Infant Suffers Burns From Diaper Soaked With Drain Cleaner

By: Lynne Hayes-Freeland

MCKEES ROCKS (KDKA) – A 7-month-old girl is in the hospital awaiting surgery after workers at a daycare center put a diaper soaked in Drano on her.

Sources close to the girl’s family said the incident happened in the changing room of the Butterfly Gardens Daycare center on Olivia Street last Thursday.

The girl’s parents were told the drain cleaner was spilled on the diaper bag, where her personal diapers were stored.

Sources said the girl, Brielle, began crying and her parents we’re contacted when the crying became uncontrollable after a diaper change.

The girl’s parents then became aware of the unexplained marks on her and took her to Ohio Valley Hospital.

She was later transported to West Penn Hospital with third-degree burns.

The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare is currently investigating the incident.

  • LaKeshia

    Dan, you have the right attitude. Let’s lift this baby up in prayer!

  • bev

    how many levels of stupidity had to happen here?

  • bev

    what was drano doing in this daycare,near diapers to begin with,why wasnt a strange substance even noticed on a infant diaper?wow..we will pray for the baby and the parents

  • Kim

    What kind of person doesn’t notice this stuff around babies…glad it didn’t fall on her bottle….times like this I’m glad I have family so my kids don’t have to go to daycare…..

  • amy

    How could you not notice the diaper was wet or smell the drano??? DUMB!!!

  • milton

    This is indeed a very sad story. One of the many reasons my wife and I refuse to put our children in Daycare. This is unexceptable. My prayers go out to the baby and her family.

  • laura

    Anyone ever use Draino? It’s GREEN! How do you not notice that on a diaper?? Plus the noxious fumes! So sad.

  • Jodi Brady

    Not to mention after a diaper has been wet or used it becomes heavy and lumpy. You’d think the person would’ve said to themself “why is there a used diaper in the diaper bag” threw it away, then inspected the diaper bag. Are these workers that stupid and lazy???

  • MommyWonders

    This is a clear example of the dangers of getting comfortable. Every day we all engage “dangerously” doing things that can harm ourselves and others. We talk on the phone while driving, some text while driving, we search for c.d.’s while driving; all of which distracts us from the road. This worker got comfortable in her role and placed a toxic substance where it could have easily harmed a number of children. May this be a lesson to us all; and may this child be blessed with a full recovery.

  • Brittany Nicole Weber

    this isnt even cool

  • G jackson

    The question,why Drano and a diaper bag in the same location…..wrong

  • Annette

    Made me sick to think of that poor little baby, and the pain she felt. Many prayers for her.


    Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

  • Anomounous Girl

    Believable Story, But it makes no sense behind it.
    Because I think the daycare worker who did this was rather on
    drugs, drunk, couldnt think straight, or was irritated by
    this baby girl, and purposely took the Drano and poured
    it on her, burning her tentionally, and realizing later on
    they done wrong and called the hospital, and then trying
    to make up a story by making it look like an accident.
    Now why do I think this? Well first off Common Sense number one
    is You dont keep harmful chemicals around things that
    come into close contact with anyone, especially a baby… Such
    as Bottles, Toys, DIAPERS, or anything else that can come close to a baby.
    Common Sense Number 2 is that Wouldnt you think
    the Daycare worker would of gotten burnt by the Drano Soaked
    Diaper just by touching the thing before changing the baby?
    Common Sense number 3 is Dont you think the daycare worker would
    of smelt the burning-chemical drano just by being in the diaper bag?
    And last but not least, Common sense number 4 is
    The burn wouldnt just be on her leg or even in the area OF
    her leg, cause the diaper is in the top part of a babies thigh.
    and even if the drano would of dripped down, there would be a line of
    burn mark, then just a huge burn mark just on her leg. Now I might be
    wrong about this, But I dont believe one thing about this story
    that the daycare worker says… So just think about it, Does this
    REALLY make any sense?

    • johnny69

      that is the first thing that I suspected, that a pi$$ed off worker did this on purpose. I pray the poor little girl is ok

    • michelle

      better yet, if the workers knew the Drano fell into the diaper bag….why use any products from that bag?

      This worker has committed the most vivid act of child abuse.

  • Charles

    A horrible thing to happen at an otherwise excellent daycare. Not an employee but my child has been there since the age of 1. Would highly recommend to any parent. Rest assured, they will find out the full truth of what happened and deal with it accordingly. Glad to hear they are fully cooperating with DPW’s investigation. But then, I’d expect nothing less from this place.

    • Mia

      If this happened to you daughter would you be making the same comment or would you be asking why the hell was the drano on the same shelf as the diapes and why would a daycare worker not have the sense to throw away the soiled diaper instead of putting it on your baby



  • Anomonous Girl

    Um, Jerrie? We all think this person should be, And its terrible for this to happen… But the state of mind right now is this daycare worker is lying through her teeth about what happened to this beautiful little girl… And she is making up a story abour something that doesnt even make sense in what happened to her.

  • dreynolds

    This story makes me VERY angry! I am a educated professional that works in the field of early childhood education and this story doesn’t add up. Any harmful chemicals must be kept in a place where children have no access to it. I know that DPW won’t even let us have hand sanitizer or suntan lotion out on a desk where a child (even an older child) could have access to it because they could ingest it. How could they not notice Drano on a diaper that they were placing on a child? I am sickened and angry by this story. I pray that this sweet little girl pulls through and that they immediately close that child care center down until they find out what really happened.

    • Anoumonous Girl

      This is exactly what I am saying! The story makes no sense what so ever! And i’m a 12 year old for crying aloud and I even notice this isnt true! Right before the story was told on the news… I even said to myself this story looks like it isnt gonna be true and it wasnt!

  • Michelle

    a SOAKED diaper! This is not an accident!!!!! Anyone with infants, toddlers or small children KNOWS the difference between and DRY and SOAKED diaper!!!!!!!!

    Bev makes a valid point…DRANO out in the open, WHY??? Still I will be extremely upset with the state if they DO NOT REVOKE the Child Care License. This was a deliberate act of abuse!!!!!!!!!!

  • expittsburgh

    Not just Drano out in the open, but an OPEN bottle no less?!?! Yes, VERY suspicous!

  • eye for an eye

    these people need to have drano poured on them, that’s the only acceptable punishment in my eyes.

  • jocy

    I have been working in a childcare facility for 5 years, and cleaners are kept NO WHERE around diapers or the children. Cleaners are to be locked away. State law says that those kinds of things cannot be held where the children are.
    Poor little baby. Its disgusting.

  • shelbylee

    This is a crime. KDKA – please do not refer to this as an accident. It was no accident! I can’t imagine what the parents are going through. I can’t imagine the pain that this beautiful baby girl is going through. I will say a prayer for strength for the family – that this precious baby will be Ok – and that justice will be served for the monster who did this to her. It’s appalling.

    • Yo

      KDKA is pathetic

  • NoDaycare

    So you still want to leave your kids at Daycare?

  • Mrs. Miller

    Jesus please heal this child and protect all of the children being cared for in this center. Bring forth the truth about what occurred. Give us wisdom as to how to move forward in our own lives whether we send our kids to a center or keep them home. We all hope to have a peace of mind regarding the care our children receive. Amen

    • Khalifah Al-Akili

      Jesus can’t answer prayers, ONLY God can. Try praying to the same God that Prophet Jesus (upon whom be peace), the Messiah, prayed to, and your prayers for this little girl might be heard. I pray that God grants this child peace, love and security.

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