Suspects Sought In Overnight Greenfield Shooting

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Authorities are investigating after a man was wounded in a shooting overnight in Pittsburgh’s Greenfield neighborhood.

Police say they believe the shooting happened near a parked car at Bigelow and Lydia Streets around midnight. There was shattered glass near the scene.

According to investigators, a witness reported hearing a gunshot and then hearing a car drive away.

Police say the victim was shot in the side of the head, but was alive when he was taken to the hospital. So far, there is no word on his condition or identity.

Police continue to look for suspects.

Stay with KDKA for the latest details.


One Comment

  1. KarenMorgan says:

    I would like to know what happened to Alice Morrison. Did she leave KDKA or was she fired?? I reallty liked her and miss seeing her. Some of these new people that are rporting the news, I don’t really care for. Thanks

    1. suz says:

      Over at KDKA-TV, reporter Alison Morris will leave the station in early September to take a job closer to home (Long Island) at the Fox station in Hartford, Conn., where former KDKA news director Coleen Marren is now news director. It’s a small TV world.

      Read more:

  2. Irena says:

    come on guys! it doesn’t matter what your skin color is, or where you come from. there are rapists, killers, kidnappers from all races all over the world.
    Life is hard, no need to get into racist conversations! its Christmas time!!! I hope the victim survives and will be well, and shooter will find justice.

  3. SickOfRudePeople says:

    This is totally ridiculous! Why in the world does everything have to turn into racial conversations? And, for the one that is always commenting on everything about welfare, give it up! You know, there are a lot of hard working people out here, who with no control of their own, have lost their jobs. Some of those people are having a hard time finding new employment, they should not be discriminated against because they need to turn to the government for help. As for this shooting, I hope they find the actor of this crime, Karma will get them and one day they will get theirs, however, there is a man that was shot. 3 days before Christmas, that man that was shot, no matter what his race is, is someones son!!! He could be someones father, brother, etc….. so therefore, you need to THINK before you type!! They could be looking at this thread. I am quite sure if it was a member of your family you would NOT want to read rude comments regarding your loved one!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Shauna says:

      Oh, and it’s also different when people are on welfare because they have no choice or hard times come… or when you live in the project and just keep having kids so you can get more food stamps

    2. johnnykov says:

      my family is taught…no welfare, get 3 jobs if you have to. Who are you to preach? The man was probably SHOT by someone on welfare!

  4. rabbit says:

    All the time, Steve.

  5. Yourugly says:

    Are you saying this happened because some pig was suspended for violating his duties as an officer? If you have an brain, youd know that police dont prevent crime, they only investigate it after the fact. This would of happened regardless of how many dirtbag cops are or are not suspended at the time. I highly doubt the suspect decided to do this because there are cops on suspension… Thats just stupid. In fact police are the reason there is any crime in greenfield at all. The neighborhood used to protect itself from criminals and crime. 10 years ago nothing like this ever happened. Cops started arresting people for defending their neighborhood and now look how it is. Obviously the pigs dont care if it goes to hell here. More reasons to pretend their necessary. Hey, they dont gotta live here. And to the idiot below. The guy that was shot is white.

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