New Names Emerge In Search For Pitt Coach

By: Mike Vukovcan

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A few more details have emerged in Pitt’s search for their next head coach.

Pitt Athletic Director Steve Pederson has reportedly talked to more than just Tom Bradley and Sal Sunseri.

Reportedly, sometime this week Pederson has spoken with or interviewed both Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst and Florida International head coach Mario Cristobal.

Chyryst doesn’t appear to be a serious contender, as all signs point to him landing the offensive coordinator job at Texas.

Cristobal is an intriguing name and one I hoped would emerge. He’s in his third season at Florida International and is known as an excellent recruiter. He’s a guy destined to become a coach at a big-time program.

Bradley still appears to be the favorite for the job, but I wonder if Wednesday’s events will hurt his cause in any way. I can’t imagine the people at Pitt were happy with all the inaccurate reports and the fact that they were forced to issue a denial about his impending hiring.

I hope not, because Bradley would be a great fit for the Pitt head coaching position.

However, UConn is also interested in hiring Bradley to fill their vacant head coaching position. Former coach Randy Edsall bolted to Maryland to take over the head coaching duties there after leading the Huskies to the Big East Championship and the BCS Fiesta Bowl this season.

10:11 a.m. Update: Paul Alexander from 93-7 The Fan’s Morning Show reported this morning that Bradley will interview with UConn on Friday.

I’m sure they’ll be more twists and turns today, so check back here on and KDKA-TV Sports at 6 p.m. with Bob Pompeani for the latest developments.


One Comment

  1. Doug says:

    Sign Bradley before UConn gets their chance. Don’t want this to turn into an Al Golden situation.

  2. [Mr.] Jan Lennartsen says:

    Actually the best person for the troubled Pitt program would be another ex-Penn Stater who has proven himself outside that program. I think Dan “Bad Rad” Radakovich would be superb as Pitt’s coach, as I have thought for the past 7 openings of the position where in the time he was with several championship teams at several levels while Pitt was-er,not. He is still 8 years or so younger than Paterno. Get him out of retirement for the healing process and to save some bucks as I doubt he’d have a gouging agent, and put Pitt onto a winning track again. That is, a consistently winning one again. Or ask his old crony Joe Walton to move from Robert Morris. He is even a Pitt grad.

    1. Susan Albers says:

      I knew Dan Radakovich at the University of South Carolina. I was an admin. asst. to the Olympic Sports Coaches and never knew that he had been with the Steelers. I am shocked and flabbergasted. He was such a nice guy.

      1. Susan Albers says:

        The Dan Radakovich that I know is a second cousin to Bad Rad. My bag…Radakovich is a unique name. He is currently the AD at Ga Tech.

  3. melissa says:

    Bradley is clearly the right choice! Don’t give him a chance to sign with UConn! The Pitt program is a joke right now. Do something to try to salvage next season and some recruits. I’m sorry but Pitt Alumni-swallow your pride and let this happen!

  4. tom says:

    peterson is the one who should be looking for job, they gott lucky with is firs mess up please don,t give him a chance to do it again whats with the chancelor , don,t lose him to u conn

  5. Eric Zigarovich says:

    This is ridiculous that we haven’t hired Bradley yet. If it wasn’t for Pitt basketball, they would be the biggest joke in the NCAA.

  6. Golden Domer says:

    Go Irish!

  7. MICHELLE says:


  8. mark d says:

    Bradley is the right choice, but lets bring one more name in to the equation and that is Rich Rodriguez who coached in the Big East and is still a good coach who knows how to recruit even after the debacle at Michigan. Just someone to think about.

    1. RJH says:

      May sound funny but last comment made me think,Rodriguez is a good coach,was in the Big East, and can recruit so that may not be as far fetched an idea as we may think. Definitely outside the box

  9. Blawnox says:

    You should be kicked in the nutz for even saying Rodriguez. Shut up

    1. albert e says:

      You are a total ass, and complete waste of humanity and space. The best part of you ran down your Fathers leg long ago so battle on at being useless in Blawnox

  10. billyd says:

    all you a hole mews people are just having a ball with this pitt coach thing arent you sources say according to this idiot you are really just having a ball

  11. edge says:

    if they hire Rich Rod.–he’ll be gone as soon as the almighty $ is flashed in front of him! Better off with someone like Bradley who it seems would stay for awhile a solidify the program!

  12. linda m says:

    Bradley is the right man for the job and Rodriguez would bolt for a bigger pay day but that pay day may be years away after his mess up at being a Michigan Man as they say in AnnArbor. It was still an interesting scenario bringing an X Big East coach into the discussion

  13. 2059 says:

    Who cares? Pitt SUX

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