Man Arrested After Fast Food Rage Incident

SOUTH UNION TOWNSHIP (KDKA) -A Fayette County man is facing numerous charges after going into a drunken rage at a fast food drive-through.

According to police, 29-year-old Timothy Braddee Jr. ordered food at the Arby’s on Morgantown Road in South Union Township around 10 p.m. Saturday.

When he pulled around to the pick-up window, he began bumping his SUV into the car in front of him and flashing his high beams.

The driver in front of him moved out of the way and contacted a store manager, allowing Braddee to pull up to the window.

The manager on duty told Braddee that he could not harass other customers. At that time, Braddee picked up a loaded rifle that he had in his car and pointed it at the manager and other employees before taking off.

A quick-thinking employee was able to run outside and get Braddee’s license plate number.

Police later found Braddee passed out at his home in Hopwood, where he was found to have a blood alcohol level of .191.

He was taken to the Fayette County Prison where he is being held on $20,000 bond.

The store manager said he was proud of his employees for staying calm and handling the situation appropriately.

  • Jeff

    what a big hick

  • will g

    the story doesn”t say if the guy got his food

  • bubba

    Maybe he’ll get a “Quarter Pounder” in jail

    • mayor stupidstal


    • v

      That’s not right :)

  • Mr Soho

    Yikees, What a meatball, had a bad case of the munchies

  • First Dude

    Should have went to Burger King where you can have it your way.

  • MsPittsburgh

    This is the kind of stuff that happens here in Knoxville, TN….guess there are idiots everywhere ya go….ugh

  • John Majetich

    You said it all!! I agree with your comment 1000 percent!!!!

  • whatgoesaround

    he had a job… how else was he gonna pay for his food?! lol. he won’t be returning to his job…. he’s in jail now.

  • Thinsumo

    Come on I mean, the guy was hungry enough to eat at Arbys.

  • Wel Hung

    Typical redneck

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