Haywood Out As Pitt’s Head Football Coach

PITTSBURGH (KDKA/AP) – One day after his arrest on a domestic violence charge, the University of Pittsburgh has dismissed their newly-named head football coach.

Michael Haywood was released from St. Joseph County Jail Saturday on $1,000 cash bond, said an officer at the jail who declined to give her name. The charge he is facing has also been upgraded from a misdemeanor to felony domestic battery in the presence of a minor.

Pitt hired Haywood away from Miami of Ohio on Dec. 16 to replace Dave Wannstedt.

Haywood was arrested around 3 p.m. Friday after a custody issue developed with a woman with whom Haywood has a 21-month-old child, police said.

According to St. Joseph County Police, the woman had marks on her arms, neck and back. He allegedly grabbed her by the arm and neck and pushed her as she tried to leave the house, which is owned by Haywood.

Haywood led Miami (Ohio) to a 9-4 record and the Mid-American Conference title in his second season with the RedHawks. Previously, he worked as an assistant at Notre Dame, his alma mater, under Charlie Weis.

The 46-year-old Haywood is considered an exemplary offensive coach and tutored several players who went on to NFL careers, including former Doak Walker Award winner Cedric Benson at Texas and Kevin Faulk at LSU.

Besides the Longhorns and Tigers, Haywood has also been an assistant coach at Army, Ohio and Ball State.

Following the news of Haywood’s dismissal, University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg released a statement.

It reads in part: “To be clear, the University’s decision is not tied to any expectation with respect to the terms on which the legal proceeding now pending in Indiana might ultimately be concluded. Instead, it reflects a strong belief that moving forward with Mr. Haywood as our head coach is not possible under the existing circumstances. This is a matter of real regret for the many people at Pitt who had looked forward to working with him. However, head coaches are among the University’s most visible representatives and are expected to maintain high standards of personal conduct and to avoid situations that might reflect negatively on the University.”

The statement goes on to say that Pitt is reopening their search for a head football coach. Click here to read the full statement.

Meanwhile, reaction continues to pour in, especially as Pitt fans worry over the recruiting process.

“You can’t have a guy who is a leader of men go into recruits’ homes as your face, as the role model of your kids,” said Paul Zeise, the Pitt beat writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “There’s no way you can do that with even a shadow of a doubt about this guy’s character.”

Stay with KDKA for the latest on this developing story.

  • mckeesrocksguy

    Fire him please….you let a player go for hitting his girlfriend and rightly so…time for this guy to go.

  • LB

    thank god he is gone

  • way to go pederson

    Now get rid of Pederson, he has set back the football program a decade with this move.

    • r hasek





    that was the right move everyone has got to be held accountable for their actions. A UNIVERSITY OF THIS CALIBER HAVE HIGH STANDARDS FROM THE PRESIDENT DOWN TO ALL IT`S EMPLOYEES. RE

  • Bill

    One down one to go Pederson i hope is next !!!!

  • billyd

    that was not the first time and bet your butt it wont be the last excellent move by the powers that be but it should have been IMMEDIATE

  • dangle

    Godd for pitt. This man is a loser who would want there kid being being coached by such a lose3r. Way to go Pitt.

  • Geoff

    One down 2 to go including the Chancellor

  • nukev

    good move, how about wanny for pederson. I think wanny would be a good fit at AD,great PR man

  • Tony

    Tulsa is the place to look for a real coach. he wanted this job.

  • Gary

    Get Bradley on the phone.

    • George

      Get rid of Pederson and Nordenberg then start a real search. You get what you pay for and this guy worked cheap!

  • Vern

    Good move by nordeburg. Now we have to get it right this time…..and fast. Recruiting signing day is coming fast. We need to salvage some recruits

  • sooner

    We like Pitt. & Tulsa but that would be a great choice for Pitt.

  • Jezzabelle

    Michigan coach Rich Rod will probably need a job soon

  • jr

    If HE was the best Pitt could do, shame on Pitt. Joe Pa for President

  • Ted/Coraopolis

    The ultimate bad fire for a horrible hire. Fire a winning coach (45 wins) with stability and integrity and replace him with a 10 game winner (Mac Conf) with the morals of MAURY guest.. You expected something else?

  • Chuck from Freeport

    I’m thinking out of the box on this one. Bill Cowher would fill the bill to the highest degree. Let’s rekindle that winning Pittsburgh spirit. Pitt could become one of the most recognizable sports universities in the United States.

    • johnny69

      You really think that Cowher would want a college coaching job that pays 10% of what a pro head coach makes???
      He makes more now working part time on TV

      • Chuck of Freeport

        If you want talent and notoriety, you have to pay for it. A couple major bowl games could offset the investment. Change is one thing for the Pitt football program, but a “major” change is needed. Pitt does not need to be a resume builder for any top flight coach. Talent and experience is needed. A big name will certainly go a long way with recruiting. Pitt has to make a more assertive selection in coaching.

  • Marty

    Can Jamie Dixon coach both teams?

  • Sooner

    I am telling you , Todd Graham is your best choice for a winner.

  • PittFan

    Story is now front page news on Yahoo.
    What an embarrassment…

  • cracka

    Call your kids and hide your hoes, Haywood just got out of jail

  • used to be a pitt fan

    Well the Chancellor showed he has one ball
    now FIRE PEDERSON and lets see if he has two.

  • Monroe Milers

    Hey Pitt fans – you can hire Rich Rod – after todays performance he will be a goner at Michigan —

  • tk

    I don’t get any of these racist comments? Where does racism come into this? He was arrested on domestic violence charges. Arrested people, not accused. He had a personal conduct clause in his contract, which he violated. He was an at-will employee, which he is now terminated. Nobody cried racism when Wannstedt resigned from pressure for not winning. He was under contract until 2014. For you idiots that cry racism, you are the reason racism exist. Claim responsibility for your actions. Educate yourselves, then talk.

  • tk lover

    Hey tk wake up
    Haywood was hired because he is black
    Any idiot can see that
    You Hire the best person for the job-You don’t hire someone because of their race
    Maybe you can educate yourself before you talk moron

    • tk

      Listen I called the guy a spare chucker.. Im talking about the morons that r saying he got fired because he was black?? Im with ya TK Lover this moron should of never been hired!! The AD should be fired also. This program is set back a decade because of this moron!!

      • tk lover




    • BT

      I do not know if he was hired because of race or not, but just remember the last time a black head coach was hired in Pittsburgh the same thing was said. Now that he is a Super Bowl winning head coach everyone now know he was just a great hire. We will never know if Haywood could have gotten the job done at Pitt, but this is negative publicity for college football at the most exciting time of the year for college football despite the race of the coach.

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