Port Authority May Still Make Service Cuts

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Last week, the Port Authority received $45 million in otherwise unused economic development funds to avoid record service cuts.

However, the agency now says it’s possible that some of those cuts may still happen.

When it comes to the Port Authority, you usually get one of two reactions.

“The guys on the bus are really nice. The workers, they help you out and everything,” George Meyer said.

Of course, there’s another opinion.

“I think the service is poor. Prices are going up and the service is poor,” Debra Kirk said.

But, it has been a good month for the agency. Gov. Ed Rendell coerced the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission to come up with $45 million in stopgap funding to avert major cuts.

However, there could still be some smaller ones.

“Port Authority is committed at trying to stretch that money over the next year and a half. Right now, we’re looking at that money to specifically [see] how that money would affect our funding situation and how it would affect our service situation,” Jim Ritchie said.

Right now, that money would keep buses rolling through June, but the agency is hoping to give lawmakers time to come up with a new funding formula.

The Port Authority is continuing to hash out that plan to see if they’ll avert all of those cuts, or only keep some of them.

One thing that won’t change is a planned fare hike because at the beginning of next year, everything from passes to tickets will go up.

“If you buy passes, you might want to remember that as we head into the holiday season, the prices will be different as you go to buy your monthly and weekly passes at the end of the year,” Ritchie said.


One Comment

  1. Fenix1186 says:

    PAT fails again.

  2. Mr Soho says:

    Things haven’t chaged at PAT, bad deceisions, bailouts, money losing routes, still continue to plague this authority. They just don’t get it !!!

  3. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Cuts? How ’bout starting with executive salaries?

    1. ZOEYZOTRON says:

      uhhh, and DRIVERS, Mechanics, office clerks, etc… Thomas, there are about 10 Executives and like hundreds of drivers… Steve Bland’s Salary is about 180,000 cutting 25,000 off of it is not going to get the job done. Its simple multiplication… The union has to give in BIG TIME or they can and will all be unemployed.

    2. ZOEYZOTRON says:

      “Records show that the highest paid bus driver made more than $131,000. Four other bus drivers made over $100,000 and nearly 50 drivers made more than $80,000”.

      “Port Authority spokesman Jim Ritchie said the agency is $51.6 million in debt and has no way to pay its bills for 2011.” AHHHHH DUhhhhhh. Those are some damn good salaries for the Pittsburgh region. Again… focusing on the fact PAT is broke and accepting Taxpayer Bailouts….

  4. ZOEYZOTRON says:

    I would like all the fools that thought the 45 million dollar TAXPAYER BAILOUT was a good idea to comment now…. you sure had lots to say last week. Obviously I think we need a public transit system however this is Rendell at his best, throw taxpayer dollars at a problem instead of fixing the problem. I am sorry, but the Pensions have to go (401Ks are fine union people, they work for the rest of us) , high wages dropped, cheap healthcare raised. Should I go on? This is what real businesses have to do during financial distress. Or we could just give them another 45 million…. Good riddance Ed.

  5. Level Green says:

    The $45m was a just enough to kick this can down the street 12 to 15 months so those that though that PAT and the Gov came uP with a permanent solution were sorely mistaken. The underlying problems still exist so YES Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and YES, PAT still needs to cut service to make the money last as long as they can…

  6. redrock100 says:

    wwaaahhh wwwaaaahhhhh . same old democrats at the port authority,

  7. David M says:

    45 million ha, not when the organization is wasting money on the underground train and supervisor that sit on these busway and record wrong doings for like a whole day, cut backs need to come from the top first and then the drivers.

  8. richardw says:

    Make a new plan stan

  9. Mary says:

    As I’ve stated before, PAT just keeps pulling the strings and the puppets keep dancing. The more money they get, the more threats they throw out. I understand people need to get to work, but once people figure out a way to stop depending on PAT maybe some changes can be made. I’ve worked downtown. Carpool. The cost of a parking lease is pretty cheap when split between 2-3 people.

    1. Liz says:

      Sure, that works for some people, but what about those of us that work irregular schedules and don’t know anyone in their area who they can carpool with. Not all of us work those nice 9 to 5 schedules.

  10. Felicia says:

    The days of fat pensions and heavy benefits are over for all except taxpayer funded jobs. Port authority, the city of Pittsburgh, the states and,, I hate to say it, even teachers.There was a time that medical coverage was a benefit for LIFE. It’s a different world, now. At some point they gotta face reality or we’re all in seriously deep doo doo.

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