Parkway West Crash Victim Dies

By: Jim Lokay

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The driver in a crash that closed the Parkway West inbound for several hours has died.

Police have identified the driver as 22-year-old Andrew Hetzer. He was ejected about 100-feet from his 1990 Chevy Lumina after it flipped several times. State police say speed was the cause of the accident.

“Over the posted speed limit, in the left lane traveling too close to the jersey barrier, didn’t want to hit it, jerked the wheel … vehicle ended up on the embankment, then it flipped back onto the parkway multiple times,” State Trooper Robin Mungo said.

As inbound traffic stopped, outbound traffic slowed because of rubberneckers. It took more than two hours to clear the wreckage and to get traffic moving again.

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One Comment

  1. Jerk says:

    He also made Orpik late for Penguins practice. If they lose tonight it’s this guy’s fault!

    1. Liam1694u says:

      you’re right. You ARE a jerk.

    2. Mike V says:

      HAHAHAHA Pay attention when you drive and your car won’t flip upside down and Orpik won’t be late for practice. I’m just glad he didn’t smash into the person next to him that wasn’t texting or playing with their radio…..

      1. britneynicole says:

        You reaqlly think its funny..howw sick are don’t know him..if you did 1. I doubt you’d laugh because he was amazing..2. You’d know he has a little brother who loved him very much n this is the last thing I wanna see his little brother read..grow up and gain some respect…you should be ashamed..

    3. Some one cares says:

      THIS guy is my friend’s brother and has a family who loves him very much!
      Alll you care about is a hockey player being late for practice. JERK!!!!!

      Also I hope you never have to get that call about your family!!!

    4. SB says:

      I’m sure Orpik could care lees about being late for practice when he finds out that the guy did not survive. What the hell is wrong with you?

      1. bk says:


        May that young man rest in peace.

        and hey jerk — just remember –…….. KARMA

    5. RIP Andy says:

      I cannot believe the comments that are being left on this page. You people sicken me. Andy was a good friend of mine as well as my family and will be greatly missed. It’s discusting that someone would actually have the nerve to write something so disrespectful about a person who has just died. Be glad that this wasn’t one of your loved ones. Friends and family have a long road ahead of them so for future reference keep your rude, hurtful comments to yourself.

    6. Amazed says:

      I knew Andy very well and he would agree that he was stupid by speeding and putting other drivers at risk and would regret it very much if he had that extra chance of life on Earth. I am sitting here reading all of these horrible comments and just thinking to myself….what happens if that was your daughter, son…sister…brother….TELL ME THEY DONT SPEED??!!! And forget the volunteer rescue stuff….how do you know he wasnt called to the hospital because one of HIS family members was hurt? In a state of shock.,..people dont think. So everyone that has something negative to say on this page…just think what goes around comes around and maybe one day you will feel his family’s pain. AND seriously since when does it matter what kind of car people drive? People are seriously sick.

    7. Jlo says:

      Hope u flip ur car and burn in hell

    8. Vera says:

      To all the people who called this young guy a jerk, GROW UP!!!!!!! He was a human being and young, I am sure you idiots speed also. Who cares about the Penguins being late for practice. You are all LOSERS

  2. Liam1694u says:

    His lack of judgement aside, how about wishing he makes a full recovery from the accident, instead of beating on the guy.

    Yes, he’s lucky that no one else was hurt. But he has a familty too, who also probably want Christmas to remain a joyous time of year.

    So here is wishing him the best of luck.

    1. Mark says:

      @ Liam1694u
      Well said!

  3. Onme says:

    You all can’t judge him. You don’t know him or why he was speeding. It may look careless and all, but you don’t know if he has a family too that might miss him at Christmastime. What if he was a volunteer firefighter speeding to get to the fire station for an urgent call to put our YOUR burning home? It would be a different story then, huh? Don’t judge until you know, and even then, how could you be so heartless?

    1. John Majetich says:

      Poor excuse! If he was medical or fire personel he should have had the proper markings on his car. It’s time these jerks start doing real jail time for their carelesness!!! In Mexico a person does 8 years jail time for traffic violations without trial. Its time thats implemented in this country

      1. mab says:

        You are a perfect driver – have always been one, I assume? Congratulations! Most folks have at one time or another exceeded the speed limit, pushed through a yellow light, failed to signal, followed too closely, rolled through a stop, honked at the driver in front of us to get that driver to move through a stop sign – something less than perfect. Most of us deserve to go to jail, according to you. You wil be quite lonely if your wish comes true for traffic violators to be sentenced to jail.

  4. will g says:

    some of the facts must be wrong, when is the last time you seen a chevy lumina

    1. Onme says:

      That is what I thought. A bright red one at that!

  5. James says:

    Another example of a young driver disregarding traffic laws,like most everyone else who drives the Parkways everyday.If people would practice a little road courtest(using turn signals when changing lanes) unfortunate incidents like this would occur less.

