Pitt’s Baldwin, Hynoski, Lewis Going To NFL

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Three Pitt football players are going pro.

Jon Baldwin, Henry Hynoski and Dion Lewis will declare for the NFL Draft, according to a press release from Pitt’s athletic department.

Baldwin, a standout wide receiver, says he’s ready to take the next step in his career.

“I want to thank God for his blessings on my life, as well as my parents for all of their continued support,” Baldwin said in a statement. “I want to also thank the University of Pittsburgh, Coach Wannstedt, Chris LaSala and the rest of the coaching staff for the opportunities and guidance they have given me in aiding my development as a student, as a player and as a person at the University.”

Hynoski, a junior fullback, says he will complete his degree in business marketing in April.

“After a long discussion with my close family members I feel that the current time is my best opportunity to fulfill my life-long dream of entering the NFL Draft,” he said in a statement.

Lewis, a sophomore, rushed for 2,860 yards in his career at Pitt and ranks No. 4 on the school’s career rushing list.

“I look forward to the challenges facing me as an NFL rookie, and I believe my time here at the University of Pittsburgh under Coach Wannstedt’s tutelage has prepared me extremely well for the demands awaiting me at the next level.”


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  1. Mon River Towing says:

    Baldwin is not NFL ready. He’s barely college ready. He will wash out of NFL in 2 years. sad.

  2. Steve says:

    Is this a good time to jump to the NFL, given the potential for a lockout?
    I do think that Baldwin is ready. Hynoski and Lewis would probably benefit from another year.

  3. Arli$$ says:

    Even Tyrell Proyer has been told stay in school. if you declare for the draft and there isn’t one your only job is inside football or changing tires at Pep Boys

  4. reggie says:

    I hope you are kidding. Dion lewis is the one who is not nfl ready and never will be anything more than a role playing change of pace back in the nfl. At least baldwin has size on his resume. He is 6’5″ and about 230 lbs. He had 50+ catches and over 800 yards this year, for a team that is very run heavy. Pitt was lacking good qb play and baldwin still put up respectable numbers. By the way, I am not even a pitt fan, but numbers are numbers.

  5. Dr. Manny Golnick says:

    Baldwin can’t catch and hears tacklers coming,Lewis is overrated,and I’ve never observed Hynoski (after watchiong many games this past 3 years);These so-called “pro prospects” and the bulk of the Pitt football team have underachieved..and have tarnished the university’s image through the arrests and childish behavior on the field. Coach W is probably a good guy—but he didn’t control his team off the field as he should have–and allowed many to embarass we alumni by their actions and showboating. As a graduate of Pitt undergrad and Pitt Dental I can only hope that the program is reformed and that the new coaching staff emulates the good programs (Penn State,Stanford,etc.)

    1. K Zenchak says:

      psu a good program? Do you mean the psu football team that was 7-6 this year and finished with a worse record than Pitt? Do you mean the psu football team that ESPN devoted an Outside the Lines program to; talking about their alleged off-the-field troubles? You say that you’ve watched many games over the past 3 years but you have not observed Hynoski. That is either very surprising or it says a lot about your eye for talent. Hynoski is 6-2 260 lbs and is good blocker, runner and pass catcher. In addition, he is also a very good student.

    2. Joe Pantalo says:

      For a Doctor your an idiot. Pitt had no more problems than most colleges out there. Coach Wannstedt got fired because he didn’t win.

  6. Paul Alexander's Tanning Goggles says:

    @ Dr Manny, I hope you know more about teeth than football. If you admit you’ve never observed Hynoski you surely arent watching enough to make these comments. All could use more seasoning but will all be drafted to the NFL. Hynoski could wind up having the longest career of the 3 if he is drafted by the right team. Baldwin is all tools no blueprints. Lewis might be tremendous. To say that Wannstedt didnt control his team is just not true. Dave cant hold hands with these guys all weekend. And as a fellow Pitt alum I suggest you never again put the words Penn State and good program in the same sentence.

  7. Tim says:

    lol. you lost me at (Penn State, Stanford)

  8. Randy T says:

    The whole TEAN should leave if they hire this second rate Coach from Tulsa!
    ALL PITT season ticket holders should STOP buying tickets aswelll!
    Hail PITT!

  9. MannyGolnick says:

    Paul-respect your opinion—-I am just frustrated with all the athletes leaving after 1 or 2 years—-is there no feeling of commitment to a school or to teammates? I am sure both you and I would have loved to see Blair play at least l more year–or McCoy–or Curtis Martin—-I don’t think that Dan Marino or Tony Dorsett lost much of their career success by staying for 4–do you? Would you deny that the Pitt athletic program (football)has taken a beating this year? I hope you and I can witness positive results in the future.
    Best wishes,Manny ’63’ and’71’

  10. Mike22 says:

    Hey Randy T that second rate coach has led his school to 3 straight 10 win seasons, how many did Wanny coach…I thought so. Baldwins’ game was severely hampered by Pitts’ smurf-like QB;interesting to see if Tino can run a spread offense

  11. Dan says:

    Mike I have to agree with Randy…sure he had 10 wins but for who and against who… he coached for rice and tulsa thats like having 10 wins as the Duquesne head coach. its a joke

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