HOPEWELL (KDKA) – A local family with a son and daughter in the military had a very special Christmas this year.

After serving a tour of duty in the Army and Navy, both of their children returned home for Christmas.

It was not the typical Christmas dinner for the Lutz family in Hopewell.

Robin Lutz believes her prayers have been answered. Her daughter Daniela, who serves in the Navy, and son Michael, a member of the U.S. Army are both home for the holidays.

“Believe it or not, they got home the exact same day, except he came in at midnight, and Daniela came in at 10 o’clock,” Robin Lutz said.

Michael Lutz was stationed in Fort Stewart, Ga. He had been deployed in Iraq, near Baghdad, for 12 months. About a week ago, he found out he was coming home for Christmas.

“There was a lot of crying, like happy crying,” Michael Lutz said. “Nothing beats it, just being with my family, seeing them all.”

“To come home, to be with my family is, it’s the best feeling ever, and I love my brother so much,” Daniela Lutz said.

Daniela could not hold back her tears of joy, after reuniting with her brother and other family members.

She’s a 12-year veteran with the Navy, who served on the aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman, near Afghanistan.

The welcome home signs in the front yard expressed the feelings of a family, and a community.

Robin Lutz is very proud of her son and daughter’s accomplishments and she’s thankful to have them by her side on Christmas.

“He came in at midnight, got the biggest hug I’ve ever had, in a long time, and her, I’m always crying with her. You don’t get to see them very often, as everybody else knows in this world. Without your children, you don’t have anything,” Robin Lutz said.

She thanks all military families, and said as a parent, she now knows and understands what they go through.

“My son’s been shot at, and it’s scary. It’s a very scary thing, and I’m so happy. This is the best Christmas in the whole world,” Robin Lutz said.

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