Pit Bull Shot After Turning On Owner

BROOKLINE (KDKA) – Early Wednesday morning, a pit bull turned on its owner, forcing the woman to choose between herself and the dog.

A woman was in the violent grasp of her own pit bull. The dog bit her arm and refused to let go, prompting a neighbor to  shoot the dog.

“Asked the neighbor, did she want him to shoot the dog and she answered ‘yes,’” neighbor Brian Matlack said.

Matlack woke to his neighbor yelling for help around 6 a.m. The woman apparently slipped and fell on some ice, which startled the dog.

By the time he got to her, there was little anyone could do.

“A lot of people were trying to call the dog, trying to get the dog off. But it seemed pretty single-minded and focused on one thing,” Matlack said.

Another neighbor came over with a gun and with consent from the owner, he fired two shots.

“As soon as he fired the first shot, the dog let go and made a beeline toward him – kind of made a step toward him – and that’s when he shot and put the dog down again,” Matlack said.

The woman was taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital and her condition is unknown.


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  1. JS says:

    Why anyone would want to own a pit bull is beyond me. These dogs are too dangerous to own as a pet. At least this time it attacked its owner and not some innocent child or passerby. The laws need to be changed so that the owner is charged with assault with a deadly weapon (which these dogs are), whenever their pit bull attacks a child, passerby, neighbor, etc. And why not require higher license fees and more rigorous security requirements for owning a pit bull (after all, you can’t own a wolf or tiger unless you obtain the proper licenses and have a security system appropriate for a dangerous animal). And spare me the replies about how it is the owner that makes a pit bull violent or aggressive. When these dogs “snap”, they attack until they kill or maim, and it takes a gunshot or other extreme measure to make them stop. Anyone who owns one of these dogs is playing Russian roulette with their safety, as well as the safety of their children and neighbors. Its irresponsible.

    1. Cassee says:

      JS “these” dogs are not dangerous if in the proper care of a responsible owner. I have another bully breed who puts her head your lap cuz she just wants attention.. Most Pitties are the same way> ITs the traingin( or lack there of rather) that is dangerous. I hope the woman is ok in situatin but if she would have raised the dog properly this wouldnt have happened. Bad breeding also contributes to this problem.. but as long as theres money to be made people will breed and create bad dogs.

      1. Dirk says:

        Why is it that when a pit bull attacks, people automatically presume it was abused?

        Sure there are pits who attack that were abused. But there are many more who were raised in decent homes, “like any other dog” ad many of you seem complacent to point out, and then end up killing the family pet, owner, or child.

        Genetics are the first factor in having a good pit bull, then raising them is the second. The fact that their genome is so polluted further complicates finding a responsible pit breeder and line of pit. So at this point, you’re playing Russian Roulette.

      2. liz greenspan says:

        I totally agree.

    2. JW says:

      Sorry – not gonna spare you my reply – You are very ignorant with your statements – Pit Bulls are a victim of over breeding. Too many people want them as a status symbol with their Cadillac and irresponsible breeders paid no mind to the temperment of the dogs they were breeding. Pitties are some of the sweetest dogs I have ever encountered. I own a Labrador and her best play mate is a Pitt Bull – they love each other – no russian roulette here

      1. Dirk says:

        Another person who’s being an absolutist junkie.

        There’s no proof that this pit bull was abused or neglected. In fact, almost half of the attacks if not more seem to come from the family pit that was a partial indoor pet and well cared for, IE treated like any other dog.

        Not all pits are bad, yes. But there are many out there with such horrible genetic lines that no matter how you raise they, they’re easier to aggravate and can easily kill someone. The fact that slipping on ice stimulated this dog is all the proof I need to use this as an accurate example.

    3. tucker says:

      Another person who is clueless and biased on this breed. any dog can turn on anybody but because its a pit you all ignorant people voice your stupidity. Ive been bitten by poodles, german shepherd so does that make it ok!!! do your research before you pass judgement

    4. bob says:

      your a ass, go buy a gerbil

  2. Bobert Bodeen says:

    If you wanted to be spared any replies you would have not commented at all you moron!

  3. MJ says:

    Your generalized comments are irresponsible. Take the time to meet some of the great Pit Bulls out there instead of only looking at what happens to be on the slow days of the news. Its a shame that Great ,loving, kind Pit Bulls are never a good enough story for a news channel to publish. Why dont we just ban stupid people too?

    1. Dirk says:

      There’s a thing that does help ban stupid owners from having pit bulls. It’s call BSL. Maybe if you were more open minded like you want the rest of society to be then something might be accomplished for both the victims and pit bulls.

