SWAT Team Leaves Apartment Building In Troy Hill

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Police and the SWAT Team surrounded an apartment building in Troy Hill.

It was believed that there was an armed man on the third floor of the apartment building on Lowrie Street.

The man supposedly made comments earlier that had police concerned. It’s unclear how it all began.

Police shut down Lowrie Street and several other streets. They also ordered people off the streets and told patrons at a bar to stay put.

The SWAT Team used the loud speaker to communicate with the man inside the building.

Police went inside and found no one inside the apartment. Police are using a dog to track the man who may have been spotted farther down the street.


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  1. In Shock says:

    Trouble in Troy Hill? Nah.

    1. Bubble says:

      Dude, there was no trouble … did you listen to the news story? No one was inside the apartment. Sounds like over reaction on the part of the cops. What, you say? Over reaction by the police? Nah.

  2. They should over react says:

    over reaction or not, troy hill is becoming the slums. various break ins, people being beaten and tied up in their own homes, etc…I am glad to get out of that area. I never had any bad problems, but I did have very inconsiderate and loud neighbors. It seems like the cheaper the area, the less classy the people. I know that is not everyone that lives there, but you do get some strange folks who are the lowest of the low.

  3. Tim Benz says:

    As for living in the city, Troy Hill is still one of safest and best neighborhoods to live.
    Did you hear about what happened (insert ANY area neighborhood of your choice) the other day . . . ?

    Just sayin’.

  4. Outta here says:

    That is why I left the city 9 years ago. Don’t want my kids being raised in an environment like that. The city needs cleaned up big time. (the streets and the people!)

  5. Alaska Snow says:

    It’s everywhere!

    first hit on google for the prestigious Cranberry:

    6:01 pm EST December 16, 2010
    Cranberry Police Warn Residents Of Bold, Daytime Break-Ins

    A series of bold break-ins in Cranberry, Butler County has police and the community concerned.

    Investigators said the burglars are targeting homes in daylight.

    “It’s kind of frightening. This is a good neighborhood. You don’t expect it. We are all pretty much neighborly,” [ . . .}

    “These are all daylight burglaries and are fairly bold entries that they are making into these homes,”

    The above is just a random example that is not just within the city.

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