Investigators Crack Cold Case Bank Robbery

By Trina Orlando

YOUNGWOOD (KDKA) — State police used a suspect’s handwriting to crack a more than three-year-old bank robbery case.

Scott Geckle is facing charges of robbery, theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property and simple assault.

Police say on Nov. 27, 2007, Geckle entered the First Commonwealth Bank in Youngwood and passed a teller a note that read: “Nobody will get hurt if you give me 100’s and 50’s now!!” The teller gave Geckle the money and he took off, leaving the note behind.

Police first identified Geckle as a suspect after finding his fingerprints on the note, but they didn’t have enough evidence to file charges until this week when a handwriting expert compared samples of Geckle’s handwriting to the handwriting on the note used in the robbery.

Geckle is currently in the Lancaster county prison on $500,000 bond for a similar robbery earlier this year. According to a criminal complaint, Geckle went into a Susquehanna Bank in Lancaster County on Aug.11, showed a gun and demanded that a teller “give (him) all your money- 50’s and 100’s.” He’s scheduled to be back in a Lancaster County courtroom on Jan. 25 for that charge.

Geckle is also facing burglary charges in Westmoreland County after police say he removed a window air conditioner from an apartment on Eicher Ave. in Greensburg back in October of 2007 and stole a gun and jar of money from inside.

According to Geckle’s Facebook page, he has a four-year-old daughter.


One Comment

  1. JD says:

    Let me guess, heroine.

  2. FixPGH says:

    Fingerprints aren’t enough to convict? Are you serious? How else would his prints be on the paper unless he was the actual teller? That’s bull. Took 3 years and more crimes to finally put this loser away. Real faith in our government and law – yeah. Is this why there is so much crime? DNA and fingerprints aren’t good enough to put anyone away?

  3. CM says:

    I dated & lived with this person for 7 years-i saw him a year prior to the 1st robbery[he wished to reconcile after 3 years] and even though he was the director of his facility as an occupational therapist he was addicted to opiate prescription drugs-it’s happening everywhere and is so sad! It’s stealing people’s lives and something needs to be done to prevent these situations in the future! How I don’t know!

  4. jw says:

    Really wish I’d have known that a long time ago. Lucky you, though. You made it 7 years without letting him get you pregnant. Must’ve been the drugs huh? I heard they’re a great form of birth control. Don’t know why you feel the need to defend what he did and why he did it given what he went around saying about you. I don’t feel bad for him. He’s a grown man and he made his bed and now he can lay in it. Apparenly drugs were more important to him than what he really should have been concerned about.

    1. CM says:

      I did get pregnant by him actually! I don’t know what he told you but you should consider the source-like I did when he was speaking of you. I’ve been with the guy I started dating after him for 7 years now as well! That’s why I didn’t respond to the calls he made to my mom for 2 years after I saw him! I didn’t mean to defend HIM as much as what opiates are doing to people(like some of my friends-NOT me)! He ripped off all of my friends so I know who he is(remember,7years!) and am not surprised at all by what happened-however I know he loved Abigail so that part did shock me-I’m truly sorry for her and that you now have to be a single mother-I had a feeling there was a reason for the pfa etc…

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