Pizza Delivery Driver Shot In Allentown

ALLENTOWN (KDKA) – Police are investigating after a pizza delivery man was shot Tuesday night.

According to emergency dispatchers, the incident happened on Daytona Street in Allentown around midnight.

The driver was shot in the leg and was taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital for treatment. The injury is not considered to be life-threatening.

Police are not sure if the incident was a robbery, but the gunman is still on the loose.

Last week, another delivery driver escaped injury during an attempted robbery in McKeesport. A single gunshot was fired at the vehicle, which shattered a window.

In October, four men robbed another driver in Sheraden. One of the men allegedly had a gun.

In August, a delivery driver was forced to hand over money and a food order when three men robbed him in Sheraden. The driver said one of the suspects pointed a gun at his face.

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One Comment

  1. Dan says:

    Not in pittsburgh, isn’t this the safest city in the world….maybe the mayor can suspend or lay off some more police

    1. juice says:

      compared to other cities in the country, (not world) we are safe. move to Philly, Detroit, Miami, St. Louis………and you will see how nice & safe Pittsburgh is.

  2. Scared says:

    First of all, this is not in Allentown. Anyone who knows this pizza shop knows it is known for its drug activity. There was also a few people who knew him that were trying, desperately, to get into his car. Hmmm…wonder what was so important to get out of that car? Duh!

    1. concerned daughter says:

      excuseeeeee me but that man that was shot happens to be my father and i love him very much and he most certantly does not do drugs hes a good husband and father of 3 and is well respected and busts his ass every day to support this family and you have some very strong opinions for something that doesnt even consern you and if i didnt know any better id have to say maybe you were involved.!!!!

      1. Scared says:

        Sorry…don’t buy it. Especially since he was robbed of $200 to $300. Drivers do not carry that much money. The pizza shop closes at 11 PM and this happened well after that time. It was probably a drug deal gone bad.

      2. concerned daughter says:

        actuallly the shop closes at 3 am hun!!! and no one said you had to buy it just mind your own bussiness. its obvious that you were either involved or have absouluty no lifeee!!! and not all pizza shops are the same things work differetly some times if its really busy they dnt cash in and hold it!! this is my dad your talking about so id really appriciate it if you could just stop talking about it it doesn’t even concern you this is between him his family and the police!!! so back offff !!!!

    2. Sean says:

      I think you need go get your facts straight before you start throwing out accusations. Especially accusations that demean someone. That’s not okay. Get a life and stop trashing someone you dont even know. Unless you were involved in this, you have no say whatsoever in what actually happened. So lay off.

      1. Scared says:

        Like I said…drug deal gone bad. Updated story…they found the suspect and he had bags of drugs on him. Wonder where that came from. Maybe the “pizza delivery” . And, they were closed at the time. I drove by and it was closed. So, I do have my facts straight.

    3. Sean says:

      Yes, because he had drugs on him when they found him, they DEFINITELY had to come from the robbery. You’re ignorant, in every sense of the word.

      1. Jess says:

        Yeah they were closed because the drives wife was the one working inside. No way in hell she was gonna sit there while her husband was in the hospital with a bullet in him. Once again don’t know all the facts. Yeah he had drugs on him why do you think the guy robbed the driver, same reason anyone robs someonr today. Not cause they are struggling in the economy today but because they are junkies! Most people who buy drugs buy them off people they know don’t you think if it was a drug deal the driver would have given the police a name,address,or phone number if it was a drug deal. Doesn’t anyone use common sense anymore?

  3. Spit says:

    looks like a car i’ve see in front of Paisano’s on East Warrington.

  4. redrock100 says:

    dont give thems any mo pizza . problem solved.

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