Sophie Masloff, Bill Green Weigh In On Pension Mess

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(Photo Credit: Justin Merriman/Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

(Photo Credit: Justin Merriman/Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

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PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — Hope of resolving Pittsburgh’s pension crisis faded to anger and disappointment this week with Mayor Luke Ravenstahl calling City Council’s bailout plans seriously flawed and council members demanding he take a higher profile on the issue.

Now, Council must make last-minute adjustments to correct a $300 million miscalculation in their latest bid to prop up the city’s under-funded pension plan enough to keep it from being taken over by the state before a Friday deadline.

Thursday on the KDKA Afternoon News, Paul Rasmussen talked with Former Mayor Sophie Masloff and Political Analyst Bill Green about the break down in communication between the mayor and council.

Former Mayor Sophie Masloff:

Political Analyst Bill Green:

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