Man Dies After Shooting In Hill District

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Pittsburgh police are searching for suspects following a shooting in the Hill District Thursday afternoon that claimed a man’s life.

According to investigators, 30-year-old Teante Hill, of Pittsburgh’s Bluff neighborhood, died just before 2:30 a.m. at UPMC Mercy Hospital.

Police say Hill was shot numerous times in the torso just before 3:20 p.m. Thursday in the 2100-block of Elmore Square.

He had been taken to the hospital before police arrived at the scene, officials said.

Authorities report that they have not made any arrests and have not yet determined a motive.

Anyone with information is being asked to contact the Pittsburgh Police Homicide Squad at 412-323-7161.


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  1. U DONT SAY says:


    1. U DONT SAY says:


  2. U DONT SAY says:


  3. Victims family member says:

    Ok so this is my family member and I do not appreciate the racial comments…and also the person who assumed he sold drugs and was on welfare needs to know the facts before you write a comment about someone who has past away…the violence is ridiculous and I’m not going to do the “my race is better than yours” because that is the least of my worries at this time of sorrow…learn how to show some respect…

    1. johnny69 says:

      Good people are better than bad people. Goodblacks are better than bad whites, and vice-versa. He was a drug dealer, so that makes him a BAD PERSON. Good people of the world benefit greatly from all bad peoples deaths. How much death did he sell to the idiot drug users? I embrace his death, not to be mean but I want the good guys to live, bad guys to die

  4. Spit says:

    Is this the “Closet Racist” section ? I never see any racial comments when strange white men are luring 13 year old girls. That must be acceptable with all of you “Blame it on the black man” COWARDS !

    1. t'mara says:

      spit, there’s nothing closet about the racism shown on this board, except the racists keep their own identities hidden. i’m also very disappointed that the message board owner (KDKA) allows such rampant hate speech. KDKA has a responsibility to monitor this board more closely…it’s not a matter of “free speech,” this is a privately owned web site.

  5. Victims family member says:

    @ Spit…I agree 100%

  6. rsq says:

    in the now famous words of rodney caint we alllll just get along

  7. Victims family member says:

    @ Dan its not TRUE…so like I said know your facts. You speak like you have a degree of some kind…you make yourself sound like an ass…its 2011 almost and your still blaming African Americans for your downfall…you must also not have a job since you are so closed minded and dumb…get educated and quit taking the time out of your day to comment on this news story…your a low life and have nothing better to do…I feel sorry for you and I will not continue to feed into your ignorance…I’ve said my peace and may he Rest With God…Be Blessed!

    1. agkaska says:

      You are correct in pointing out the insensitivity in your time of grief. On a personal note, I was no more than a block away at the time of this tragedy(on official business).

  8. lauren d cosgrove says:

    Keep in mind that picture is a mugshot lol!

    1. LDC is a renob says:

      This isnt a mugshot, its from his PA ID card. Mugshots have a gray background not blue, mron

  9. Victims family member says:

    @ Lauren…and that has what to do with his death? Nothing…I don’t see anything to LOL about…you people are the most close minded individuals I’ve ever encountered…its sad…really sad…get a life…I don’t see how you can point fingers at a particular race when white people are all over the news for all kinds of crazy wacky killings, robberies, and more…crime does not just exist just within one race…don’t throw stones if you live in a glass home! Be blessed!

  10. Karen says:

    That is what is wrong with this world, everyone looks at the race when something happens. Instead the person or persons that are involved should be looked at for the type of person they were on the inside not the color of their complexion.

  11. Andrew says:

    this is sick how people can talk about others when they don’t know everything…so he made a mistake..we all do you people commenting about this man need to learn some respect and my blessings go out to his family members!

  12. Victims family member says:

    @ Karen I agree…I don’t get it…it’s 2011 almost and I just can’t believe these people can be this close minded and cruel… @ Andrew…thank you for your blessings they are greatly appreciated…

  13. Cop Land says:

    He was a drug dealer. KNOWN drug dealer. He lived this life knowing the risks. Googel his name he was arrested and CHARGED just within the last 7 months in that project (FACT).

    1. crazycat84 says:

      Ya he sure was a big time drug dealer and known for selling fake coach products. It was only going to be a matter of time for he was shot a killed

      1. Spit says:

        …when did fake Coach become a drug ?

