NFL Owners & Union Begin To Feel Sense Of Urgency

NEW YORK(KDKA/AP) – As the NFL heads into its final week of the regular season with some playoff seeds yet to be determined, discussions over the collective bargaining agreement are beginning to heat up.

The current CBA expires on March 4 and many people, including players and owners, are fearing a lockout.

Some members of the NFLPA executive committee said the owners and players are beginning to feel a sense of urgency to avoid a lockout and alienate fans.

The NFLPA is optimistic, yet frustrated at the same time with the league’s current offer. The owners would like to increase the regular season from 16 games to 18 and reduce the pre-season from four games to two.

In addition, the owners would like to reduce the percentage of revenue sharing between players and owners.

Currently, the players take about 60 percent of the team’s revenue for salary. Many owners want to see that number brought under 50 percent.

NFLPA player reps Brian Dawkins and Mike Vrabel said the league hasn’t offered enough in return for what they believe will be shorter careers – and therefore less money made – with the longer regular season resulting in more punishment for players’ bodies.

“I don’t think with good conscience we could say, ‘Guys, this is all we could get for you for 18 games. Go out there and strap it up and hope you make it through,'” said Vrabel, a veteran linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs.

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith sent a letter to players to remind them to save money in preparation for the lockout.

In addition to the letter, the union has set aside funds of $60,000 per player by raising dues and withholding royalties.


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  1. Anvil says:

    I, as a fan, have already prepared for the lockout and feel that while it may not be the popular decision, it almost seems necessary. The NHL lockout did wonders for the game of hockey, and hopefully could do the same for football. However, the first order of business in the NFL lockout would be to remove Roger Goodell as commissioner, since most of the issues between the players and owners are stemmed from his regime, and obviously takes sides with the owners. The role of the commissioner is to maintain objectivity in these matters, as well as to foster an environment of communication and collaboration among the league, players, players’ union, owners, employees, and fans alike. Obviously, Goodell has fallen short of this, and is instead imposing his ideals and those of only the owners into the game, which has provided disastrous results. I think the presence of a new commissioner is where the CBA needs to start, and hopefully a reasonable compromise can be reached, and the game can return to prominence and endure success.

  2. hc says:

    I don’t know why they want to add more games??? There are enough games and players play enough. Money money money. How about let things be.

  3. happytalk says:

    Be cause more games the more money that they make they do not care about the players keep the same amount games that they have now

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