Woman Wanted For Hitting Repo Man With Car

DUNBAR TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Police say a woman took desperate measures when a man showed up to repossess her car in Dunbar Township.

The incident happened at the home of 46-year-old Roxanne Vanorsdale.

According to police, when the man came to take her Kia Optima, she got inside and started to drive away. During the process, she hit the man.

“The owner of the vehicle asks if she could obtain personal items from her car before it’s repossessed,” State Trooper Johnathan Monkelis said.

“The repo man agrees to do that. The defendant goes in the vehicle. Instead of obtaining the belongings, she starts her vehicle and puts it in reverse and hits the repo driver causing injury to his leg and to his hip.”

Vanorsdale is wanted on charges of reckless endangerment and careless driving. If she fails to show up for a hearing before a district justice, a warrant will be issued for her arrest.


One Comment

  1. Car says:

    just pay your bills???????

  2. Norman says:

    It isn’t that car, all kinds of adversities hit people. You just have to contact your creditors and work a deal with them if possible before things get too bad. If they do get that bad, realize that you do have to give up your car and handle it respectfully. These repo guys are doing a job they were hired to do and nothing more, they aren’t stealing your car.

  3. Rj says:

    Love it! Best Chappelle show skit ever.

  4. Hoss says:

    Check the local bars. She’s probably “hiding out” in one of them.

  5. Big Dan says:

    She needs her cigarettes and lottery tickets just like all the other western Pennsylvania hicks on welfare. You just better not touch her smart phone.

  6. Gr says:

    Had a family member have this happen.He was temporarily out of work from his company for a couple weeks.Was 6 days late on his payment,they took the car.Watch buying from companies with deceptive policies like j d byrighter or whatever they were called. He even had the unemployment insurance added on his loan.

  7. monami says:

    wasnt this the woman who threw a dirty diaper at a car this summer?

  8. Big Frank says:

    Probably voted for the empty suit now in the White House or somewhere on one of his many vacations. Pay your damn bills, dirt bag. The next bailout will be for delinquent auto loans. Count on it.

  9. freddy g says:

    Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life! Pay your bills you root!

  10. lori says:

    wow, thats a terrible sterio type, i live her and work and so does my husband and both children. not nice, the woman is clearly wrong and should be in trouble. but not all of us western pa people are like that…it doesnt help if u look we just lost 40,000 peoples health care. welfare has better medical haha

  11. steve says:

    repo agent should have got key 1st or not at all……just hook and roll or if u must let them in the car tell them its company policy to secure key 1st no exceptions no key no personal property even if u have to drag there car down the street…….most drivers i know who have been injured did so while obtaining keys

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