More Steelers Interested In Buying The Poplawski House

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – James Harrison and Hines Ward are looking to buy the house where three Pittsburgh Police officers were killed in Stanton Heights.

Now, some of their teammates may want to be involved as well.

Ward is passionate about his commitment to Pittsburgh and he talked about that and his commitment to the Pittsburgh Police.

He was very careful with his words because he doesn’t want to hurt the legal process when it comes to any conversation regarding the Richard Poplawski case and the home.

According to KD Investigator Marty Griffin’s sources, Ward and Harrison are committed to helping out.

The Poplawski house was supposed to be sold at a sheriff’s sale in January. However, legal problems that came up on Wednesday, have postponed it until the first Monday in February.

For neighbors, police and family members of the three officers, the sale and demolition can’t come soon enough.

“It has no place in our community. It had no place the day it happened,” Gloria LeDonne said.

The incident happened on April 4, 2009. Officers Eric Kelly, Paul Sciullo and Stephen Mayhle were gunned down by accused killer, Poplawski.

Touched by the tragedy, Ward along with other players, purchased GPS units for the Zone 5 Police a year ago.

The Steelers’ wide receiver is still affected by what happened in Stanton Heights.

“It was just a token of our appreciation from the players for the police of Pittsburgh. We [aren’t] doing it for the publicity stuff. It was out of the kindness of our heart. We wanted to give back,” Ward said.

Sources close to the sheriff’s sale said Ward along with Harrison and other Steelers expressed interest in buying the house. They would then donate it to the city, so that it can be torn down.

Ward said he cannot comment on his involvement at this time, but stressed the significance of charitable gestures in the community.

“I think the city and this team has a special connection with each other. The city of Pittsburgh has given me and this team personally so much,” Ward said.

Ward said he hopes to be able to discuss the matter after the criminal case is over.


One Comment

  1. Peoples Comic says:

    The house didn`t kill anyone, the idiot that lived there did.

  2. Zone 5 Resident says:

    I personally feel that one of Marty’s “sources” made this story up. It’s a brilliant idea if you think about it. Tell the Pittsburgh community that two of their beloved Steelers are going to make such a generous donation, and have the house purchased, donated, and torn down. Think of how bad it would make Hines and James look in the eyes of a city that adores them, if they were to tell the truth, and act as though it was never an idea. Kudos to you Mr. or Mrs. Source, nicely played.

  3. Pete says:

    They should make it into a Dairy Queen

  4. superfine says:

    Just because you don’t believe in doing anything nice. Don’t be a hater to those of us who do. Lets face it people, (other than one of you morons) who would want that house? No matter who’s idea it was. Mr. Ward and Mr. Harrison are doing something out of the kindness of their hearts. Period. End of story.

  5. jeff says:

    instead of tearing it down why dont they rehab the house and give it to a good family that doesnt have one. Turn this tragity into something positive

  6. D L says:

    needs to be torn down and 3 statues of the officers be put in front yard so every time that idiot watches tv news he sees them there and the house gone!!!!!!!! D L

  7. AW says:

    What they should do is tear it APART and donate the usable materials to Habitat for Humanity. That would help a lot more people than just tearing it completely down to remove the painful reminder and you wouldn’t be moving a family into the house of a murderer,

  8. Ronald says:

    How about a McDonalds ?

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