By: Ralph Iannotti

CALIFORNIA BOROUGH (KDKA) – Police in California Borough, Washington County are investigating who’s been naughty, and not very nice.

Authorities say someone went to Rotary Park, adjacent to Route 88, and cut down a six-foot blue spruce, which was the town’s official Christmas tree this year.

Jannine Metal, who heads up the Borough Recreation Authority, told KDKA-TV what happened.

“Somebody cut the tree down, dragged it across the parking lot, took the bulbs off and threw them and the tree over the hill into a creek bed,” Metal said.

Metal said she first thought someone stole the tree to take it home, but then realized that wasn’t the case.

The only thing that remains of this year’s tree in Rotary Park is a two-to-three inch stump, on a mound of frozen earth.

Metal said someone tried to steal the town’s Christmas tree last year.

The trunk was partially cut, but the culprit must have gotten scared off because the job was never finished.

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