    2. Spit says:

      i bet you do drugs

    3. ANON says:

      Just a thought…..While teh fact was he was charged. The (FACT) is also the charges were dropped. The (FACT) is the police dropped the charges b/c they were guitly of a couple of crimes as well. Hmm. Pot calling the kettle black?

  14. Victims family member says:

    @ Cop Land…get educated and learn how to spell Google before you post something negative…don’t believe everything you hear because the whole truth was not told…at the end of the day there is no excuse to take another persons life…regardless of their past or ethnicity…I’m over it…I’d rather reflect on the positive instead of the negative…Be Blessed!

    1. crazycat84 says:

      Well that’s what happens to people who are up to no good

    2. lauren d cosgrove says:

      So the 28 grams of cocaine he ingested and had to be removed at a hospital . Yeah he was a great person more like a waste of life.

  15. johnny69 says:

    Sad that his friends and family are all on here worried about his “legacy” instead of worrying about the death that he was dealing out to all others in the nasty drugs while he was alive. That’s not just a “mistake” … he was dealing death to others, so don’t justify it merely as “so he made a mistake.

  16. Kyasiia Domiiniique says:

    So his death changed the drug situation in your community, did it put us one step closer to ending the war on drugs, I dont think so? Why concern ourselves with his life style, yours didnt change. If he was a drug dealer or not his children dont need to hear the city slander a man that they didnt look at the same way everyone else does. I thought we should all be worried about the guy going around killing people instead of the guy he was killed. Drug dealer or not he was a peorson with a family, how bout we respect that.

    1. johnny69 says:

      he was a killer HIMSELF! When you deal drugs, you are ALSO a merchant of death!

      1. crazycat84 says:

        I totally agree

    2. notadrugdealer says:

      probably opened doors for the remainder of drug dealers !!! pump pump pump !!! =)

  17. johnny69 says:

    She is LHFAO and her buddy relative lies decomposing as she laughs? Who has time to Ltheir FAO when mourning?

  18. john316pa says:

    I found the story that he was arrested months ago for beating up a police officer and ingesting ounces of cocaine. Which I believe is a felony, so why was he out on the streets again already? That’s what we should be questioning about this sad story. Our Justice system really needs an overhall big time. I will pray for his family and the sad person who took this mans life.

    1. YourVoteisInvalid says:

      so- he didn’t serve it to your kids. He’s also not the reason why YOU use cocaine.
      …so stfu =)

  19. 2059 says:

    He was a good boy!!!!!! PFFT!!!!!

  20. Lifetime Hill Resident says:

    Regardless how Teante lived his life, that doesn’t mean that he had to die! It’s not a white, blue, red or black issue. People of all races & ages are drug dealers,ie; Robert & Christina Korbe ! All of this back and forth arguing stuff is uncalled for! And for several of these people who don’t know Teante at all, shoiuld just keep your negative comments to yourselves! As you all have no couth amongst yourselves while his family is at a time of mourning! I will do you all a favor & pray for you all, since you have the need to be sooo biter in such a sensative situation, called DEATH!!!

    1. johnny69 says:

      It is the basic story in every hollywood movie, bad guy gets hisin the end. All drug dealers are bad guys, period. Whatever color their skin is, get rid of them ALL. ALL DRUG DEALERS ARE THE ENEMY, period

      1. Raven Steelerette Rainey says:

        @Jonny69- I see that you have alot to say! How about drug dealers are doctors, lawyers, ivy league college students, cops, even someone that i ask for a Tylenol!!
        I guess that whole world is the enemy!!!! Go luck living in your little bubble & my God bless and open your eyes to being a more postive person!

  21. WOW says:

    i think this is so said , no man should die by another persons hands this should only be a choice by GOD . I PRAY THAT THIS FAMILY HAS PEACE AND BLESSINGS IN THE COMMING YEARS .

  22. Spit says:

    @RSQ, yeah- same words of MLK. why can’t the OTHER side come from behind the white sheet & unify ?

  23. A little advice says:

    To everyone on this page that feels the need to be so disrespectful, may God help you. No matter what, I’m sure all of us have loss someone special to us. Who and what gives is the right to bash/judge ANYONE.

    Nothing about this situation is funny and/or amusing?

    If anything, we are all apart of the problem, not just one person. Have you looked in the mirror lately and asked what have I done for society lately. I’m pretty sure the majority have to think for a long moment.