    1. expittsburgh says:

      @James….using turn signals!?!?! You must be old if you remember the time when people were actually courteous enough to use them!

      But yes, I agree 100%

  6. anonymous says:

    ok as well as being a gigantic pens fan.. i’m also a family member.
    do you seriously have no conscious or morals that you would say such a thing.
    come on…

  7. rabo23 says:

    Everybody else on the parkway has family who love them and would like to see them at the end of the day too.
    This JERK OFF didn’t seem too concerned for them why should anybody wish him well after he knowingly with total disreguard fon anybody elses lives.
    I say the roads are a little saver with him off the road

  8. Jeff says:

    Was on way to work when i saw this, terrible accident. my prayers go out to his family

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  10. Babee Jeebus says:

    Islam, or IsNotlam, that is the question.

  11. Melissa says:

    I’m going to miss you andy, you were always such a great friend and you always kept me smiling. Im really going to miss you man, i cant believe your gone =(

    to his family, you have my deapest and dearest condolences. andy was a good hearted person and an awesome friend. your in my prayers.

  12. Big Dan says:

    Just another unfortunate death of a person who thought they were a great driver and didn’t need to wear their seat belt. How many this week? 4 or 5. I drive that section every day, and have seen the speeding, tailgating, non belted fools that make it to their detestation every day. Today was the day he didn’t. Thank heavens he didn’t take someone else out with his negligence.

  13. Kerry says:

    i am andy’s next door neighbor. i am so sorry this had to happen…deepest sympathy to andy’s friends and family….you are all in my prayers.

  14. sunnybev6 says:

    I will be praying for this family. May God grant them peace in this very difficult time.

  15. Nellie Lynch says:

    I am shocked at some of these comments!!! What is wrong with yinz? Family & friends have lost a loved one! My deepest & most sincere condolences goes out to Andy’s friends & family. RIP Andy.

  16. dhsbs/ says:

    How doea anyone even know he was speeding? This is all an “assumption” made ny the state police of what they believe caused the accident. For all we know hisncar could have malfunctioned or hencould have hit a bump which caused him to jerk the wheel. You are all so inconsiderate and its a shame the hurtful things u arewriting about this poor underserving kid. I drive that road all the time and there are so many ridiculous bumps where this accident occured

    1. bm says:

      So so true…dhsbs. Totally agree with you. Police assume so much. But unfortunately I knew Andy and he was in a rush to get somewhere downtown. But either way…some of the comments on here are uncalled for.

  17. Joan says:

    Please keep in mind that some of the earlier comments had been made before knowing the kid died.

    1. anonymous says:

      “the kid,” has a name and its Andy and regardless of whether or not they knew he didn’t make it they have no business saying these things when they didn’t know half of the real story or what happened, even if he did do something terribly wrong at least try to see how many people they are hurting by leaving these and also consider the fact that christmas is not even a week away, his family is going through enough…why make it worse for them??

  18. anonymous says:

    you guys are messed up!!!! he was a great guy and was avoiding a barrier to try to save his life im sure the last thing on his mind was a turn signal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! things like this happen every day, and not only to young drivers!!!!! he happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and yes he was on his way to somewhere very important…what goes around comes around…it is not even a week before christmas and he lost his life, imagine what his family is going through…there is no reason for you guys to be on here saying messed up stuff about him especially if you didnt even know him…it is pretty sad if you have nothing better to do with your time…heres an idea, why dont you leave a comment sending prayers out to his family or think about what he went through or how he felt at the time when he was trying to save his own life

    1. poppy says:

      Well I guess his plan to save his own life didn’t work. Look I have no sympathy for Andy, he got what he deserved. I do feel for his family. They truely did not deserve a funeral for a Christmas gift. But please everyone on the road was on their way to somewhere important. The difference is that the rest of the commuters eventually got to their destinations in one piece. It is truely a blessing that Andy did not kill, injure or maime anyone else. If your buddy truely wanted to save his life he would have worn a seat belt and he would have driven the speed limit.

      1. mab says:

        Poppy – I am glad that I not in your presence – the light from your halo might blind me. I do not think that there are any among us that has never made a driving error – skimmed through a yellow light, rolled through a stop sign, drove at a speed higher than posted, reached for the stereo control, etc. Congratulations if you can say that you are and always have been a perfect driver. My halo is quite tarnished.

        How many of the other drivers on the Parkway West in front of and in back of Andy were going 55 mph? How many drivers that sat while the accident was cleared continued onto their destination going 55 mph?
        How many drivers on the Parkway West today, after hearing of this tragic accident, made sure to travel at 55 mph? Did they all have their seatbelts fastened?

