Roethlisberger Avoids Engagement Speculation

By: John Shumway

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Saying it is his personal life, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger declined to comment on Internet rumors that he is engaged Tuesday.

The blogosphere has been buzzing since Christmas that Roethlisberger popped the question to Ashley Harlan over the Christmas Holiday.

With details circulating such as the wedding will be next July, KDKA’s John Shumway went to Roethlisberger today to end the speculation:

Shumway: Word has it you’re engaged. Is that true?

Roethlisberger: Oh geez. Listen, there’s always rumors out there about professional athletes, especially about me. You guys know that I am not going to talk about my own personal life, I don’t do that. My one singular focus right now is on the playoffs, on football and trying to get to the Super Bowl. So, that’s what my focus is right now.

Shumway: So are you confirming or denying?

Burt Lauten (Steelers Public Relations): Guys, he did say he didn’t want to talk…

Roethlisberger: I’m not going to talk about my personal life. You guys know that. Okay, thanks [Shumway].

This isn’t the first time there have been engagement rumors about Roethlisberger. In 2009, the blogosphere was buzzing with a purported engagement to actress Missy Peregrym which never happened.


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  1. bob says:

    hey Shumway, leave him alone he is trying to win a Super Bowl. stupidity like that gives reporters a bad rap. use you head for something other than a cownoy hat rack.

    1. Jerkoff says:

      No, this is what a reporter is supposed to do. You must be watching a lot of Fox News. That’s not real reporting. That’s why you are upset to see true journalism in action.

  2. ieatatpolunch says:



  3. hc says:

    Leave the Steelers alone! It is playoff time, so layoff. Let them concentrate to win Pittsburgh another ring. We need more rings in this town.

  4. WhattaWoman says:

    Please leave my Benny alone…he’s trying to concentrate on the playoffs —- keep him focused!!! Focus, I say….focus!!!

    1. Just sayin... says:

      Actually having a regular “partner” might actually keep his big head in the game and his little head under control!

  5. Anvil says:

    If the rumors are true, then congrats to Ben. I wish him and her the best, and hope that it adds meaning to his life, and also translates into the continued success he has found with the Steelers. As a fan, I will respect his privacy as his focus is on the playoffs, but will offer my best wishes as well.


    1. MKA49 says:


  6. pittgirl says:

    Run Ashley!!! Run!!!

  7. Whattaman says:

    wasn’t he just w/ that Southern Belle?

  8. James says:

    I don’t believe anything he says since the last two girls in the news.

  9. Eric jackson says:

    It’s KDKA NEWS not KDKA TMZ. Please stay focused on the football issues!

  10. Ben Stunner says:

    EFF the media!

    Leave Ben alone!

  11. maggie says:

    if he is engaged , i feel he is just doing it to make himself look good because of the allegations against him, You can’t fool everybody Ben.

    1. Nathaniel Beall says:

      Oh my goodness. You mean an anonymous internet jackhole who can’t even use capital letters figured out his scam?

      Think about it, if someone like YOU could figure it out, who exactly do you think this was designed to fool?

    2. Suzi says:

      Shut your face Maggie. Must be a Cleveland fan.

  12. Bernie says:

    Guy should be in jail for what he did….. YOU SURE WOULD BE>>>>>

    1. Suzi says:

      Jealous you can’t get it like Ben can.

      1. Shockly says:

        In a bathroom stall? Oh Yeah!

  13. Nathaniel Beall says:

    So is KDKA trying to paint Ben as a jerk with the above quote? I mean was it even necessarily because all I got out of it is that you are harassing him about his private life. That may be cool in LA, but I’d like to think sports celebs like it hear because we don’t TMZ them.

  14. Nathaniel Beall says:

    P.S. This NOT reporting. There are no facts, there is nothing new, nothing has changed – it’s a cheap attempt at clicks on your website. I’m sure you will have a teaser on TV tonight “Is Big Ben Engaged???”

    You care more about ratings than the news, or in how this will effect the Steelers or their run in the playoffs.

  15. MOONSTEEL says:


  16. dangle says:

    If this is true good for him. And I wish him the best of luck, As for you Bernie Ben was never charged with anything so get over it, As for the media they should stick to football and leave his personal life out of it, Once again congrats to Ben if this is true,

  17. Lacy says:

    I graduated with her…

    1. Kim says:

      WOW! That is great. Is Ashley a nice girl? She certainly will have her hands full of Media Scrutiny being Mrs. Ben Roethlisberger. Are Ashley and Ben getting married in July, 2011?

