Police Search For Mother Of Abandoned 3-Month-Old Baby

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Police are looking for the mother of a baby who was left outside on the doorstep of a home in East Liberty last night wearing only a diaper.

According to police, a woman called police after finding the 3-month-old boy abandoned on the front porch of a home in the 500-block of North Beatty Street.

Police say the woman reported hearing people arguing at the home a short time earlier.

She told authorities that she bundled the baby up in her coat and went for help.

Police say the baby was in serious danger because of the freezing temperatures. The baby was taken to UPMC Children’s Hospital for evaluation. Other than a severe case of diaper rash, investigators say he did not appear to have suffered any other injuries.

Child welfare workers took the baby into custody.

Investigators are asking anyone with information on the whereabouts of the baby’s mother, 19-year-old Shoneice Hazzard, to call police at 412-422-6520.


One Comment

  1. Kelly says:

    UGH, im sickened. What is wrong with people?

  2. Kelly says:

    Seriously I cant stop thinking about this now and wish I’d never read this article. I have a 4 month old and jsut the thought of her catching a chill makes me want to cry. A 3 month old can’t even crawl or sit up on their own yet so I picture this little guy just laying on the cold ground. Lock this woman up immediatley.

    1. juice says:

      i agree with you. i hope she cant have anymore kids. it disgusts me.

    2. where's the boyfriend? says:

      don’t you get it?..something has happened to her.

  3. Beth Lynn says:

    What kind of a person could do that to a baby?

    1. Sickened says:

      A black teen “mom” that’s who.

      1. how ignorant says:

        racial stereotyping is the answer to everything isn’t it?

      2. Bart says:

        Does it surprise you that this ghetto “beep” couldn’t keep her legs closed? It’s not a stereo type if it’s true. She should be left in the cold to freeze her “beep” of.

      3. Sandy says:

        I agree!

      4. Lisa M. White says:

        and what about the white teen mothers who do the same thing? white people do messed up things to their kids too! yinz kids aren’t exactly good mothers either!

      5. Kimberly Davis says:

        yea [because a white teen mom would get a show and make hundreds of thousands of dollars for her bad behavior (teen mom show). Are you kidding me, why the comment, “A Black teen mom,” we are talking about an abandoned baby, what does the race have to do with anything. You’re just ignorant.

  4. expittsburgh says:

    As sad as it is, there is a positive. This might be the first step in getting this child into a family that will care for him.

  5. horrified says:

    I say leave her outside in her underwear and pray someone does not find her any too quickly

    1. d says:

      sometimes, it truly feels right to say “an eye for an eye.” in cases like this, i wish it were possible.

  6. Trash hater says:

    I would love if someone rearranged the face of this piece of trash. The baby did nothing to deserve this, she is probably a crack addict ubit.

  7. Sue Cravener says:

    There are so many people that would give anything for a child. Just knock on a door and ask for help or leave your child with that person but to leave that baby to die is horrible. Some of these crimes need to be dealt with harshly so that others know that you can’t get away with it. Some of our prisoners live better than we do. We need to make some serious changes with our society and quickly.

  8. The Chosen One says:

    Do people just have kids to have them? if u dont want them or can take care of them dont have them or give them to someone who will care for them. Mom needs to be in jail for this stupid act

    1. GHETTO SPYDER says:


  9. rc says:

    Put a diaper on this piece of inhuman trash and leave her out in the bitter cold.

    I agree tho, with expittsburgh’s comment . Actually this baby has been rescued!!

  10. U DONT SAY says:


    1. It is, "You Don't Say". says:

      Hey dummy, your Caps Lock is on and you are very grammatically incorrect.

      1. U DONT SAY says:


      2. FixPGH says:

        Sorry “U DONT SAY” but your ranting with horrible grammatical errors isn’t a result of “allowed to” it’s a result of laziness and an unfortunate decline in America’s education.

      3. U DONT SAY says:

        @ FixPGH

        Actually the way I commenting before has everything to do with me being “allowed to”. Please note this is not English class. This is a website on the internet, a website where people have freedom to speak and or type however they want. Some choose to be racist, some hateful. I choose to write in all capital letters and abbreviations. You choose to pass judgement on other commentors comments. To each their own.

  11. unbelieveable says:

    I’ll take the child. I could never let one suffer.

  12. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Why didn’t the woman that found her take her into the house that she saw the mother and baby come out of??? There is more to this story!!

