Indiana Co. Crash Kills Teenager

CHERYHILL TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – A teenager was killed in a Christmas morning crash in Indiana County.

According to the Indiana County Coroner’s Office, the accident happened on Route 553 in Cherryhill Township around 9 a.m.

The victim has been identified as 17-year-old Bradley David McCombs Jr.

McCombs lost control of the vehicle before shearing off a utility pole. The vehicle overturned and trapped him inside.

He was pronounced dead at the scene and the coroner said the road was covered with snow.

McCombs was on his way to pick up a relative for a family gathering.

Indiana County Coroner Michael Baker said toxicology tests are pending, but he does not believe substances played a role in the accident.

McCombs was a junior at Penns-Manor High School.


One Comment

  1. katlover says:

    Don’t blame it on the SUV, I bet he was driving to fast, It doesn’t matter WHAT you drive, it is HOW you drive that is important.

    1. Shellie McCombs ,Bradleys Mother says:

      sometimes that dosent matter either. It could have been anyone. just happened to be my baby .

  2. donthate says:

    did both of you morons miss the part where it says “the road was covered with snow”. Dont judge the teen or the vehicle.

  3. SUV driver says:

    i have had an SUV since i was 16 (all Jeep products) and have not been in a single crash.. so dont blame it on the type of vehicle. Did you consider the weather conditions? I could say the same about cars, you know how many people i see die in car accidents? motocycles? etc…

    lets not put the blame on this kid or his vehicle. Lets pray for his family during this tragic loss.

    1. Shellie McCombs ,Bradleys Mother says:

      Bradley drove my old 1996 Toyota 4 runner. I drive a 2003. Never say Never. and thanks for sticking up 4 my boy. He was one of a kind.

  4. Skess says:

    Does it really matter what he was driving? A family just lost their 17 year old son on Christmas morning. My heart goes out to them. Christmas will never be the same for them again.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family. So tragic…

  5. Lisa Baxter Sajna says:

    I think the point hc was trying to make is that, unless the SUV was in 4WD, it is a very dangerous rear wheel drive vehicle. I’m sure the person wasn’t passing judgment with the intent to hurt anyone.

  6. katlover says:

    Please don’t start with the NAMECALLING donthate, I just said don’t blame the SUV. The road was snow covered, it sometimes is during the winter. Everyone, no matter how old you are have to slow down and drive very carefully. I am really sorry for this families loss. God Bless

  7. Susan George says:

    Please let’s not add to this families sorrow and pain. None of were there so please don’t judge. Put yourself in his families place’ how would it make you feel?

  8. clymerboy says:

    I’ll miss you big brad<3 RIP

  9. Mary J. Bourdess says:

    I live in Clymer , Pa and it’s only 5 miles from where the young guy died , let me tell you the roads here we’re slick , don’t you think his family already feels bad to let him go and then to have people bad mouth him with your comments when you don’t know anything but what is reported you should feel ashamed of yourselves for all the negative comments like this .

  10. Bree Buterbaugh Hansen says:

    I want to thank those of you who have left positive comments. Brad or Bogger as we called him is a member of my family. I appreciate your remarks in this difficult time. God Bless you and please pray for our family.

  11. Shellie McCombs ,Bradleys Mother says:

    Thank you for the good comments .Thanks Bree and Mrs. Bourdess. Bradley had experience on the roads He was a catious driver He usually was telling his father or myself to be careful or slow down. Anyone could have been there. It was his time God called him home. to soon but thats not our choice. Too many people are too quick to judge. I know I never will again. Just make sure you hug and kiss your loved ones and tell them you love them before they leave the house. We did.

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