Officials: 40 Vehicles Vandalized In Coraopolis

CORAOPOLIS (KDKA) – Authorities in Coraopolis are investigating after dozens of vehicles were found vandalized overnight.

It was a shattering sight early Tuesday morning for dozens of drivers as they found their car windows smashed and broken.

Coraopolis police took reports from more than 40 drivers. They started coming in around 12:30 a.m. The vehicles with damage were parked along Main Street, Second Avenue and Maple Street.

Robert Coller was one of the unlucky drivers. The windows on his van were smashed. He is in town visiting family for the holidays.

“We just woke up,” said Coller. “We were getting ready to pack all our stuff up and head back to Yorktown, Va.”

The damage was all over downtown Coraopolis. Some with only one window broken, and others with several shattered.

“This is an unexpected expense,” said another resident. “The person doing it should realize that it might be fun and games for them right now, but somebody else has to pay.”

Police say it does not appear that any items were taken from the cars.

Meanwhile, a similar rash of vandalism was just reported in Aspinwall.

A patrolman there reported that approximately 30 vehicles were vandalized. The damage could have been done by a pellet gun or a baseball bat.

One resident said the side rear window to his parked station wagon had been shattered, but nothing was taken from inside, including his children’s Christmas gifts.

If insurance doesn’t cover the damage, a local window repair shop says it can cost between $150 and $600 to replace or repair.

The police chief in Aspinwall says he is planning to talk with the chief in Coraopolis about the investigations; however, at this point, it’s too early to tell if this is the work of the same person.


One Comment

  1. Norm says:

    That is really unfortunate. It’s another senseless act!! I just can’t believe no one saw or heard anything. My guess is they got a lifehammer for Christmas and just tapped people’s windows. Who would do such a thing?

  2. eric says:

    Baden and Conway also had windows shot/smashed out of cars on Christmas eve around 5pm. i live in Baden and my wife’s car was lucky and did not get hit but a lot of cars were vandalized. i wanted to notify kdka about this after watching this video but i don’t know how so im leaving a comment. please look into this and maybe these are the same people in this story that hit Baden and Conway. i hate hearing about how disrespectful kids are these days…

  3. Mouser says:

    Who said it was kids? Adults are just as disrespectful

  4. Marva Ingram says:

    It is a shame that some one would go and destroy any ones personal property. The damage and the cost is unnecessary. I have to say that I don’t appreciate the fact that the one man said that it was black kids that was vandalizing the vehicles. He needs to be sure that it was before he accuses anyone no matter what race. Shame on KDKA for allowing that statement to be shown on the news cast.

  5. WayToGoPens09 says:

    Sickening. I hope they get the punk(s) who did this!!!!

  6. Roberta Miller says:

    Shame on KDKA for allowing such a races remark from a person who has no proof that black kids was responsible for such a crime of vandalizing cars.

  7. BC says:

    This Heather reporter needs to learn how to report. Also, the PG says the Coraopolis and Aspinwall incidents are not connected.

  8. rtrdrock100 says:

    was it totsoons?

  9. jeff says:

    Nobody said “black kids”. Person interviewed said “kids”. Heather and KDKA did nothing wrong.

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