  18. RG says:

    If Ben did’nt want to discuss his personal life with the media, then why in the hell did he get engaged at the time of the season when the team needis him the most? Seems to me he has’nt changed at all…once again, it’s all about him!

    1. Ryan says:

      RG, that has to be the dumbest thing anyone EVER said.

    2. Girlie in NC says:


    3. stepasidesue says:

      His fiance must be a real idiot! He’ll never change!

      Stick with football Ben!

  19. Bernie says:

    I know and Bill did not have sex with that woman…Get your head out of the dirt..

  20. dangle says:

    Some of you people are so sad, Ben was never convicted of anything so get off it, Id be honored if it was my daughter Bill Cowher.

  21. Kordell Stewart says:

    You still love me BillyBoop?


  22. Kim says:

    Who really cares if he’s engaged? Honestly, he’s just trying to make himself look good. I personally wouldn’t give him the time of day, let alone date him! Either way, they probably won’t last. He’ll probably end up cheating on her!

    1. STEELERS4EVER says:

      Dear Kim,
      You will not “give him the time of day…”
      But you’ll take the time of day to post your thoughts about “him”
      Another episode of the jealous girl syndrome!!
      run along ‘lil girls. for now
      Ben is off the Market . . .
      Like you had a chance in the first place !!
      You jealous girls make me laugh!

      1. officer dangle says:

        an “engagement ” is good cover. makes him look respectable. if you think girls are jealous of ben, please get over yourself, and him…with his looks and his track record, he’d better get engaged and quick.

      2. officer dangle says:

        dangle, from the number of comments you have on this board defending ben and criticizing women, i think you might have a little bit of a problem yourself.

  23. dangle says:

    Steelers4ever you couldnt of said it any better, the jealousy is amazing.

  24. CharChar says:

    Who cares!

  25. LHS says:

    I graduated with her as well. It’s the truth so people should stop the bad mouthing them and leave them be. Would you all want this many people involved in your relationships? I’m sure not.

    1. Leslie says:

      Listen Ben is an all time GREAT QUARTERBACK FOR THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS…SORRY LHS im from New Castle and know it’s true also!!! Point is this is not something he should be dealing with during playoff season……happy for them…but should of waited till after super bowl and there would of been way less media talk…..well maybe not less due to his past but wouldn’t be causing chaos within the Steelers….he has had enough attention with woman…face facts!!!!
      GO STEELERS…….

      1. Leslie says:

        Oh and LHS most of the people posting are not NFL football players, coaches or owners!!!! So sorry dear but your girl is now in the PUBLIC eye and their will be all kind of things she will deal with being married to an NFL quarterback….with his background!!!! This is NEW CASTLE AND BEN HAS NO IDEA WHAT HE IS IN FOR WITH THE GOSSIP FROM THIS ALL TALK TOWN.

  26. dangle says:

    WOW Cant you people just stop and leave Ben and this girl alone, They both deserve some happiness, So all you haters need to get a life and leave them alone.

  27. billyd says:

    what business is it of yours what ben does off the field go away not your concern do you pay his bills or his salary is that all you have to do worry about your own self

  28. yo says:

    KDKA, you should focus on reporting on REAL stories. Try that for a change.

  29. Browns4Life says:

    Oh, I see how it is. Mike Vick can’t have a dog, but Big Ben can have a woman?

    1. @ stains fan says:

      No no no!
      you have it all backwards..,,
      The Browns can’t win a super bowl,
      but they can always be jealous of the Steelers

    2. neu1 says:

      steal that line from deadspin did ya? How original…….

  30. Michael Lehman says:

    leave the man alone, he dosent owe the public or the media anything about his personal life.try looking in the mirror and then maybe you all can cast the first stone. private life should be left alone. football should be their only concern. grow up and get over it. some are jealous because he makes 10million$ a year, GET OVER IT

  31. MB says:

    Of course he decided to get married… no girl in their right mind would hook up with him now… I think people appreciate his athletic ability on the field, but everybody I know (who has met him or been around him) says he’s an arrogant a$$ho/@ in person… Seems like he likes himself. ALOT.

