Rooney: Roethlisberger’s Headed In Right Direction

By Rick Dayton

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — From his off-season troubles in Georgia to a broken nose, it’s been quite a year for Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger; but team president Art Rooney says he thinks Number 7 is getting his life back on the right track.

“I think Ben has made some changes in his life, has recognized that he needs to do some things to make sure he is the kind of person and kind of leader on this team that he can be,” Rooney told KDKA, “and I think he has done a good job with it.”

The 2010 season started with Big Ben nowhere in sight. The NFL took care of that with a six game suspension that was reduced to four — giving Roethlisberger plenty of time to think.

“He’s got to continue to keep his guard up and number one work hard on the field and obviously be a good person off the field,” Rooney added, “and he’s certainly doing a good job in both regards.”

“I think he’s where we want him to be at this point,” Rooney told KDKA-TV’s Rick Dayton. “He’s working hard as a football player. He’s doing things off the field that I think people are proud of what he’s doing, and I think he certainly has his life headed back in the right direction here and hopefully on the field he’s going to continue to be successful for us.”

But it has been challenging for Roethlisberger on the field this season — with a broken nose and injured foot taking a toll on the Steelers signal caller.

“No question guys are bigger, stronger, faster and those are the kind of challenges the league is trying to deal with in terms of making sure it continues to be a safe game to play,” Rooney added, “and that’s part of what’s been going on this season is kind of adjusting to some of that.”

Through it all, though, Rooney says the Steelers have their sights set on another run deep into the playoffs.

“I think the thing we have in front of us is an opportunity and I think that’s really all you can ask for. We have an opportunity. We put ourselves in the driver’s seat and so now we just need to take care of business. Every week is going to be a challenge.”

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One Comment

  1. Rick T says:

    Way to go Ben. Steeler Nation is pulling for you on and off the field.

  2. pgher says:

    wait, what has he done off the field that is so commendable?

    1. aceijklsw says:

      The fact that we haven’t heard about him off the field should be good news in itself. Also, I’m in favor of him having his privacy so I don’t care what he does off the field. Some folks don’t like to publicize their charitable efforts and that is commendable also. Let’s remember that we are talking about a person who has not been charged or arrested for anything. The conflicting testimony of those who were admittedly drunk does not constitute a case of any kind. The only one who has paid for what could be called questionable behavior so far, has been Ben R.

    2. Southern Belle says:

      If you go to you will see alot of positive things that Ben has done. Some of the articles out there have tried to do Ben in and while I’m not saying he’s perfect by any means that I do feel he’s trying to move forward and do better. I think he does have his good points.

  3. castnbash says:

    @pgher what has he done that is so despicable ? sure the accusation flew but without evidence to back it up … that is like me having a black eye and blaming you for it , I can say it all I like but it would not make it so …………. Police reports indicated the woman has multiple stories try reading them …

  4. billgilg says:

    I agree with castnbash. Are we guilty until proven not guilty in this here U.S.A.?
    What ever….I’m glad Ben is improving on and off the field. I remember when I was
    his age. I made lots of bad choices cause my head was where it was. Too bad
    I didn’t have the corrective guidance he had when I was his age. I might have done
    something with my life by now. But my reckless years went on from there. I
    really didn’t learn much until i became too old to turn around and do anything about it. I hope Ben goes for it keeps on improving his life. God Bless you, Ben

  5. nwyinzer says:

    Where Ben’s past conduct is concerned…I worked 23 years in the USAF I have dealt with young men and women and their troubles, some much worse than Bengate. Sometimes a youth needs to fall hard and really take a couple of nasty hits (pardon the football lingo) to realize change needs to be made. Every young man of woman deserves the chance to hit bottom and try to get up. They deserve support, the even deserve kindness. But make no mistake Ben will either sing or swim…and that will depend on him. I say give him the benefit of the doubt and if he falls well…let him reap the rewards of his actions.

  6. nwyinzer says:

    Great typing, on my message above, eh?!?

  7. Get a Life Stupid says:

    Ben is a slimeball. Why do we hold him in such high regards? Because he’s a professional football player and makes millions of dollars? This is the reason that people think pro-athletes and their fans are ignorant. Because we support those who have been accused multiple times of crimes against those WEAKER than themselves. You don’t continue to support priests who target children do you?

    1. PghSteel says:

      You are probably from Cleveland??? Go Maimi Heat!!! Lol

  8. Jack Beiber says:

    give him a break, sometimes boys will be boys.

  9. Bigshot says:

    He didn’t want anymore of that guy who pimp slapped him on the field….what a punk….He needs his 2 crooked cop buddies to protect him

  10. Joshua says:

    Bigshot, so if you’re 6’5 240 lbs, and a 6’6 310 pound linemen came up and punched you. What would you do about it? Everyone just needs to let Ben live his life. He was never proven guilty of rape, so why do people keep accusing him of it? Just get over it, he wants to move past it, and society doesn’t seem to let him.

  11. MARIO says:


  12. Southern Belle says:

    In a way what makes this look so bad is that Ben was accused more than once of sexual assault and by some others that never even pressed charges. I just wonder if his mother passing away when Ben was 8 years old and his parents divorcing when he was 2 years old was really difficult for him? I’m going to give Ben once more chance to change. However, like the old saying goes is that 3 strikes is an out and so if Ben does it again I will not be as forgiving. I am a very objective person and I’m a Christian also that believes in forgiving others or God will not forgive us. If Ben did anything wrong he won’t get away with it in the end because I’ve seen too many cases where it came back to a person that did wrong and it’s called “Karma”. I am praying for Ben in lieu of everything.

  13. Mark says:

    You wish rape on someone’s daughter? I’m not a judge and jury, this article is about a young man that made mistakes and is trying to get his life back together and you pull out wishing assault on someone… I think you should reflect on yourself a little bit, go back to West Virginia and hate the Steelers.

  14. Kingrooney says:

    I bet old king Rooney read him the riot act after that second incident

  15. 7 says:

    Someone had to read Ben the riot act. I stand behind the idea that the suspension was the best thing that ever happened to Ben. I hope he keeps on this path.

  16. Lynne says:

    I truly believe that Ben is a good person with a good heart. There are plenty of “slimeballs” out there that should be in jail but Ben is not one of them. Like so many other “personalities” he believed the hype and it all went to his head. He started believing that he was BIG BEN and was indistructible. Unforutnately he needed to find out the hard way that he’s just human like the rest of us. He learned his lesson and also paid the price in a lot of ways. I think we all need to move on from what happened and believe everyone that said he has changed, including Art Rooney. I don’t know of anyone who is perfect or has never done anything wrong, including the hate mail posters on here.

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