Security Guard Charged Over Black Friday Incident

ROSS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – A security guard is being charged with roughing up a guy outside of the Ross Park Mall, which led to police using a Taser on the victim.

Now, that security guard is blaming the incident on being “tired, cold and sore.”

On Nov. 26, a Ross Park Mall security guard, who was directing traffic, confronted a man after he pulled into the Toys R Us parking lot.

The guard, identified as 25-year-old Gregory Lattera roughed up the man, John Kaminski, who was with his wife and infant son.

According to the criminal complaint, Lattera grabbed Kaminski and slammed him into a parked car.

Then, Lattera slammed Kaminski to the ground and pinned him down with his knee.

A Ross Township police officer, responding to a call from the guard of a hit-and-run, Tased Kaminski, apparently believing he was the aggressor.

Fortunately for the Kaminskis, it was Black Friday and the parking lot was full. As a result, there were lots of witnesses around and they all independently told a different story than the one Lattera was telling.

Police confronted Lattera with the discrepancies, at which time he recanted his story and explained to KDKA’s Jon Greiner that he was cold, tired and sore from directing traffic for more than six hours.

Lattera was crying and admitted that he lost his temper and stormed up to the Jeep as it was passing him.

The Ross Park Mall referred questions to Wvalor Security, which hasn’t returned phone calls.

Ross Park Police issued a statement and weren’t available for questions about their Taser use policy.

Lattera, a former Eagle Scout with 32 merit badges, faces charges of simple assault, false imprisonment, false reports to law enforcement, impersonating a public servant, unlawful restraint and harassment.


One Comment

  1. Bang Bang says:

    too bad Kaminski didn’t shove a Glock up his nose

  2. Johnny Duke says:

    Yup, tase first, ask questions later. Another black eye for local “law enforcement”. Surprised it wasn’t a little old lady

  3. Nathan says:

    Oh, come on. Don’t act like it’s easy to deal with the unruly black Friday crowds. I feel bad for him. I’d lose my temper too.

  4. jones says:

    @john…sue the guys? of course there had to be a sue happy d ck on here.

  5. Mike says:

    The full story does not appear to be on here! why did he get mad at this guy what did he do? did he deserve it? and how in the world do you blame the police officer? did anyone happen to see his side of the story? no……..the cop is always wrong to some people i am sure the cop just ran up and tased him right? and to Jones, its sad but you are correct. All this world is anymore people that just want to sue for anything and everything. so maybe next time people lets get the whole story before we point fingers at anyone!

  6. j sexton says:

    If anybody would do research. They would find that this security officer was convicted of Drug crimes in Philadelphia an dwas sentenced to 5 years. Strange that this seems to be the SAME guy. Why is he employed at a large shopping mall as a Security Officer??? I see Lawsuit coming!!

    1. jones says:

      again….lawsuit. stfu! well i guess you have to j sexton. its the only way ro make money besides WORKING AND EARNING IT!

  7. Munchmunch says:

    Ugly fat slob…It looks like he ate a whole troop of boy scouts…..another good reason besides pit bulls to carry a pistol

  8. john says:

    Lawsuit is the only waty to teach these people a lesson. Work for it!!!!!!!! You wouldnt know work if it bit you. Another comment tough guy. shut your mouth and address the story. D CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. N says:

    Really, Sexton. Where do you see that?! Nothing about a drug conviction comes up when I look for it!

  10. Tee says:

    You know I was always told there were 3 parts to every story….his side the other guys side and the truth, there’s a lot of harsh words being said by people who weren’t there so how can anyone pass judgment without the whole story, let he who is without sin cast the first stone people.

  11. ASchnit says:

    This guy was a complete jerk. Maybe he had it comming. Despite what some may think, security guards arent there for protection. They are to direct traffic and make sure no children are running. Some need to step off of their $10 an hour high horse, and stop pretending like they have an authority that they absolutely do not.

  12. L says:

    So many judgmental people. I’m sure most or all of you have done something stupid your not proud of. And as for Gregory doing 5 years in Philadelphia…NOT true maybe you should know your facts before you start typing.It was the wrong guy.he plead out because he was told to and even though he had many cops testify on his behalf the judge threw out anything that would have helped him.The real guy plead guilty and got squat….We here in philly love you Greg no matter what. your doing the rite thing taking your medicine.

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