Players & Fans Concerned With Steelers’ Offense

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – If there could be a position on a football team called “game saver,” there’s no question, Troy Polamalu would hold a lock on that position for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It’s no surprise when Polamalu limped away from his airborne touchdown, during Sunday’s 23-7 win over the Cincinnati Bengals, that fans would be anxious.

“I thought for a second there like I might be out for the rest of the game, but sometimes like that when injuries happen like right away, you feel that initial pain and then it goes away. So, it wasn’t very serious,” Polamalu said.

That may provide some measure of relief, but the other problem fans are talking about is a bit more complex.

“It worries me about how they are playing because their offense isn’t scoring enough and the offense needs to score more touchdowns,” Nick Haffner said.

“The offense. We just kept losing things. I felt like their heads weren’t in the game,” Sadie Anderson said.

That’s not to say there weren’t some spectacular moments for the Steelers on Sunday. However, the performance could be summed up as being inconsistent.

“Very inconsistent. You know, there were spurts yesterday where we moved the ball very well had some great pass plays. Moved the ball well and then all of sudden they just shut down,” Justin Anderson said.

Generally, that shutdown has been coming in the red zone.

“[Ben Roethlisberger], I will say, is picking it up with an ankle and a nose injury. I’m pretty proud of Ben,” Erin Reading said.

Fortunately, since his addition to the team, place kicker Shaun Suisham has been perfect. However, the team knows they need to start finding the endzone more often.

“It’s not good enough because we have to score points, and field goals aren’t good enough,” Roethlisberger said.

“We know it, when it comes crunch time we’re going to have to start putting up touchdowns,” Hines Ward said.

The Steelers will face a slumping New York Jets (9-4) team that has lost two straight games Sunday afternoon at Heinz Field.


One Comment

  1. SPYDER8541 says:

    I have a question for you sports dept.
    Is the NFL and the brass up there trying to cripple Ben? 4 hits that had zebras right there and no flags. Im tired of all this one-sided flag throwing. Man up NFL and face the fact that Ben is a “Blue Collar” QB. Now just treat him like the NFL player that he is. IF your 3 golden boys would have got them hits there would have been 2 ejections.

  2. Rudy Guy says:

    Several problems with the offense. 1) Bruce Arians. He is predictable, not conservative. Everyone, including my wife, knows the play call before Ben gets out of the huddle. 2) Late developing plays (again Arians). The OL can’t hold blocks and BA hasn’t adjusted to this. 3) Ben doesn’t find his “hot” receiver on blitzs (every 3rd down), instead he looks for big plays. 4) Coach Tomlin does not hold BA accountable for a sub-par game plan.

  3. Edge says:

    Everyone is forgetting how banged up and misaligned the offensive line is–players out of position and we are down to the 3rd string in some areas! It’s hard enough when our starters are playing–but, Jonathan Scott?!!

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