PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Road crews continue to work around the clock, trying to keep local streets clear of snow and ice as the frigid temperatures persist across the area.

Drivers are being advised to stay on alert because conditions can quickly become hazardous in wintry weather conditions.

Jim Turley, of Turley Towing, has been busy all day. Many people don’t like this kind of cold weather, and vehicles don’t respond very well to it either.

“If the batteries are old, usually the cold weather, it kills it right away,” said Turley.

For example, Jim Schwenning said the arctic temperatures have brought his diesel truck to a halt.

“It does them in, kills them,” added Schwenning. “The alternator, it’s not charging. What happens is, it’ll discharge and then the truck will shut down – the computer will shut it off – and then you’re stuck. Then, you have to be towed and that’s 500 bucks. I’m trying to get to Cleveland.”

Untreated pavements can become snow-covered and slippery very quickly and visibilities can be sharply reduced. Also, gusty winds can add the hazard of blowing snow.

Those blustery winds have been adding to the frustrations of road crews as they work to keep both main roads and side streets clear.

In many parts of Butler County, driving was a bit dangerous proposition Tuesday morning. Some roads were covered and others only appeared to be clear.

In Cranberry Township, there was a multiple-vehicle accident that took place over several minutes – two cars collided, sending one into the median strip.

While a state trooper was gathering information on that initial accident, another vehicle lost control. He was able to back his vehicle out of the way before the second crash happened. The vehicle went end over end into a ravine.

While those accidents were being taken care over, another vehicle lost control nearby.

The ridges to the east are also expected to see more snow than the rest of us.

However, Westmoreland County Emergency Management officials say that all communities have ample salt supplies.

Also, for the second year in a row, Pittsburgh Public Works has closed Rialto Street at the 31st Street Bridge in Troy Hill for the winter.

The street is very steep and in icy conditions it is difficult for cars to keep from sliding on to East Ohio Street.

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