Analyst: Rodriguez, Best Fit For Pitt

ESPN college football analyst Jesse Palmer joined the Fan Morning Show to share his thoughts on the Pitt coaching search.

Palmer is shocked to hear that Pitt has yet to consider Rich Rodriguez as a candidate for the job, but understands why Rodriguez would want to take a year off. He thinks Rodriguez is the best fit for the Pitt program because of his ties to high school coaches in western Pennsylvania, while he was the head coach at WVU. Another reason Rodriguez would be a good fit, is his proven success in the Big East Conference and winning multiple conference titles.

Palmer’s co-worker Mark May has been very critical of Pitt AD Steve Pedersen’s handling of the Wannstedt/Haywood/current coaching search at Pitt.

Palmer and May think Pedersen and Pitt need to make a decision quick, in order to “right the ship” and salvage any recruits still remaining for the 2011 season.

Palmer says the Pitt job is still a good job and one that allows coaches and players to get to a BCS game. This is due to the Big East being not as competitive as other conferences. For that reason, it allows Pitt to recruit great players from the western Pennsylvania area.

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One Comment

  1. DW says:

    Hire Rich Rodriguez! ! ! The guy is a great coach! He was put in a terrible situation at Michigan. If Rich Rod’s Michigan team was so terrible, just remember this, he was good enough to easilly beat the Big East Champion this year (UConn). Pitt, don’t be foolish, Rodriguez was considered a top 5 coach until Michigan ruined him with their smere campaigns!

  2. female phenom says:

    my biggest concern w/ richrod would be that it will take a few years until he gets the personel needed to run his spread offense. Tino Sunseri sure isnt the guy for that and neither is pat bostick or gonzales. We are returning a huge portion of what should have been a good team. Tom Bradley or Mario Cristobal would be ideal for pitt. bradley plays pittsburgh football w a key on defense. Cristobal could maybe bring the swagger here that he once had while playing at the U

  3. tom says:

    look what he did to w va. and if had a chance and was hired at pitt he would do the samething to pitt hire bradley today and save our new committments and keep next years team solid they already have a good base for next year.

  4. richieboy says:

    the man’s a looser, as a coach and person

  5. heff says:

    Fraudriguez is a joke.

    He treated his players like trash.

    How many have you ever heard defend him for anything he has done?

    He walked out on WVU after tanking the Pitt game so he could hurry to Michigan and start recruiting.


  6. Brad says:

    Anyone who thinks anybody other than rich rod is the ideal candidate knows nothing about college football. this man is a proven winner, and an offensive genius. If we hire him and can somehow talk taryl Austin into being the DC, wow is all I have to say. I ask all the people who endorse Bradley, what has he done? Everyone says he is a great recruiter and already coaches Penn st. Ok fine, if he is a great recruiter and a coach already then why did Penn st finish at best 4th I’m the big ten this year. Thus, he is either a bad recruiter or bad coach. Also, to the people saying it will take too long for rich rod to install his system, news flash, it took him one year to turn the offense around in Michigan. He averaged over 30 PTs a game in his second year at a defensive minded conference. Bradley would be a horrifying hire and anyone who thinks Bradley would get us a conference title faster than rich rod is insane. Literally, these people need to stop watching sports because their biased opinions are severely clouding their reality and that my friends is the very definition of delusional.

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