3 Suspects Arrested In Aspinwall Vandalism Spree

ASPINWALL (KDKA) – Three people have been arrested in connection with a vandalism spree in Aspinwall in December.

Two minors were arrested along with 18-year-old Raymond Anthony Niebel Jr.

Over 30 cars were vandalized on Dec. 26 and 27.

Police got several tips about the vehicle used in the spree. They also had surveillance from the Eat’n Park on Route 8.

A baseball bat and a BB gun were recovered that are believed to have been used in the vandalisms.

Identities of the minors have not been released, but one is from Indiana Township and the other is from Lawrenceville. Niebel is a student at Fox Chapel High School

Police described the acts as senseless.

“[The] parents have been cooperative on this. I think it’s appalling to them also. It’d be hard to make sense of this if it was your child. To my knowledge there wasn’t anything stolen from any of these vehicles. It was just pure vandalism,” Allegheny County Police Lt. Jeff Korczyk said.

Allegheny County Police are checking to see if the suspects are connected to other vandalisms reported in Lawrenceville.

  • respots

    Where’s the idiot that commented that it was probably someone from Sharpsburg? My car was damaged and I had a feeling it was a kid who went to FCHS and lived in FC, Ohara, Awall or Indiana. And surprise, it was. This kid looks likes he’s 30. He better get his a… out and get a job and pay for my windshield. Along with the other 2 idiots.

  • DDC

    Let me guess. A spoiled brat from FC, whose parents think he is wonderful and can do no wrong?

    • Friend Of Ray

      Excuse me ,what happened to innocent until proven guilty? How can you condem him when all the facts are not in? I know this boy and he is a really nice kid .Not all people attending Fox Chapel High school are rich.Some of us are hard working middle class .As adults we need to wait until ALL the facts have been given.

    • offended

      the kid’s not spoiled at all. FC has a pretty good variety of students.

    • bd

      As Gomer Pyle would say…

      “Surprise, surprise, surprise.”

  • CruiserSailor

    hang ’em, high, make em do 4 years at County or join the marines. They need discipline.

    • BL

      Raymond would like that

      • dayvd hand

        im a close friend of his, im very disapointed in his actions, he deserves to be punished yeah but not jail because how is he going to pay off his fines to the people he hurt, and his dream was to be a marine anyway so by doing that theyd be fullfilling his dream for him

      • BL

        Why should he get to live his dream after doing what he did?

  • Martha Reed

    Set them up with a car wash for the summer and let them take donations until they earn enough to pay for the damage.

    • Mac Daddy

      … and you think they’ll do a good job???? LOL!

  • expittsburgh

    I somehow doubt that they’ll receive their just punishment. And it will be expunged from the other two punks’, err….juviniles records….sadly

  • Spit

    hmmm, I’m just waiting for someone to make a racial reference like they do when it’s a black face behind the crime.

    • JS

      Some pretty dumb comments from Brad…he must not be a Fox Chapel grad.

  • Daddy

    Put a lien on the parents house and every month when daddy pays the bill he can give junior a nice big kick in the rear

  • FC Student.

    All of you really just need to shut your mouths. Not every kid in FC is a spoiled kid or white trash. He was going to join the Marines anyways so thats not a punishment.

    • The Privledged of FC

      “All of you really just need to shut your mouths. Not every kid in FC is a spoiled kid or white trash. He was going to join the Marines anyways so thats not a punishment.”

      Shut my mouth? Are you nuts? Why do you hate the United States Constitution; specifically the first amendment? Or do they not teach that at FC?

    • Daddy

      Yeah,Shut up and eat your vegetables,kid

      • the bigger daddy here

        we eat our vegies so what our fathers gave us actualy satisfy our wifes one day, unlike your wife, i just got outa bed with her while you were at work:)

    • wahwahwah


      Hey, don’t blame us that one of your classmates is a spoiled punk who has zero value for other people’s property.

      • another FC student

        who said they were blaming you? they were simply defending our school. everyone already hates FC enough. why can’t we at least try?

    • JS

      The Marines may not want him now. And he may get some actual jail time…they love 18 yr olds there.

      • BD

        Well there’s at least one spoiled FC kid in jail now. ANd hopefully, he’ll have to pay back every cent of the damage he caused to people with actual jobs.

