jump up and do every job in the city because someone else isn’t qualified enough to do it!

  16. mayor stupidstal says:

    Ok instead of a new bodyguard can I get a police “TAZER” or one of those really scary dogs they cart around….Yo! I used to have more bodyguards that my boy Snoop doggy Dog

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