Homeowner “Hog Ties” Alleged Burglary Suspect

LUZERNE TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – State police say an alleged burglary suspect was taken to the hospital overnight after being “hog tied” at a home in Fayette County.

The incident happened just before 12:30 a.m. along East Avenue in Luzerne Township.

According to state police, the homeowner, John Nakutis, returned to his residence to find the front door kicked in and a man inside after being alerted that his alarm had been activated.

Investigators say Nakutis and his nephew were able to hog tie the suspect and hold him there until police arrived at the scene.

The suspect was taken to Mon Valley Hospital, but there is no report on his injuries or condition.

  • IMHO

    Good for them! They should have stuck an apple in the criminal’s mouth, too!

  • mary

    Love it!!!!!

  • Mark Schirripa

    Great story.

    (I respectfully submit that calling him an “alleged suspect” is redundant. He’s either an alleged burglar or a burglary suspect.)

    • Anna

      Good point.

  • bill verno

    i am tired of the ads and the new web site style, i will be getting news from WPXI.com

    • Shockly

      Have fun with same stuff over there loser
      …oh wait who cares what you do!

  • Level Green

    The dor is kicked in, the alarm is going off and the home owner finds a stranger in his house but KDKA reports this guy as the “alleged” burglary suspect.

  • Freddy

    Waits to find out homeowners are being sued by suspect . lol

  • Scott Madsen

    The criminal was sent to a hospital? Probably going to sue the victim for a faked back injury, collect damages, then send a check to the DNC

  • barb

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  • Marc

    Normally Fayette County residents consider this foreplay in their mating rituals, but it also came in handy here. LOL…….

  • Ace Slick

    The homeowner has no rights.

    The poor, poor “alleged” suspect should sue. He has a right to steal and should not be held against his will.

    Just kidding. The homeowner should have shot him like they did that “alleged” guy over in Baldwin. One less loser to deal with.

  • jetman

    i am sure it was the suspects parents fault. Of course some lawyer will say its the homeowner fault for having the stuff he wanted to steal

  • John

    hahahahaha! A few members of my family live right next to where this happent and met the guy ( they dont socialize with him he just bothers them.) what the news fails to tell you is that he didnt actually steal anything. he just broke in and ate two bags of french fries and a gallon of orange juice. hes not a burglar. just a brain fried alchohalic.

  • Jerry

    haha. he didnt steal anything. he was just a drunk who broke in, ate 2 bags of french fries and a gallon of orange juice. I live in the area. jail is where this guy belongs.

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