Hunters Find Body In Natrona Heights

(Credit: KDKA)

(Credit: KDKA)

NATRONA HEIGHTS (KDKA) — Police have not confirmed the identity of a body found in Natrona Heights.

There is speculation the body could be 49-year-old Howard Witucki, a man reported missing from that area.

Two deer bow hunters from New Kensington found the body Monday afternoon in a wooded area.

“I look and there’s a dead guy laying there like against a tree, like laying like he’s sleeping,” Luke Whitico said. “So I freaked out. I’m like, ‘We got to get out of here.’ So we called 9-1-1. That’s when everybody came.”

Witucki was last seen Dec. 30, 2010. He had a series of health problems stemming from a stroke 17 years ago.

He walks with a limp. His wife said his health had been deteriorating over the last few weeks.

The Allegheny Medical Examiner’s office has not released the name of the deceased.