Feds Break Up Drug Ring With Clairton Ties

By: Andy Sheehan

CLAIRTON (KDKA) – Federal law enforcement officials said they have broken the back of a cocaine distribution network that is supplying the Mon Valley and the eastern suburbs.

During a press conference Wednesday, federal prosecutors said the network stretched to Atlanta, Ga. and Dallas, Texas.

In coordinated raids on Tuesday, 250 law enforcement officers arrested 20 of the suspects and are looking for the others.

They’re charged with smuggling the drugs into Clairton and distributing them throughout the Mon Valley and eastern suburbs.

However, some are still at large and reward money is being offered for information leading to their capture.

“We believe someone watching this news conference may know where they are, or has information that will help us take them into custody,” FBI Special Agent Michael Rodriguez said.

The fugitives are part of a 42-person indictment handed down by a federal grand jury charging them with conspiracy to distribute powder cocaine and crack cocaine.

“Freedom from fear is a basic right and this office will pursue violent criminals who tyrannize our neighborhoods and they will feel the full force of the law, as it can be marshaled by this office,” U.S. Attorney David Hickton said.

Flanked by local law enforcement including the County Police and the County Sheriff’s Office, Hickton announced the indictments and said they would prosecute to the fullest.

The multi-agency investigation uncovered overlapping networks distributing the drugs in McKeesport, Duquesne, Monroeville, Penn Hills and Wilkinsburg. Hickton said the indictments will make those communities safer.

“Today’s action and others we have announced, are evidence of a commitment and hopefully we can begin to restore quality of life to law-abiding citizens in Clairton and surrounding communities,” Hickton said.


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  1. michelle says:

    Why does that matter

  2. michelle says:

    Bet u won’t say that 2 them LOL

  3. michelle says:

    Ppl get real bold when they typing words in a computer

  4. F D says:

    I bet u I will you….db

  5. P diddy says:

    I bet u I will…..dumb b

  6. Tyrone says:

    all on welfare?

  7. j says:

    Wooow look how messed up america is now dayz like are they on welfare as long as they kill eachother i hate ppl like yall….yall the reason america is wut it is cau sum ppl do wut they gotta do legal money illegal money wen it all comes down it all gets spent n becomes part of the economy so all u ppl talkn trash step in the foot of sumbdy who has it hard and has to b on welfare or ppl who cant get a job cause of an criminal past or wutever the case might bee u low life ppl smh GET A LIFE…..LLL

  8. nicole hater 2 says:

    J you are the downfall of America. Get a job

  9. J says:

    lol yall funny made it way past the third grade and i do have a job u looossseeerrrss i just kno how it feels to live the life yall keep downgrading look just take a walk in my shoes and i bet any of u ppl who is talkn trash yall trip n fall lol yall soft like toilet paper yall couldn make it but me im hood classy respectful and i can act just like u racist suckerz so yall tlk dnt hurt me r nuthin im bettr than yal LAAAAMMMMEEEESSSSS HAHAHAHA

    1. lauren d cosgrove says:

      Hood? How many times can you say yall. Are you even educated? Highschool does not count “J” And yes, I am better than you and always will be.

      1. lauren d cosgrove says:

        Can you guess why J? Since you are “hood” You people destroy everything you touch! Do you work a minimum wage job or better yet I bet you are a drug dealer. You are a cancer to society that needs chemotherapy.

        Lauren D. Cosgrove

  10. nicole hater 2 says:

    Want to bet Michelle?

  11. j hater1 says:

    What do all of these people have in common? Any guesses???

  12. J says:

    nicole you can say wut u want i kno wut im capable of minimal wage ummm no i wont settle for that 10.73/hr is more like it i mean it mite nt b much of anything but itz bettr than minamal wage n further education than hs u rite i dnt got one but i got a decent job until im ready for furthr schooln lol n hood we dnt mess up everything i kno plenty hood positive ppl SO GO ON AND KICK ROCKS TRING TO DOWNGRADE MY RACE

  13. the truth hurts says:

    I got an education, make 50k a year and I’m black. People always try to take the easy way out of life. Go to school get a job it is not hard. The racist slurs are unnecessary. However they do have a point that can’t be ignored. They are all black why is that? Maybe that is the question everyone needs to find an answer to.

  14. J says:

    @ the truth hurts but that still doesnt give them a reason to downgrade our race like they killn cops n shyt um just sayn like i wouldn NEVER disrespect sumbdy cause of their but the shyt ppl sayn on here tgis shyt outta hand


    Lets keep it real. the next big ballers are already on deck! the feds like to make people think that they are doing their job every time they come through and lock down alot of our beautiful black brothers, but the fact is they are not doing a good job at all! while they were following our brothers around for a year the real big ballers were still flying and floating coke in our country and that is why there will always be drugs and dealers on the streets.. when the feds do a real drug bust and stop the drugs from reaching our streets in the 1st place then I can respect the so called war on drugs in our country until then its a conspiracy to lock black men up because we all know wont be a black man in sight if they get to the root of the drug problem in the good old USA! food for thought babies love you all! peace!

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