Pa. Turnpike To Print Toll Prices On Tickets

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s going to be a busy holiday weekend on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

But, officials have their hands full with a controversial plan to eliminate the printed toll schedule off of its tickets after the first of the year.

The turnpike commission said it did not want to print those toll prices because they plan to raise them every year and it will cost too much to reprint them year after year. Some toll collectors, who won’t go on camera, say they see it as a precursor to that all electronic turnpike they’ve been talking about.

On Wednesday, the agency reversed course saying it will print those prices reflecting the upcoming toll hike.

An upcoming study will determine if it’s worth phasing out toll collectors in favor of EZ Pass and video surveillance.

To determine how much you will pay during your trip, visit the turnpike’s website.


One Comment

  1. ZOEYZOTRON says:

    hmmm, yet another UNION that is destroying more jobs. The high cost of toll takers will now take their jobs in the near future…

  2. LeRoy Jamison says:

    Good riddance to a bad idea in the first place. If the Turnpike officials plan to raise the fares each year, they should have included the price of printing the rates on the tickets in the increased rates. They should all be required to take a course in customer service. Why keep travelers in the dark about how much it is going to cost them when they exit the Turnpike. Knowing the cost beforehand allows travelers to have the exact fare ready when exiting, rather than holding up the line while people search for their fares.

  3. expittsburgh says:

    bye bye overpaid union toll collectors

  4. expittsburgh says:

    Just checked out the turnpike site. Gee, when they enacted the new automatic yearly increase I recall hearing 3% auto increase….never heard anything about cash people paying a 10% increase. Typical govt scr3wing people. And they round up the 3% and base the next annual increase off the current pay, which means that on average it’s over 3.5% annual increase. Again, not counting the scr3wing of the cash paying public. Hope they rot in h3ll. 🙂

  5. Whatiswrongwithpeople says:

    Union or not….people are still losing their jobs and people laugh at this. Shame on you people!

    1. ZOEYZOTRON says:

      Shame on you for not seeing the bigger picture. this union pushes and pushes until salarys, benefits, vaction are out of control relevant to the job being preformed. This is exactly what happend when Unions do this. Histroy proves it time and time again. I am SICK of TAXPAYER dollars going to bail out failing government jobs. Be solvent on your own or don’t exist.

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