Suspect Accused Of Breaking Into Church Again

ROSS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Police arrested a North Hills man for breaking into a church — one day after he got out of jail for breaking into the same church.

Yesterday morning, police arrested Alex Zintchenko, 20, for burglarizing St. Sebastian Church on Siebert Road. Investigators said Zintchenko broke into the church, tried to steal some audio equipment and then tried to break into a safe that contained valuable religious artifacts.

Parish workers detained the suspect until police arrived and officers took Zintchenko to the Allegheny County Jail on charges of burglary and attempted theft.

Apparently, however, Zintchenko made bail overnight.

At 5:30am this morning, Ross Twp police officers responded to another break in at St. Sebastian.
But Ross Township Police Sgt. Ben Dripps told KDKA that the 20-year old got away by apparently stealing a car.

“A short time later,” Sgt. Dripps added, “Ross Township police were called to the Holiday Inn which is an adjoining property to the St. Sebastian’s Church and School. Upon arrival there, we were informed that a vehicle had been stolen sometime within the last hour to two hours.”

According to police, Zintchenko took the car and drove it to his apartment. Police say they found the stolen car at his apartment and arrested Zintchenko.

At the time of his arrest, police say Zintchenko was carrying two speakers that apparently were stolen from the church yesterday.

Zintchenko is back in custody today.


One Comment

  1. RUKiddingMe says:

    Wow, he takes stupid to an entirely new level! Lock him up for quite some time this time!

  2. Lek says:

    What a moron

  3. Inbred says:

    Maybe his parents are brother & sister

    1. eddiethesnitch says:

      I’m curious: Your screen name have anything to do with your post?

  4. Lisa says:

    Being that stupid should be a crime….lol….Unbelievable!!!

  5. John says:

    Put hu\im to sleep

  6. Shockly says:

    Wow, this is one irredeemable stupid human being, his parents should be arrested for spawning this troll.

  7. scarf says:


  8. sewick says:

    I went to high school with this kid, we even used to be friends! its sad to see drug ruin a persons life like this…oh well, see ya in a couple years Captain!

  9. Quaker Valley says:

    Went to high school with this kid as well. He was dumb then, I can see he hasn’t changed much.

  10. Franklin Benjamin Richards says:

    Well, I’d say whomever he knows (likely family) that was dumb enough to make bail for him (if he had the money, he wouldn’t have tried to steal from a church to feed his addiction…) won’t be making that mistake on his behalf ever again.

    There are some decent drug and alcohol counselors who work with/for ACJ… I hope he gets the help he quite obviously desperately needs.

  11. Class Of 2009 says:

    From The Class of 2009
    See you soon stay strong bro

  12. stfu says:

    saying he needs to be put to sleep? i think you’re more messed up than he is. the news seems to forget that he wasn’t the only one there. i feel bad for him and his poor girlfriend who had to go through all of this. in my opinion you all are more stupid than he is believing everything the news tells you…

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