      And before you start, no BSL doesn’t automatically ban pit bulls. Most try and regulate before a ban to give some kind of benefit of the doubt of there being people who are willing to abide by the sate laws and thus prevent their dogs from mauling and thus, prevent pit bulls from being a public problem.

      No public problem, no stigmata. Connecting the dots yet? A bit of research on your end might be beneficial.

  4. Ken Fellows says:

    Pitbulls are not the only Dog that Attacks people. Many many many dogs bite and attack people. But the news only focus on one breed. Certain type of people own pitbulls cause to them its just as cool as owning a cadillac and usually the more agressive and mean their dog is the better to them. I have owned 2 Pitbulls and they where the most loving friendly dogs I have had.

    1. neicy says:

      So true

  5. The Chosen One says:

    Slipped and fell on ice and it startled the dog, I dont know about that one

  6. kw says:

    Somehow, I bet we’re not being told the WHOLE story!

  7. steve says:


  8. jim says:

    Steve, please provide some additional insight on your comment.. What experiences have you had with this breed? You probably have experienced nothing more than the things you see on the news.

    1. Turkey says:

      And why do you assume that of Steve? What difference does it make what kind of experiences any of us have had? Why base anything on limited personal experiences when research gives us a far more complete and educated picture?

  9. Mike says:

    Whether there are safe, gentle pitbulls is really irrelevant. This breed is capable of serious damage, disfigurement or death, because of how strong they are. That is reason enough to eliminate them. Would we allow a gun on the market that had a 1 in a thousand chance of going off spontaneously??

  10. jim says:

    Mike, we should elimiate alcohol too. There’s a greater chance for you to be killed by a drunk driver than there is for you to be killed by a pitt bull.

    1. Mike says:

      Again, a bottle of alcohol, itself, cannot kill someone. A pitbull can. Following your logic, we’d ban bricks, bats, anything really heavy, plastic bags, rope, anything sharp, etc…

    2. dubv says:

      By this logic, everything should be permissible until we end the most dangerous thing we can think of. Stop being so dumb.

      1. Mike says:

        I tried to reply directly to this post, it didn’t work. Please see below.

    3. Dirk says:

      You cannot compare the danger of inanimate objects like guns or alcohol, to cognitive, acting, and thinking ones like animals.

      Mike made a poor comparison and so did you.

      Personally, I think pit bulls should be regulated, not banned – just to give them the benefit of the doubt.

      1. Mike says:

        Animals can’t think, at least not as we know the term. The words thinking and animal are diametric.

  11. Paul says:

    We should also ban or exterminate black people, because the majority of inmates are black. Racist you say? Breed specific legislation is the same as racism!! You can not judge a whole race or breed by what a select few do. My Pit bull is the kindest most loving dog I’ve ever owned. She’s completely usless as a watch dog, as she wants to have every person she encounters shower her with love.

    1. htes says:

      A string of words that may influence someone to not dislike pits does not equal logic. Breeds of dogs were created so that their appearnce, physique, and behavior would be somewhat predictable. Is it racist to say that labrador retrievers are more likely than pomeranians to love the water?

    2. Dirk says:

      You are horribly misinformed. Please take some time to educate yourself by reading this nice little article on what racism really is.


    3. Jewels says:

      I agree, my pit is a big baby. She thinks she is a lap dog, but all she wants is love. I guess if you never owned one, you would never know!!!!! That all I have to say to the pitbull haters of the world. I LOVE MY PIT!!!

  12. JS says:

    Sure, your pit bull might lick your kids face and put his head in your lap. Probably a lot of those that end up attacking people did the same thing. As another post pointed out, though, these dogs are different from other breeds due to their physical strength, crushing jaws, and tenaciousness when they decide to attack. So you might think your pit bull is different because you are a “good” owner, and maybe you are right. But you cannot say for sure that the day will not come when something sets off your pit bull and it attacks someone. It is roulette, regardless of how nice your dog seems at the moment. The risk is too great and the laws need to be changed to single out this breed with tougher requirements for owning one and stronger threat of criminal prosecution for owners of dogs that attack someone.

  13. liz says:

    I am a personal friend of the victim andI know this was heartbreaking decison for her shew just left 8 hours of surgury fighting for her life so none of you should judge a situation that you werent there she loved her dogs as a former victus dog attcack survivor myself with the same tragic ending i had to myt my pet killed and it took 68 days and 17 surgerys to save my leg > i hope she has a fast recovery

  14. Slack in San Diego says:

    “Biting her arm and refusing to let go, a neighbor shot and killed the dog.”

    LOL at unintentionally funny poor writing.