    • RAY IS GAY:)


  • respots

    I went to FC and am fully aware it’s not full of rich kids or white trash. But it has a student who helped cause $12,000 worth of damage the day after Christmas. I don’t care if he joins the circus, he needs to pay restitution to all who suffered for his behavior. We’ll shut our mouths when the bill is paid.

    • bd

      Well said.

  • bd

    And I still wouldn’t be surprised if this little punk and his friends are the ones who damaged the cars in Coraopolis. Seems a little too coincidental to me. Guess this happens when rich mommy and daddy buy their kids cars instead of making them earn money themselves.

    • Freind of Ray

      Do You know his family personally,if not then refrain from making such stupid comments. Ray works for waht he has,unlike alot of people.Why are you judging so harshly,guilty of something yourself?

  • NotFCbyChoice

    I know Raymond and hes got some serious attitude problems, im not suprised at all that he did this. but i hope he gets some serious jail time for this, it will serve him right for everything else hes done. its about time he got his just-desserts..

    • FC student.

      Only if you give him attutude.

    • ffy

      Uh, most mistakes “kids” make don’t cause $12,000 worth of damage.

      And I’m happy I don’t know this loser. Sorry that you do.

    • ffy

      Sorry that you know this PoS. But at least you can say you’re not doing time:-)

      And seeing that he’s 18, his birthday has either been in the last five days or he’s failed a grade. Big surprise if it’s the latter.

      • someone who knows

        learn some math. you turn 18 anywhere from october to the next septermber starting your senior year. he has never held back. i personally know him, and this isnt him at all. he is a great person and just fell in with the wrong crown of people. get over yourselves and stop judging before you know everything, you probably have never said a word to the boy in his life. hes just a kid, kids make mistakes, thats how they learn. hes going to get punished for this, but it can only do him good because he is a great person. stop hating. free ray.

  • respots

    As I said I’m from Aspinwall and went to FC and it’s neither here nor there if the kids’ families are rich or poor. I didn’t like a remark made when this story came out that blamed it on Sharpsburg being next door. I read another article that said the parent’s are cooperating and were as appalled as everyone else which is better than parent’s that stick up for their kids no matter their behavior. All 3 need to get jobs to pay us all back.

    • dayvd hand

      yes his parents are just as mad as everyone else, but ray had a job till today, a good paying job, i also live in aspinwall , i am also one of rays best friends, i am very dispointed in his actions, they were uncalled for and extremly stupid, yes he will pay off those fines because he takes responsability for his actions, and knowing him, he will probly even apologize to the families he left with damages to their cars because at heart he is a good kid, an amazing kid at that, he made some dumb choices this just so happening to be the worst and his last he will make besides getting married ha, i dont disagree that he should get punished, but jail time is a bit much, why put him in jail when they could put him on house arrest to finish school and work to pay back the families, and put him on probation,

      • ariana

        i agreeee dayvd.

      • Mac Daddy

        Oh puleeeeeease!

      • stefaniee

        love ray, <3 love you dayvd. completely agreed.

  • Last Laugh

    Here’s a suggestion: He has a vehicle, right? Well, as many windshields that he damaged, each person gets a chance to break his and let him spend his money. When it gets repaired and more money out of his pocket, the next person takes a whack at it. And so on!

    • notamistake

      Sorry, 18 is too old to play the “mistake” card. This kid can be in the military, can vote, etc. Everyone makes mistakes. Very few people go on vandalism sprees inflicting $12,000 worth of damage on total strangers. This shows some other serious underlying problem.

    • ffy

      I think this is a great idea. Sadly, he seems to be in a much better financial position to have mommy and daddy fix his windshield than a lot of the folks that had theirs broken.

      • huh

        Guess it’s good he didn’t kill anyone, huh, as that would have just been a “mistake.”

        So much for accountability.

      • JS

        A mistake is something that is done without the intention of causing harm. These kids clearly intended to cause harm and their intentions were bad. Hence its not a mistake – rahter, what they did is a crime. They are old enough to know better, and will be punished for it as anyone who breaks the law should. Hopefully they learn from it and go on to lead productive lives.

      • ffy

        A mistake????? Actively shooting at cars and actively vandalising people’s property. A mistake?????

        Wow. And it’s a wonder that this kid feels he can do stuff like this.

        Again, wow.

      • mother

        stop it? youre ridiculous. he was 18. you need to grow up too. im a fox chapel parent and i think all of the repulsive hate comments need to stop. hes is in high school. he had an expensove mistake, but i agree that it was just a mistake.

