Hanover Officer Injured While Chasing Fugitive

HANOVER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A Washington County police officer is in the hospital after he was injured while chasing a fugitive in our area. The suspect and another man are in custody this morning.

Hanover Twp. Police Officer Kent Mitchell, 29, suffered a severe leg fracture during the pursuit.

Hanover Township Police Chief Jim Geho says he and Officer Mitchell were trying to pull over a vehicle that the suspect, Mark Lashorn, 23, was riding in; but both Lashorn and the driver got out of the vehicle and took off.

A chase ensued and Officer Mitchell fell on a hillside — suffering a compound fracture to his leg. He was taken to the hospital and had to undergo surgery.

Lashorn, who was wanted in several states on various warrants, was taken into custody along with the driver, Brandon McGivern, 20.

Chief Geho told KDKA-TV that he went to the hospital to deliver that message to Officer Mitchell’s parents. “I spoke to his parents at the hospital and made them aware that we had Lashorn in custody. As expected, they’re extremely concerned about their son.”

Mitchell has been a part-time officer with the Hanover Township Police Department for five years. He is also a full-time officer in the city of Washington.


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  1. chance says:

    DUH……………….He as a CRIMINAL!

  2. Onme says:

    You’re an idiot – he is wanted not only in PA, but in other states, therefore can be apprehended anywhere. Lack of knowledge. Both of these kids need help and I am glad they were both arrested. Sad to see such promising youth go down such a bad path.

  3. right wing says:

    unfortunatley for Lashorn, Judge Petite works in Allegheny County, so no chance of getting these charges dismissed for him.

  4. PoPoPooPoo says:

    Why would the po-po chief tell the parents the guy was in custody? Does that really matter? “Sorry your son fell and got a boo-boo. Good news though, the guy he couldn’t catch is now locked up by a more skilled officer.”, said the chief.

  5. 321 says:

    Apparently those of you making snide comments don’t know the man who was hurt. You are ignorant, idiotic morons who need to keep your mouths SHUT and have a little bit of respect for his family and loved ones

    1. 321 says:

      You are an idiotic moron for suggesting keeping one’s mouth shut is the solution to being quiet on a platform that ideas are expressed as typed words and not audio.

      1. 321 says:

        Then by all means let me amend my statement to say KEEP YOUR FINGERS OFF OF YOUR KEYBOARD AND YOUR IGNORANT COMMENTS TO YOURSELF!!!!!!!

  6. 123 says:


  7. ebony turner says:

    The racist police probably would have shot him if he were black. All police are racists!

  8. Susan, Pittsburgh says:

    Spoken like someone who cannot spell. Nice, left winger.

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