Winter Storm Warning Issued For Area

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Winter Storm Warnings and advisories remains in effect for much of western Pennsylvania as another round of wintry weather heads our way.

The warning has been issued for Sunday afternoon through Tuesday night.

According to the National Weather Service, a wintry mix will begin falling Saturday night and that will change over to snow by Sunday afternoon.

Snow showers are expected Sunday night into Monday morning.

“I think it gets here sometime after midnight, and then sticks around as rain probably through one o’clock or two o’clock [Sunday]. Then, as the cold front goes through, cold air pours in behind it and that will change the rain over to snow,” said KDKA’s Jon Burnett. “I don’t think accumulation totals are going to be immense, but they’ll get your attention, especially for that Monday morning commute.”

He says the heaviest concentrations of snowfall will be well north of our area.

“We’ll get a little more than a nuisance snow,” Burnett said. “It’ll keep coming in the form of lake effect snow showers, really, right into Tuesday and early Wednesday before things shut down.”

From Sunday through Tuesday, Burnett expects four to six inches around Lake Erie and three to five inches for the rest of the area.

High winds are also expected to accompany the storm. On Sunday, winds are expected to be around 15 to 25 mph with gusts up to 35 mph.

A Winter Storm Warning  is in effect for the following counties:

Maryland: Garrett

Pennsylvania: Cambria, Crawford and Somerset

A lake-effect snow warning has also been issued for Mercer and Venango Counties in Pennsylvania.

West Virginia: Preston

A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for the following counties:

Pennsylvania: Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Clarion, Greene, Indiana, Jefferson, Lawrence and Washington.

West Virginia: Brooke, Hancock, Marshall, Monongalia and Ohio.

KDKA’s Paul Martino reports on how road crews are preparing:

  • stacie

    can anyone tell me if fayette is in this?

    • Stacie

      Yes it is

  • JOE


    • Dana Dinsmore

      I read the counties and wondered the same thing…do ya think they could have just missed us??

      • Trixie_Bubbles

        It means it’s sunny and 78 degrees in Westmoreland County.

  • Lynn

    Jeff is De Man! But, I hope your forecast for the winter is correct…I’m holding you to it Jeff!!

    • martina

      Don’t be a hater, Marty.

  • marty griffin 2

    oh marty

  • Mumoona

    Hurry Hurry….Buy up all the milk,bread,eggs & toilet paper…..the world is ending

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  • martina

    I’m disappointed you failed to tie the snow storm into the Bethel Park school district contract negotiations.

  • Plower

    What happened when a winter storm was 10-12 inches of snow and cold blowing winds

  • ck

    He phoned you while skiing? I hear he’s away all weekend at Seven Springs :)!

  • Kathleen

    It is winter it snows, PLEASE stop talking about it & showing snow storms from last year, or from another state. The weather forecasters are getting on everyones NERVES!!!!!!



  • Kathy

    Get off the computer and go play with your kids!

  • heather

    Is Westmoreland county in this? My kids hope it is, and I do too. haha. I think they just missed us, because it says winter weather advisory on so I hope they just missed us :D

  • jlue

    So much snow. We in the south think we are getting snow when the ground is white.

  • JOHN


  • grumous

    In the UK we’re expecting a similar situation the coming weekend, with a polar vortex fragment positioning itself directly over the Britain.

    It’s not out of normal probability that us Brits could be asking for help from our American friends.

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  • michele

    It’s wintertime in Pennsylvania! Get a life we always get snow,move south if you don’t like it! The News stations blow it out of proportion and panic everyone.GIVE US A BREAK!!!!!

  • Corey

    Does anybody know if washington,Pa is in this? And how much we will get.

  • Taylor Marisa

    does this include south fayette?

  • Tired

    I should have been a weather man, that way I could be wrong all the time and still make a good living. 3-5 inches of what? it sure ain’t snow…..more like a pile of BS. I think the stations are owned by Giant Eagle, sales are slow, lets create a “snow storm”.

  • Babygirl

    We definitely have snow here in

  • mayor stupidstal

    Time for me to get some babes and some booze and head to seven springs

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