  32. DC SLIDEWAYS says:

    marrige ceremony to take place in ladies restroom at adultmart in north hills

  33. DC SLIDEWAYS says:

    followed by honeymoon in vegas at hotel with broken tv’s

  34. billyd says:

    shumway and the reporters are a bunch a holes mind your own business if thats all you have to worry about i feel for you

  35. Jeff Reed says:

    She was the one he successfully kept in the bathroom.

  36. timmy says:

    Ben can get engaged and Mike Vick can not own a dog, somethign is wrong here…..


  37. Katie says:

    Ben if this is true Congratulations i wish you all the best. GOOD LUCK in the playoffs.

  38. LHS 2004 says:

    First off…Go Steelers! Let’s get that 7th ring for the Steelers Nation. I used to date Ashley in high school, and graduated with her in 2004 from Laurel. I hope the best for both of them. I can’t wait to chill with Big Ben at the 10th reunion.

    1. Kim says:

      Really, that’s cool! What kind of lady is Ashley? How long did you date her? I wonder if Ashley and Ben will attend your 10 year reunion? I don’t know if Ashley and Ben would want that scrutiny or not? I know Ashley will have her hands full being Mrs. Ben Roethlisberger. There is alot of mystery to Ben’s past but I heard he’s has a religious conversion now. Are Ben and Ashley getting married in July, 2011? Do you ever talk to her anymore?

  39. kristy says:

    do you see the schnozz on this half-wit? god, is he ugly.

  40. Hate for the Steelers says:

    Michael Jackson’s a child molester and Toothlisberger is allegedly a rapist… Where there is smoke there is fire… It’s a damned shame that the women that spoke about him being a perv, where paid off, and perpetuated the disparaging of women once again, meaning that money gets in the way of justice. Whether the guy did it or not, questions should be raised. Once again, Michael Jackson was hit three times for cash involving molestation allegations, apparently the money made him innocent. If someone is innocent then there is no need for paying people off, evidence would ring true. If Ben was a poor boy from Findley, Ohio, be would be in jail. I am surprised that NOW didn’t come to these women’s aid to try to pull the truth into the light… And, the NFL just shoved it under the rug. I think the Steelers should trade him. Atlanta traded Vick, so why not the Steelers, Toothlisberger. Santonio Holmes was traded for him smoking weed–makes the Steelers organization look bad, yeah right… When Santonio Holmes was brought to the Steelers he was convicted of beating his girlfriend in Columbus, Oh and they still kept him on for three years, now that he was busted for possession he’s traded… Correct me if I am wrong, smoking weed outside of Mellon Arena, is equivalent to beating a woman—hmmmm? Now that the case against Toothlisberger is growing colder and colder, we should all go back to business as usual… I hate football season because of Toothlisberger, and will forever hate the Steelers until he’s gone…

  41. Pat says:

    I think he should have married Natalie Gulbis….. Brains, Body and $$$$$ he could have retired after tying the knot…….

  42. Anne says:

    reminds me of a bull dog.

  43. Barb says:

    reminds me of a bull-dog.

  44. Kim says:

    For those if you that know Ashley Harlan, what kind of lady is she? Alot of people claim to know her but there is not alot of information out there about her. Best of luck to Ashley and Ben and I’m sure they will marry in July, 2011 and have some beautiful children also. There has always been and always be alot of mystery to Ben’s past and I feel sorry for the Media Scrutiny that Ashley will face but it just comes with being Mrs. Ben Roethlisberger. Good Luck Ashley!

  45. Dr Michael says:

    I wonder if this will keep him out of bars and doing bad things to young women?

  46. FormerPGHER says:

    I am so glad football and Ben are the only two things Pghers care about. “We” did not go to the Superbowl. The Pittsburgh Steelers went to the Superbowl. Go to work the Monday after a loss. You did not lose. The football team did. Who cares if Ben is engaged. If he is, this girl is as much as an A$$ as he is. If my “fiance” was constantly in the news for indecent behavior, he would not be my fiance anymore. Goes to show its all about the money. Oh, and yes, his personal life is our business since we have a hand in paying his ridiculous salary. If he played on any other team, he wouldn’t be as good. But, its all about him right. Oh wait, who’s fault was it that “the team” lost the Super Bowl. Hmmm, seems when the Steelers lose a game its the teams fault but when they win its all Ben. Wow! I am sure we will see him in the news again because, remember, Ben and Football is all that is news in Pittsburgh.

  47. vern says:

    Ashley harlan seen a basketball player behind ben roethlisberger back,she will take his money and run off with this basketball player,who she loves,ben move is over..

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