9 Injured In Oil City Bus Accident

OIL CITY (KDKA) – Nine people were injured in a Venango County accident Tuesday afternoon.

According to emergency dispatchers, the accident happened on Bissell Avenue in Oil City when a school bus collided with two other cars.

It is not known how many of the victims are students, but one victim was classified as a level one trauma.

Several students reportedly had contusions and abrasions.

All of the victims were taken to UPMC Northwest.

The accident may have been caused by snow and freezing temperatures.

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One Comment

  1. Shelly B says:

    I wish that the superintendents would weigh the costs and benefits of cancellations on days such as this. Heaven forbid they have to make up a school day in June. Every student’s safety should be the first priority.

  2. Kevin Appel says:

    The Strrets where a mess today and saftey of the Kids should of come first,The superintendent should go out and stand a a bus stop and wait for the bus like the kids do for a least 15 mins and see what its like. when its 12 out and a wind chill of 03 below zero

  3. Bob says:

    Parents, dress your kids warmly. Dress in layers and wear a hat and scarf and gloves. To blame a school system for this accident is absurb. It’s winter and we live in nortwestern PA! The accident is just that – an accident. It’s unfortunate and my prayers go out to those involved.

    1. Shelly B says:

      If the school system would’ve been wise enough to cancel, this accident wouldn’t have happened. There’s never a reason to take a chance and the school did just that. That’s the absurdity.

    2. Daniel says:

      Every school north and south of this school cancled…..
      this school should have canceled too.
      They droped the ball big time.

  4. Dave & Larriette Grams says:

    We totallly support Bob’s statement and our prayers are with those involved as well.
    The Grams

  5. cindy says:

    My son was on this bus and was one of the students sent to the hospital. Thank you for those praying. This is a real eye opener and as much as i hate seatbelts, maybe they’re not a bad idea. He was thrown from his seat and hit his ribs off the front seat legs and hit his face into the handrail as the bus came to a stop on the edge of a bank. He is so sore, but more frightened for now.

  6. Karen Gilbert says:

    There would not have been an accident had school have been cancelled in the firsty place. When kids got out of school roads were terrible. Tempertures in the morning should have been enough to tell somebody school should been cancelled for the day!!!

  7. Kait says:

    I think the school and the weather are the only things we can blame for this tragic incident, now an innocent family has to suffer. I live in Oil City and there was absolutely no reason to have school today. The kid driving the car is now laying in a hospital bed in Pittsburgh with not one but 2 broken legs and laceration’s in his spleen and liver. Would this have happened if there wasn’t school today? Probably not. I feel very sorry for those hurt in this accident and my thoughts and prayers go out to those injured.

    1. angel says:

      i would hope that this will open there eyes and relize the roads are to bad for bus loads of students to be driving on.. yet they dont seem to care.. there 180 days .. is what matters to them.. they are not looking ouf for the childrens safty.. they only care about them.that kid ..the driver of that vehicle.. happens to be my best friend..and he is lying in the hospital bed banged and bruised. i belive that the roads are way to bad for busses to be traveling on..yet will have to..

      1. J struthers says:

        If it’s to bad for the Bus then it’s to bad for a lightweight car.

  8. John says:

    If seats were installed facing backwards on school buses, no one would have been injured on the bus.

  9. angel says:

    my best friend was the driver of that car.. if school would have been cancled like they should have been.this accident would have never happened.. im sorry but i blame this mainly on the school board.. why put the lives of several inocent people in danger.. just to get a few hours of unneeded school in.. when we can go an extra day in the summer..i beilve that the school is not putting the childrens best intressed first. if you cant do your job to keep them safe. then you need to step aside and let someon take over that knows what there doing..

    1. jstruthers says:

      My Understanding is that your friend was part of the problem that caused the Bus to wreck.
      If he was the one to initally hit the slick spot and had to counter steer…My point is that if you are going to have the school cancel due to cold (not Ice) then everybody , particularly a 16 year old with limited experience driving … let alone driving under possibly icey conditions shouldn’t be on the road either.
      If the buses weren’t running and he hit a Bread truck or a van full of kids what would your arguement be then?
      In your favor they should at least have the OCPD/OC Maint. crews do a Traffic/Road condition run at least once in the AM and once prior to school letting out to determine if it’s safe enough.

  10. Frank says:

    What this article does not stated that the driver of the car was the one who actually caused the accident. The driver was speeding up the hill fish tailing all over the roadway. The driver of the bus tried to avoid the car an infact the car struck the bus. The person at fault is the driver of the car for his reckless driving during bad weather conditons, not the school board. So those are the facts.

    1. Daniel says:

      No were in the news or any were else did any one say the driver of the car was speeding.
      They said he was fishtailing.
      If you have ever driven that road in bad weather you would know that you dont have to be speeding to fishtail.
      Get your facts straight before you put them out there.