    1. d says:

      why on earth would she take the child back into the home that allowed it to be dropped outside in the first place? common sense should tell you that there’s something wrong with the kind of people that are inside. obviously, you take the child away from the situation and get help from people who are capable.

    2. Come on think! says:

      What for, to have them throw the baby in the dumpster next time and then nobody would find it until it was too late?

      1. Thomas J Duttine says:

        You’re right. I wasn’t thinkin’

  13. PK says:

    Please please don’t let “the family” take the child
    Most are released to extended family – that’s just as bad !!!!!!
    Give this little child a chance – not even a blanket around him.
    That’s disgusting and really sad.

  14. d says:

    i’m SICKENED by hearing and reading stories like this. i have two small children and could not imagine allowing them to suffer at all, let alone something this horrible. it saddens me that children are born to disgusting excuses for humans like this while responsible loving people suffer through infertility. i don’t understand where a person’s head is when they see it acceptable to do something like this, there’s simply no way that they have the mental capacity or stability to take care of themselves let alone raise a child. i hope they find the people involved, and i hope they’re punished to the fullest extent possible. this girl isn’t a mother, she’s a monster.

  15. deb halle says:

    They should have had the polic go to that house and arrested every person there…they all knew that baby was put out there…

  16. MB says:

    This woman needs help, not a punishment or some kind of revenge carried out in a 1700s fashion. Obviously she is unfit to be a mother and did something incredibly irresponsible and hurtful; however, the child is luckily fine and her decision could have been far worse. Would putting her in prison do anything? Do you think that will rehabilitate her? Would she become a more productive member of society after spending time there? If there is a similar instance later in her life, do you think she will make a different decision based upon a fear of prison? She likely needs mental help and drug rehab and education, not an “eye for an eye” response, as some have demanded.

    1. Thomas J Duttine says:

      It may not rehabilitate her but it would make the rest of society feel so much better to have a POS like her off the street and stop her from popping out a few more kids that we have to pay for!

  17. M says:

    Thank goodness someone found the baby, in time, and went for help. Let’s hope the child can and will have a better life despite the horrible situation.

  18. Adrienne says:

    Why can’t we get a law passed that we can open a place that if people feel incapable of taking care of their children, they sign a simple paper and there are no charges, no worries, but we are able to care for these innocent children? I’ve been dreaming of this for years. There’s no reason why children should suffer b/c of laws preventing others to protect them. This is so sad.

    1. The Place says:

      There is a place like this- it is called the Hospital. You can take the baby there and leave the child, no questions asked.

  19. devo says:

    wonderful photo of the street sign, where did that concept come from?

  20. Lisa M. White says:

    i know what she did was bad, but a lot of you on here are acting like your fellow clear people don’t do stupid things like this. i look at it like this: she’s too damn young and stupid to be someone’s mother, just like the majority of teen mother’s of ANY race! and Adolf, take your a$$ back to hell where you belong!

    1. Awalc says:

      It’s not the age it’s the way she and all other disgusting poor excuses of human beings that are capable of during horrible things to a child are raised…. If your not raised to respect life and love you never will!

  21. Awalc says:

    You should have to pass a test in the hospital to be able to keep your child. This is truly truly horrible. I have a six week old baby and am terrified of taking him out in this weather let alone leave him out there. This makes me want to throw up! Everyone is right she should have to sit out in this weather in her underwear but then again the crack she is smoking would keep her warm! She needs serious help

  22. Revvv says:

    Why is everything in this page about racism, A similar case happened in Va and the mother was found drowned in a car in the local river a few days later, no one would have even looked for her if it wasn’t for the child. Don’t get black and white on me, remember the college girl up in PA(white) who threw her baby in the dumpster after her birth out of fear her parents would find out, as well as the black folk who left their chil\d on the porch in Braddock and the child froze to death, this has no color, Teenage preganacy hits all cultures so don’t get big on me, as far as any crime or issue, people need to quit allowing their anger to direct their decisions and work on each case as a case by case basis, if the person is accountable, hold them accountable, if they are mentally challenged, drug user etc…get them the help they need. Some people are so stupid in their false assumption of self-control> Drugs are very addictive in some forms and a lot of people on drugs have no idea or reasoning in their actions. Ok got that out, sad story, I hope they find the girl ok and they can work out the situation. If she is found to be unfit, remove her child from her, we don’t know the whole story so lets wait and see before we burn her at the stake and look stupid….