      • RAY IS GAY:)

        how can it be a mistake when he did it over and over again. I think who ever feels that hes a good did and that it was just a mistake are stupid. He should pay for what he did!!!!

      • FC student

        Wow that’s a pretty big mistake hahaha, I guess dahmer and Manson’s crimes were just mistakes too.

    • RAY IS GAY:)

      i think thats a good idea:)

  • am

    People need to learn how to take accountability for their own actions. It makes no difference your economic status or any other discriminatory factor. If you can’t understand the simple difference between right and wrong, you deserve any punishment given to you.

  • Fc student

    im also a fc student and and i no all the 3 kids that did it and the 1 that he hangs with is not so good he was the 1 that told them they should of done it.. FREE RAY!!!!!!!!!

    • Fc student is a punk

      “FREE RAY!!!!”

      Ray was free when I had him last night.

      Ray’s gonna be walking funny when you visit him in cell block B

    • Not from FC

      They are doing a great job teaching you how to write and spell at FC. Hope you have a rich daddy that can get you into college…looks like you wont be getting there on your own.

      • fc student

        yes they will haha so u shut ur mouth

  • respots

    Doesn’t matter, all 3 did it. Have to be careful once you hit 18 though. RAY PAY!!!!!!!



    • RAY IS GAY:)

      hahahahahahaha shut ur mouth. your so stupid. you dont know what your talkin about. He aint no JUV, WOW GROW UP.

      • fcstudent

        u guys are just mad lol

  • bobby carlos

    I’ve known Ray ever since kindergarten and he was in my class right before he was taken away. He isn’t rich and spoiled like you assume all of us Fox Chapel students to be, and he’s actually hard working. Despite this, I agree that he should be punished pretty severely. I liked the idea of having his truck vandalized 40 times, since I know its his prized possession.

  • MB

    As usual, most of the comments on here are simply judging those we do not know and making assumptions about things we do not know. While these kids made some poor decisions and caused damage to others’ property, characterizing them as rich brats because of where they’re from, and finding creative ways to punish them (such as having one of their own trucks destroyed or having them spend four years in jail) seems counter-productive. They are responsible for the damage and should pay the money necessary for repairs. They should be given community service to give back to the community. Hopefully someday they’ll look back and understand how more suffering they’ve caused other people and try to influence kids in a positive way. Since the beginnings of cars, kids have been releasing parking brakes on hill-parked cars, stuffing items in exhaust pipes, smashing windows, and a myriad of other destructive but non-violent acts. When did we decide that one non-violent mistake should ruin someone’s future?

  • will g

    the wrong crowd he was hanging out with must of been his parents. what normal person does something like this. wonder if he was raised by a nanny.

  • KK

    Ray goes to my school. I’ve never talked to him. He strikes me as a really dumb kid, but I’m not saying he is. He could’ve fallen in with the wrong crowd, and it could’ve been a mistake in the sense that even though he is eighteen, he still has the mind set of a high schooler. And that’s what he is: a high schooler. He also could have just been plain stupid, and did it just to have some fun.
    Whatever happens to him, I’m not sure I care. He deserves some kind of punishment because smashing people’s cars is just not acceptable.
    But he does not deserve to be called a spoiled piece of white trash just because he goes to Fox Chapel.
    I’m not at all white. I’m Asian.
    I grew up in a house that taught me proper etiquette and social graces. I don’t believe that’s “trashy.”
    I try my best at my grammar and spelling. Everyone makes silly mistakes like that.
    Oh. And. I have to pay for my own lunch now that I have a job of my own at a restaurant. I buy my own clothes, makeup, Kennywood tickets, everything.

    Don’t jump to conclusions at FC or Ray. Please, continue to write your opinions and thoughts. Just don’t blatantly offend us.

  • Darkhorses

    “no” all 3. Should “of” done it

  • d.a.m.

    He is smart enough to race vehicle and win races and to have a license … Maybe he should lose his license and his ability to race Motocross for a year or two … or maybe some of his racing equipment could be sold to pay for the damage! … and it does not matter where the kids are from … poor decisions are made by kids from all socioeconomic status’ … Let the legal system deal with them!

  • d.a.m.

    MB great comments

  • Stereotype

    Quit whining about FC being stereotyped. EVERY school is stereotyped for one reason or another. After this you won’t be known for your spoiled rich kids or white trash, you’ll be known as the school where “those” vandals went.

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