By Ralph Iannotti

ASPINWALL (KDKA) — For dozens of residents of Aspinwall, the Christmas Spirit soured a bit Monday after they awoke to find windows on their cars and trucks had been broken.

Aspinwall Patrolman Scott Bailey told KDKA-TV that approximately 30 vehicles were vandalized overnight. The damage could have been done by a pellet gun or a baseball bat.

Bailey urged people to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and if they see something unusual, they should immediately call 911.

John Breen said one of his neighbors alerted him to the fact that the front passenger side window in his Mazda had been shot out.

“All the neighbors know each other, some have keys to each other’s home, this [kind of crime] does not happen in Aspinwall,” he said.

Another homeowner, Don Vasey, said the side rear window to his parked station wagon was shattered overnight, but none of his children’s Christmas gifts, which were still inside the vehicle, were taken.

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