    1. mommy of 3 says:

      couldn’t of said it better myself

  23. Revvv says:

    And if I may add, who saw her leave the child there, and if someone can say she did it, why didn’t they help the child?!?!? Something ain’t right(I did that intentionally)

  24. mommy of 3 says:

    i became a single mother at 16, n my baby had several problems, but not once i thought to hurt her. It’s a shame theres alot of services out there that can/could’ve help her.
    Honestly we dont know the whole story, maybe she has P.P.D, and instead of shakeing him, or doing something worse, she left him outside.. But ya she should of had him bundled up and called someone [maybe she don’t got a phone] im not trying to make excuse’s for her, but we need to know the whole story to understand.. my prayer goes out to the baby boy and his family. God Bless

  25. Revvv says:

    One more thing, Post-Partum Depression Syndrome causes women to abandon their natural nurturing instincts and abandon their children in severe cases.

    1. Dr Michael says:

      Theres always some excuse for what people do. Why don’t anyone stand up and take responsibility for their actions. Its easier to blame it on some medical condition or syndrome. Get real you are adults, act and have the maturity and responsibility of an adult.

      Sorry I was abuse as a child and thats what made me write this.

  26. Ace Slick says:

    Pop one out. Apply for welfare. Receive the check. Throw it away and make room for the next. Rinse and repeat. Welcome to 2011.

    Heaven help the innocent and young.

  27. FixPGH says:

    If you guys Google her name, her Facebook comes up. Her wall is not private and people have been on there saying really crazy things. Previous status update she is having problems, so they may be post-pardom depression.

    Her “boyfriend” is seen on her wall saying some stuff too, for the love of God would someone teach these kids grammar and spelling? I mean seriously who spelled “is” “iz.” It’s painful to read and horrible all around. She should not have had a child and someone needs to put her on birth control and teach boys how to use condoms. yeesh.

    Wpxi reported today that she has been apprehended.

  28. FixPGH says:

    and her name is spelled “Shonice,” not how the article has it spelled if you try to search for her page. I would love to give her a piece of my mind but I’m not going to get into internet drama.

  29. Star says:

    I’m sitting listening to all yall dumazz comments about drugs black people having many children and are stupid. I don’t see anywhere in the newspaper that suggested any of those things. To put all things assumptions aside I’ll tell you the real story. She is a foster child that my cousin adopted. ‘ADOPTED’ IS THE OPERATIVE WORD HERE!! WHEN YOU ADOPT A CHILD FROM FOSTER CARE YOU DO NOT RECEIVE ANY MONEY FROM THE STATE. THEREFORE, MY COUSIN DID THIS OUT OF LOVE AND NOT THE MONEY!!! She has had mental issue every since she was a child. She is not on drugs not a baby popper she just has some issues she has to deal with. She is 19 years old and she does not want to be responsible so she has to seek help herself!!!

    And as blacks being baby poppers, how about da white people dat pop babies out so grandpa and daddy can molest them? You don’t see them thrown away because they are in the care of grandpa to be his personal sex slave, uggh, now dats disgusting and repulsive!!!! Grandpa goes to jail and dad is there to continue the molestation, dad goes to jail and now cousin is there TO continue the molesting. Whites believe keeping it in the FAMILY!!! You never see the chester leave jail because they are killed by whites, blacks, purple or yellow inmates!! maybe thats why white people don’t report the molestation and its usually a teacher because they no they will never see grandpa on the streets again. o yeah they will see him, in a pine box when they have to bury his azz straight from jail!!!!

  30. Dr Michael says:

    It is sad to do this to an innocent 3 month old. When they get the mother maybe she should be left the same way in a jail cell for a time.

  31. Hostilityy! says:

    STAR i totally agree with you that race has nothing to do with this. but also molestation happens in all different familys of all different cultures and races. i am a drug-addict and i couldnt even imagine leaving my dog outside in the cold for longer than 10 minutes…this girl is obviously suffering from a mental illness. she needs to be admitted to a phyc-ward to get the help that is needed…not jail where her mental condition will just get worse. your perception about molestation is just ridiculous…and i think you know that. i am not a racist but i’ve seen more cases with black children being abused than white children. But like you said if this girl was black, white, yellow or green if she still had the same brian with the same mental condition than she would’ve done the same damn thing. I think this girl is a very SICK girl not a very BAD girl. I hope she gets the medical attention she needs and i hope this child gets put with a stable family. BTW You all shouldnt be so quick to judge someone unless you have walked in their shoes.

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