    No matter what, when you lose someone, I hope you think back to this moment and remember how heartless you were and then you can receive the same treatment. No one person is better than the other.

    If you are so concern about the drug selling, prostitution and all the other crimes that occur, what have you done to deter.

    The fact is, this was a man who God gave life to, none of you guys. Absolutely, no one has the right to take it. I pray that no one has to experience this unexpected pain but if you do, think back to your negative comments today. Hopefully, no one can voice their negative thoughts to you.

    It’s a new year, people, lets all possess a little common decency.

    “Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances.” -Wayne Dyer

    1. johnny69 says:

      OK now my turn to preach some advice. All my fellow good guys get a permit to carry, when the bad guy findsyou (and they WILL find you) protect yourself.

  24. Player says:

    Ima keep toten my guns slinging my rock. Liven for free, eaten for free, While the worken man pays my way. Go Bama

  25. Jeff says:

    You know what I find funny. All these so called family members and friends refuse to help the police. I am quite sure there were witnesses to this murder but none will step forward. Why? Because it’s way cooler to wear a stop snitching t-shirt and act like a hood rat. Like has been said many times, he knew the consequences of the life style he chose to live and it caught up to him. Maybe all you grief stricken family members should have done something while he was alive and we wouldn’t be reading this story now. I have no sympathy for any of you. You reap what you sow!!! And on another note. Obama ain’t my president. I didn’t vote for the socialist, and his race had nothing to do with it. I’d vote for a black, red, yellow or green conserative who believes in the constitution over a white liberal any day. Your one term wonder will be out in a couple of years so enjoy it while it lasts. The majority of this country is fed up with the free rides.

    1. johnny69 says:

      Awesome post Jeff, I too am SICK of the FREE RIDES that ANYONE gets, no matter what color their skin.

  26. Peoples Comic says:

    I knew this man for over 20 years and I also know his family. Rest In Peace. All the racial comments are just people expessing their ignorance.

  27. SKY says:


    1. johnny69 says:

      I have not seen any racial comments, only anti bad-guy comments. You trying to make it racial is a typical cop-out. If you knew him for 20 years you should have turned him in and had him sent to prison for being a drug dealer.

  28. leaf111 says:

    Yep. Knew him, went to school and lived in the same neighborhood as he did. Sad to see him go, but he decided to run the street, run the hallways and he brought this upon himself. You can’t sell drugs and expect good things to happen to you. IT JUST WON’T WORK!!!

    1. Truth15219 says:

      Leaf111, I knew him,grew up in the same community, and went to school with him as well. What you have stated is such a sad truth. Yet & still my prayers goes out to his family.

  29. another family member says:

    People claim ignorance is blissful,

    Yet, these people claim to know everything.

    People think they have a grasp on life,

    Yet these same people claim ignorance.

    The subtle way ignorance takes hold,

    Shows up in the attitudes people have shown.

    Why people refuse to understand ignorance,

    Is so they do not have to be grouped with others.

    Many millions of people do not really know life,

    But are willing to lie to others, so as to not be preached upon.

    The actions of people generates ignorance and foolishness,

    They only care about themselves and what they can get.

    What happens from their actions isn’t their concern,

    This is what makes ignorance such a destructive force.

    The facts of life and the knowledge we carry,

    Is for us to share with one another and willingly spread.

    People do not trust much of what they learn,

    Only because they believe they already know.

    Many claim answers to life,

    But their ignorance forces them to lie to others.

    Hence, it is destroying those around them,

    And they are unaware their actions does damage.

    How many people must died,

    Before ignorance can be justified as a defense.

    Separation, racism, discrimination and many others,

    Have been destroying life, after life, after life.

    When does one finally put aside their ego,

    So others can live.

    Ignorance is never justified,

    Regardless of what is believed.

    Written and Created By

    Raymond Choiniere II

  30. stepasidesue says:

    I’ve only lived in Pittsburgh for two years but I can’t believe the gun violence. I love Pittsburgh but the violence makes New York look like Mayberry. The gun violence is out of control. Something needs to be done. Pittsburg has so mcuh going for it.

  31. The truth says:

    I know that everyone who will read this will be “shocked” to learn that a large fight occurred at Jones Funeral Home in the Hill District during Teante Hill’s viewing.

  32. DOT says:

    the truth-i was there tonight!!!! two fights hapnd. the 2nd one AFTER the police show’d up! how ridiculous. ignorance breeds ignorance!!!

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