  15. Janine says:

    Pit bulls are FIGHTING DOGS and are intentionally bred to do what this pit bull did- attack and try to kill. There is a reason that pit bulls are NUMBER ONE for killing people and other animals, but those who make their money from pit bulls don’t care about the victims. So we get the endless propaganda blaming the owner, victim, training, weather, the media, the reporter, everything but the truth. FIGHTING DOGS AREN’T PETS!

  16. Janine says:

    Paul, dogs are not humans. They are intentionally bred by humans for certain characteristics, like aggression. To compare dogs to African Americans is racist beyond belief! Shame! “Racism” has nothing to do with dogs whatsoever. Stop trying to propagandize for fighting dogs.

  17. Janine says:

    Pit bulls are destroying many lives. Look at http://www.dogsbite.org and hear the victims, instead of the pit bull propagandists who just don’t care.

  18. Ken Fellows says:

    mike you said to kill all pitbulls cause they are strong and can hurt people… witch is the exact same reason police use german shepards and rots for police dogs should will kill all of them also cause they are capable?

    1. ed says:

      All the blabbering is silenced by the fact that pit bulls kill more people each year than any other breed. You are not smart Ken, sorry to break it to you. This logic thing is for smart people.

    2. Dirk says:

      Here’s the thing.

      Pits, Rots, and GSD have different temperaments and different triggers.

      What makes a pit bull more dangerous is the fact that it has a higher pain tolerance and tenacity than the other two breeds.

      And that still does not change the fact that there are more pits, who were raised in loving homes, mauling and killing more tan rotties and GSD.

    3. Mike says:

      That’s a fair comment (ignore the insecurity of people that challenge intellect through the internet). I could understand, then, allowing a professional such as a police officer to utilize a shepherd or whatever in their official capacity. I just don’t want to see my neighbor get one with a small child in my house and another on the way.

  19. Dorothea says:

    The crucial element for a police dog is that it will attack with a controlled bite and release on command.

    Pit bulls are never ever used by police or military guard or attack dogs because they will attack with zeal, but they will not control a crushing bite, and will not let go.

    The most idiotic thing pit lovers say is “they just want to please their master.”

    Uh huh. That woman wanted to be attacked after she fell down – in a prolonged, crushing, shredding attack that could not be stopped without a shotgun. GEEZ!

    Pit bulls are responsible for 2/3 of fatal dog attacks this year – despite being maybe a bit more than 5% of the dog population. Pits killed 22 Americans this year; that’s a US citizen every 16 days this year.


  20. Mike says:

    Yes, most things should be legal. The point is most things can be used to harm someone other than the user. However, dogs can and have, without provocation, harmed human beings. There’s no excuse for that. But if calling people names makes you feel better, please continue.

    1. mushigirl1@yahoo.com says:

      Everyone chill out. God bless the woman that had to have her dog killed. She is the one suffering, not any of us and I’m sure she will regret this awful tragedy forever. How many humans WITHOUT provocation have harmed another human or killed them. There’s no excuse for that either, they know better!!! Maybe they are the ones that need to be exterminated. It’s those kind of people that train dogs to be mean, any kind of dog. How many Americans have killed fellow Americans compared to pit bulls last year? I guess we should be thankful they don’t drive or how many drive by killings would they be blamed for? Sound a little silly? Well so does all the rest of this nonsense. My little pit bull Abner was a wonderful little guy.. He was hit by a drug addict alcoholic and the vet couldn’t save him. I’m sure he’s been missed alot more than the drug addict alcoholic that killed him. Should we exterminate all the drug addict alcoholics? The same kind of logic.. To each his own and be gentle with all the judgment. God bless this poor woman and the heartache she has had to endure. Also, God bless all of you at Villalobos Pit bull rescue, what a wonderful job you are doing, keep up the good work, they need love toooo!!!!!!! Happy New Year to all and a kind thought is much healthier.

  21. Joanne says:

    The only reason this made news is that it’s a pit bull. A bigger dog who can do damage. I know a woman who, for no reason was attacked by her cairn terrier. She was sleeping. The dog got on the bed, the woman woke up and the dog bit her face. Did that make news? Nope. Why? Because it was a 10lb puntable dog. Dogs turn on people, people turn on people. It happens.

    1. Turkey says:

      Maybe the reason the Cairn Terrier didn’t make the news was because it didn’t require being shot by a neighbor. Ever consider that? But oh no, you’re right, injuries and the distinct possibility of death had nothing to do with the reporting of this incident. It was ONLY because it was a pit bull.

      Only a nutter would assume all dogs turn on people. Joanne, I’m sorry people have turned on you, but therapy vis pit bull is not the healthiest choice.