      1. jstruthers says:

        Then let’s get the fact’s …
        Indeed he was at fault. But due to inexperience.
        My points are that HE was the inexperienced driver.
        That because of his inexperience he tried to negotiate a road in bad weather that he wasn’t savy enough to avoid.
        That because of his inexperience it was HE who jepordized the saftey of the those on the school bus, himself and anyone else on that portion of Bissel.
        I live in Texas right now but I lived, worked and know Oil City it’s streets and weather. Try Moran, Smedley, Central, Petroleum and the rest over on the South Side. There were winter day’s where walking wasn’t safe…yet people were hauling butt down the hill from Pin Oak and Seneca . If you check the Police records you will see only minor accidents almost no deaths due to snow and Ice conditions.
        Don’t blame all of this on the school district. As to your friend those injuries are serious …I hope he recovers.

    2. Matt says:

      The facts are a kid got baddly hurt. Pleas do not point blame. The reason the car fish tailed is do to the weather. Say a prayer for him and his family. They read your post and do not care whos fault it was just so that their child makes it out of this.

  11. mike says:

    it wasnt snowing soo bad that plow trucks couldnt keep the roads clear.
    so why were the roads soo bad?
    we pay taxes for this service and it seems like you dont ever see the road clear.
    but soon as thiers an accident they are everywhere.
    no one should had been on those roads, that was the decision of the school board. not the cars driver who was trying to get to school or the bus driver who did the best he could on roads that no one should had been on anyways.
    and those are the real facts!

  12. Jeff Dolby says:

    I am a student at Franklin high school but used to attend Oil city.There should have been no school yesterday! The school board should have known something was going to happen on roads that were that bad! It would have been so much easier to jus give atleast a 2 hour delay or jus to cancel it other than send hundreds of students on snow covered roads and risk their lives and other innocent motorists lives something like what happend yesterday could have been avoided!

  13. Daniel says:

    The roads and temperatures today are nowhere as bad as they were yesterday.
    Yesterday they didn’t cancel and someone got hurt,
    Today when they didn’t need to cancel they did.

    If my employees used this kind of reasoning, someone would be getting replaced.

  14. OC Resident says:

    How many accidents would have happened if school was cancelled? Did anyone think to look at that!? I was on the same road same route as the accident just minutes before it happened and the roads were not bad! Don’t go blaming anyone til you know all of the facts and let the cops do their job and investigate the ACCIDENT! Many children would have been out running around unsupervised if there was no school yesterday, just look at today it’s rediculous out there! Too cold and many kids should be at home or being watched and they are not! If you don’t like the transportation then you know what to do, do it yourself! I have no problem with the system, just stating some facts of my own! No one should be blamed as of yet, it was an ACCIDENT!

  15. JKM says:

    I am an employee of a snow removal company in Oil City, and was on the roads at the time of the accident……they werent bad. To the one who said there should have been a 2 hour delay, this happened in the afternoon! That wouldn’t have made a difference. Truth is, this was caused by the driver of the car driving too fast for conditions. @Daniel – I drive that stretch of roadway 15+ times a day in a rear wheel drive vehicle without fishtailing

  16. Daniel says:

    I said it once and I will say it again.
    No were except here has it been stated factually or otherwise
    that the driver of the car was driving too fast or speeding.

    ” I drive that stretch of roadway 15+ times a day in a rear wheel drive vehicle without fishtailing” Good for you, you are a professional, trained driver.
    That high school kid and most of the people in the community are not trained, professional drivers so your statement about how many times you drive that road without fishtailing means nothing. most of those 15 times are probably in a salt truck at 5 miles per hour.

    I drove for public transportation in this county for three and a half years, I drove that road in all weather conditions without fishtailing or recking, 20 to 30 times a day, so what, I do not expect every driver in the county to be able to drive exactly the way I did.

    That kid is in the hospital seriously hurt and people like you make accusations against him that have not been determined factually yet, and for no other reason than the fact that he is a kid and not an adult.

    1. JKM says:

      I don’t drive 5 mph, but thats neither here nor there. I with that the injured individual makes a quick and speedy recovery. I actually wish that there was no need for recovery and that this would have never happened.

      However, if he lost control of his car, he was driving too fast for conditions. Doesn’t matter if he was going 2 miles an hour, if he lost control that was too fast.

  17. OC Resident says:

    I’m with JKM on this one! I traveled the same road minutes before the accident and the road only had a dusting on it, obviously he was driving to fast for the conditions or his car was not winterized at all! Neither here nor there he had lack of driving experience on that type of roadway which is obvious to his age! The public officials should raise the driving experience to at least a year with an adult, before being eligible for your license, for maybe it would prevent many accidents like this! I am an Oil City citizen and have been all of my life, closing the schools would not have done anything to help the situation! I’m sure this child would have been out driving on these roads whether they had school or not, it just might not have been an accident with a bus maybe it would have been with a semi or possibly many other vehicles! But you can’t look at the “ifs” you have to look at the “dids” and this did happen and yes it is unfortunate but life goes on and everyone has to realize it was an ACCIDENT! ACCIDENTS HAPPEN! May God bless and be with everyone involved!

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