        Thank God that Andy’s accident did not involve others. How horrible to say that a 22-year old DESERVED TO DIE due to driving errors! He deserved another chance, just like the rest of us. Andy’s death comes so soon after the driving death of another Crescent Township young adult – Phillip – just 18. He, too, did not DESERVE TO DIE. The family and friends of Andy and Phillip do not deserve to mourn this Christmas.

        I extend my deepest condolences to Andy’s family and friends and to Phillip’s. To all who might read this, please BUCKLE UP – the likelihood of survival in a car accident is far greater if you buckle up. Honor the memory of Andy by driving more carefully – don’t let another family have to mourn the loss of a loved one.

      2. nikki says:

        People like you will get what you deserve one day I am sure you are just perfect and never made a mistake…his little mistake just happened to cost him his life…nobody desrves to die regardless of whether or not they were at fault by keeping up with the flow of traffic and swerving to miss something…and you a_______ talking about the 2 in the car accident this time a year that was 3 years ago and they were good friends that once again made a mistake and didn’t deserve to die they all have family and friends that love and care for them and they were all great people…its arrogant jerks like you that think you are so perfect that you never made a mistake in your life…karma is a b____ and you will get what you deserve one day

  19. Anon. says:

    I was in the outbound lane and saw the entire accident. I do not think he was the only one going above 55, as it seemed it was just the flow of traffic. The car flew in the air very high and flipped many times. It seemed unnatural. For those of you saying negative things, shame on you. If you saw it, you would have hoped it was a movie scene or something, because it was horrible.

  20. Nellie Lynch says:

    Mab, your comment was beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to honor Andy & Phillip. I didn’t know either victim. I do know my heart breaks for their loved ones.

  21. The guy in the right lane says:

    Come on. Due to lack of state funding, speed patrols by the state have been severely reduced in that area. People like Andy know that and speed in that area with wreck less abandon. I’m there every day, and luckily a few second ahead of him that day, and 75 or 80 mph coming down that hill is the norm, with drivers 2 feet behind you, cutting around you. Most make it, Andy didn’t. If his family, or the other drivers were in control of his gas pedal that day, this would have never happened. He was in control of his own fate and his seat belt. It was his decision and his negligence. The other night during Carnegie exit construction, I saw 10 wrecks between Greentree and Carnegie. That area is out of control with aggressive drivers just like Andy. Who’s going to be next? What about last year at this time, when those young people came down the hill at over 100, rolled all the way down to West Carson? What if his speeding, rolling car hit another innocent person in a hurry to get to work that day? Who do we feel sorry for then?

  22. Rachel says:

    Mab, you are so right. Not one of us are without guilt of auto mistake. I knew Andrew from him coming into my place of work. He was the the most polite 22 year old boy I have ever met. He never failed to say please or thank you. He would ask how you were doing and really cared. My heart breaks for his family in this time of grief. I know the people I work with and I will miss seeing him. Rest in Peace my friend, you will be missed!

  23. C.E says:

    What is wrong with you people… show some respect. KDKA should be ashamed that they even let people comment on these news stories. People like you did this to an 18 year old two weeks ago… and now your doing it to a 22 yr old. He was a former moon student, and as a current moon student i want to say God Bless your family and RIP.

  24. mab says:

    C.E. – the deaths are tradegies. All who learn of these and similar incidents – not all involving young adult drivers – need to drive more carefully, be more courteous, and buckle up. Let the impact on you be that you are a more careful driver and buckle up.

  25. Concerned says:

    C.E you are 200% right about KDKA and their lack of respect!

  26. J says:

    I think that the point is that regardless of whether or not you think he was at fault. This right here, is not the time or the place to voice that particular opinion. It is the place to place the surviving family members in your prayers and wish them the best in these troubled times. It’s called TACT and some people should learn how to have it.

  27. L says:

    Shame on you. I guareentee every single person on here has been guilty of speeding once in thier life so, shame on all of you for the shallow comments. You must live an awful sad life adn i actually feel sorry for you. Although it is not my job to tell you how it is, God will take care of that. All of you for your extremely distrespectful comments, you deserve to go to hell. He was a friend, son, brother and a wondeful person. R.I.P Andy. Youre family will be in my prayers.

  28. annoymous says:

    DEAR KDKA, I will no longer EVER watch your newscasts and i will be sure to let all my friends and family know and post on facebook how you actually are letting people comment like that.

  29. A loving friend says:

    The controversy in the previous posts is enough to make a compassionate person ill. To the selfish and sadistic few..Your fate is waiting. To Andy, RIP sweetheart. Whatever caused you to lose control of your vehicle will ultimately remain unsaid. I believe that you did all you possibly could to avoid your accident. Driving is just plain dangerous. I almost lost my brother this way. We love you. See you when I get there.

  30. Malachi Smith says:

    Who’s to say that the guy wasn’t wearing a seatbelt? Luminas had Passive Restraint seat belts that have no protection over you at all if the door opens in a crash.

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