  22. come on down says:

    have your pets spayed or neutered
    -B. Barker

  23. Jewels says:

    I personally own a pitbull who is the sweetest lapdog I have ever owned!!!! I tend to agree it is how they are raised or treated. You can not put the blame on the breed, instead place it on the irresponsible owners. I had a German Shephard who would bite without thinking twice. Most people who own pitbulls will tell you they are very loving dogs!!!!!!!! As far as I’m concerned we didn’t hear the whole story, only what the news wanted to tell us………………

  24. Saundra Renwick says:


    My sister and I were brutally attacked by a pit bull when we were kids. When we got the dog off of my sister (after it ripped the left side of her face off), it came after me and almost took the bottom half of my leg. The entire time the owner stood there yelling “he just wants to play”. I am almost 40 years old and still have a fear of an animal putting their teeth on me to play (even puppies). My sister has the same fear and we both freeze when we see a pit bull and can’t move if we are near one. The “whole story” to this is we were walking past the house on the opposite side of the street and the owner let his dogs (several pit bulls) out to potty. This particular one leaped the fence to come after us unprovoked. Needless to say it was an open and shut case in court.

    1. JS says:

      The attack you describe is exactly my point. Sure, other dogs attack, but not in the brutal and vicious way that pit bulls do. And the result of their attack is sometimes death and often life-changing injuries….all the more tragic when it is a child that it happens to. That is why there should be tougher laws and regulations for owning a pit bull, and owners of dogs who attack someone else (or someone els’s pet for that matter) should be subject to tougher, breed-specific criminal prosecution.

      1. pitshock says:

        JS — you are correct, pits should not be family pets but should be on a farm environment or for hunting. They are fighting dogs. I had a beautiful B&W brindle pitty that was 2yrs old and I had him since he was 4 mos. I loved him dearly, but he turned on our family 2 times. The first time on my 20yr and 2nd time my 13yr granddaughter and me when I tried to stop him. He was welled trained, knew I was the alpha and other family members. He knew all of us well, he was socialized with other dogs and children often. He got his exercise daily and was extremely obedient always. The 1st time he attacked my daughter for no reason with bites all over her arms and legs, then 9 mos later my grandaughter on the lips, hands and legs. He then turned on me and grabed my wrist. My chihua barking distracted him and he let go. Both times they had to go to the emer. I had to have him put down because he had just slept in the same room with my 13yr grandaughter the night before. What if he had snapped while we were sleep and couldn’t get to him in time. No reason, this loveable dog snapped and attacked even me, the owner. I don’t care what anyone says my pitty knew we loved him and we still do, but is he not a family pet NO WAY. I’m still hurt and confused.

  25. Pitshock says:

    I thought long and hard on this breed even before I got him. Since then I will say that it is not the pits fault he attacks, that is the way he is. My chihua barks at everybody, that’s what they do, but she has never attacked us or tried to bite us. She knows we are her family and so did my pitty. He ws just out of his element, he belonged in the field, woods, the wild just like a lion or tiger. No not all will attack and thank God to those of you who have had one that hasn’t but people with babies and children please get the pit out of your house and home environment. They are unpredictable and that’s what get’s us attached to them because they are so loveable. But the way they were bred from the begginning to now is where the confusion and uncertainty comes into play. Pit bulls breeding is the cause of this loveable, but horrific animal. From the begginning of breeding them from a bull dog with a terrier and so on and so on. If we want to put blame on anyone blame the history of breeding the the bull dog and terrier. I miss my pitty, and I am torn I had to put him to sleep because it’s not his fault. But a pit bull attack is horrible. Imagine being attacked by a lion or tiger. Better yet, imagine breeding a lion with a tiger, then with a cougar, jaugar and then a pit bull and so on and so. What will you get.

  26. Mima says:

    Hello everyone I have a blue nose pitt. She’s amazingly beautiful, over protective, and eats with two maltese poodles. I’m the mother of four teens. I thank GOD for my life every day. I honestly must tell you to use your better judgement. I work in children’s hospital. The horrific things I’ve seen from dog bites to you name it. Like cheating husbands the signs are there. From a simple growl or cry. To a refusal of a one’s command. One time Pitshock should have been enough!!! Once these animals taste blood and see the fear. It’ a done deal. We have to understand that there has’nt been a study on how the animal’s brain works. Everone gets mood swings. Who knows maybe Dr Frankenstien or the umbrella corporation will invent a virus to stop these pitts from killing. Just kidding. Smile folks everyone is so up tight. These things are just out of our hands. May you all have a blessed life.

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