Accident Closes Westbound Lanes Of Turnpike In New Stanton

NEW STANTON (KDKA) – A three-vehicle accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike closed both westbound lanes in New Stanton for several hours Wednesday morning.

According to Pennsylvania Turnpike officials, the accident happened near mile marker 62.

Two tractor-trailers and a car are involved in the accident.

One of the tractor-trailers is a milk tanker that is leaking milk onto the roadway.

Both lanes were reopened around 11:30 a.m.

There are reported injuries, but the severity is unknown at this time.

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  1. Sean T says:

    We drove by this accident early this morning. No emergency vehicles were on the scene. It was relly bad. People were helping victims. One man layed face down on the street with a bad head injury. I’d like to know if he is ok.. Any word on the outcome?

    1. Kelly J. says:

      I a sorry to bother you but I am trying to find out ANY info on an accident that happened early this morning (Thurs. 12/30/2010) near Pittsburg. My dear friend was on his way from Jersey to Chicago to spend New Years with us and pulled over to assist at an accident and was struck by a car and sent to the hospiltal with severe head inuries. I thought maybe this was the accident but the article says it was on Wed. Was this accident when you saw the injured man on Wed. or Thurs.? We dont have alot of info. since he was travelling alone and his family is in New Jersey. Thank you for your time.

      1. F G says:

        Kelly J if your friends name is Mike then yes this was the accident

      2. Jean says:

        This is the wife of the victim’s brother. We called the hospital this morning and a nurse told us that he was going into surgery for a fracture skull. He came out from surgery and is reported to be in stable condition in the trauma unit. In addition, he has broken ribs. We were told by his mother that he would be at Allegheny General Hospital for about a week.

  2. F G says:

    Jean I am glad to hear that my son in law craddled him in his arms til ems arrived and he was very worried about him will be happy to know that everything is well so far Our prayers are with him

    1. Jean says:

      Please tell your son-in-law thank you so much for doing that. It is good to know that my brother-in-law who was trying to help someone was met by the caring arms of another. Thank you, Thank you!!!

  3. Steve says:

    I hope everyone involved in this terrible accident is okay. By the way, mile marker 62 is NOT in New Stanton.

  4. PBurger says:

    I drove by the scene around the time and saw a Army man in uniform helping the guy who was lying face down on the road. Its nice to see that there are people out there that still really do care. And I hope this guy is ok,

  5. F G says:

    Jean he was well taken care of by one of the best men my daughter could have ever met and i am sure he treated Mike with the same respect that he treats my daughter God bless and i hope all is well in the end

  6. ski says:

    You’re right. The 62 mile mark is in between the Irwin (67) and Pgh (57) Exits. However, the Birdbrains in the Turnpike commission think that they must detour everyone off the pike many exits before the accidents.

    I was going to Irwin, only 7 miles further than New Stanton and way before the accident. Instead of 7 minutes, I wasted more than an hour snarled in the detour forced on me by the birdbrains. A detour that was unnecessary if you were going Westbound to Irwin. I missed a bid opening and lost the job because of this.

    BOO the Pa Turnpike Commission and it’s appointed commissioner. By the way, there is no elected official in the turnpike. All officials are appointed by … Ed Rendell, Governor.


      nobody cares about how long it took you to get to your destination. This is not a place to complain about how the turnpike is run, everyone here is concerened about those injured. Not you rambling on about how you lost a bid and how long you were stuck in a detour.

  7. Jean says:

    Just leaving a note. Mike is reported as doing good. Breathing tube has been removed and he can talk. He is still in the ER, but the hospital staff say that he will soon get a bed of his own. I guess that means he will be moved out of ER and into a room of his own. Thanks to all of you who had him in your prayers and had given him well wishes. The family is going up tomorrow through Monday to visit. Visiting hours are very restrictive so we will see him when we can.

  8. Bob says:


    My name is Bob. I am a life long friend of Mike. Mike is the guy who stopped on the turnpike on the date in question, to assist others who were involved in an accident. Mike put himslef in harms way, thinking only of others and not himself. In doing so, caused him life threatening injuries.

    To You, I would like to say, I would only hope, that if you become a victim of an unfortunate situation, that someone like Mike be driving by to assist. Actually, I have numerous other foul things I would like to say to you But, I refuse to stoop to your level.

    To Mike, I would like to say,




  9. Angel says:

    I am glad to hear that your friend is doing ok. It is my familys company that owns the milk truck that rolled. Our driver is doing fine and I cannot express my gratitude to the thoughtfulness of people that stopped to help. My thoughts and prayers remain with you all.

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