Region Braces For Winter Storm

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Snow has been moving into the area and by the time the flakes stop falling, parts of the area could see more than six-inches of snow

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for most of the area — including Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Clarion, Crawford, Greene, Indiana, Jefferson, Lawrence, Mercer, Somerset, Venango and Washington Counties.

The advisory is in effect until 7 p.m. Wednesday.

KDKA Meteorologist Dennis Bowman says he expects to see 1- to 2-inches by the evening rush hour across most of southwestern Pennsylvania. “More snow is going to be spreading across the area. [It’s] going to bring those visibilities down, too. It’s going to accumulate pretty quickly as we get into this during the afternoon.”

The heaviest snow will likely come just in time for the afternoon rush hour, which could make the ride home a bit tricky for commuters.

Road crews, however, say they’ve been getting ready for the storm.

PennDOT crews have been loading up salt trucks to prepare; but spokesman Jay Ofsanik is asking drivers to use extra caution.

“Obviously they have to remember to leave a little extra time,” Ofsanik adds, “travel a little bit slower, be aware of the conditions of the road. Our trucks will be out there, but obviously as they’re working through the area, some areas could get more precipitation and the roads could get a little bit icy. So if they slow down, watch the people in front of them [and] drive cautiously, they should be able to get home safe.”

With more snow expected to fall tonight and into tomorrow, Bowman says he expects most of the Pittsburgh area to see between 3- to 5-inches of accumulation by the time the flakes stop falling.


One Comment

  1. Debbie Gall says:

    They don/t come I don’t think early in the morning. I was up all night as an RN and I think that is proper english for a news report!! We need to focus on the Steelers instead of a little bit of snow!!

    1. yea. says:

      What are you rambling about, lady? You’re a nurse, not a journalist.. so shut it. Ps, it’s A RN.. not AN.

      1. beth says:

        actually she is correct, it’s ‘an RN” !!

      2. teacher says:

        “an registered nurse” wouldn’t make sense, so neither would “an RN”.

      3. Correct Grammar says:

        Being a teacher doesn’t make you a grammar expert either, because you are wrong. Using a or an depends on the sound that begins the next word. Yes, you would use “a” when Registered Nurse is spelled out, but when it is abbreviated, it you use “an”.

      4. beth says:

        i think ‘teacher’ needs to go back to school. wow! hope you don’t teach at my son’s school!

      5. MsPittsburgh says:

        The sentence reads “I was up all night as an RN”… and that is the correct grammar usage dammit ~

    2. rick cash says:

      i hope the ravens blow the steelers out!

      1. Harry Smith says:

        you are going to see a lot of ravens fall not from the sky but the .ground go steelers

    3. michelle says:

      There is no correct usage for “an” or “a.” but to shut the issue up read this link and educate yourself and stop fighting like a bunch of school age children.

      1. michelle says:

        by the way we probally will not get as much as they are calling for. Also I meant to say their is not a correct usage for….

    4. Karma says:

      To the RN – if you were up all night working (11 to 7 shift I assume) commenting at 6:13 am online as listed above, I am sure you were too busy surfing the internet at work and you WERE NOT taking care of your patients. I bet you work for the Hospital (WP) who is in big financial trouble. I am sure your CEO/President would not advocate your time on the internet commenting about the weather when you should be working.

  2. ron21juliet says:

    Geez, Debbie! Your direct “focus” on driving conditions most likely will have a positive effect upon your getting to your diestination safely, as well as NOT creating any hazards for others on the road. Any “focus” you put on the STEELERS will have ZERO effect on the outcome of the game. Yell and cheer all you want. But remember, the game is played on the field by PROFESSIONALS, not by “focused” fans! Give the weather its proper respect in the name of highway safety. Nobody want to bring home a wreck.

  3. Who cares about the Steelers says:

    It’s a weather story, Debbie. You remember the weather, don’t you? It’s almost as important as the outcome of a stupid game. What an idiot you are.

  4. An LPN says:

    Teacher? Really? The rule is if it’s pronounced like a vowel use ‘an’. And we wonder why Johnny can’t past the interview…

    1. VCB says:

      Actually, An LPN, your grammar would not win any prizes, either. Johnny can’t PASS the interview….

  5. hockeymom says:

    The story was about the weather I believe! Bunch of rambling about everything but!

    1. beth says:


      1. michelle says:


  6. One small voice says:

    Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow What’s with the attack on the grammar, mom’s don’t want their kids home because of possible snow day anxiety ??

  7. FixPGH says:

    I would like a snow day from work.

  8. notanRN says:

    I hope the ones knocking the RN don’t need an RN

    1. tom the optimist says:

      Well I don’t think I’d want an RN who could only think of Steelers football.

  9. carole says:

    living in florida part time and sure would like to be up in Pittsburgh to play in the snow. the weather in Florida is so boring and the snow can be so beautiful ,especially when you are retired.

  10. expittsburgh says:

    2-4″ over two day period..and they’re saying the region is “bracing for a storm”!?!? 2″ of snow a day is not a storm. Obviously KDKA is trying to create panic so they can report from the grocery stores on the run on tp, bread, and milk.

  11. notanrn says:

    snow is good for you. it puts hair on your chest

    1. jerryJ says:

      … that explains these Pittsburgh women.

      1. Cornelius J. Katt says:


  12. paul says:

    alot of verbal rudeness goin on here! all i am saying is give peace a chance!

  13. Yinzer says:

    Sorry about that, I’m off my meds.

  14. Dude says:

    “….as opposed to us Ravens, fans, who root for a double murderer at linebacker.”

    Figured that you’d left that out, Yinzer.

    1. WOOSAA says:

      So how old are you, 12? 14? I’ll even give you 16… Hahahaha

      1. Michelle says:

        if that is the case….it explains why the incorrect grammar is being addressed! They should be in SCHOOL if they are this age!

        I agree GROW UP PEOPLE!

      2. tracy says:

        this is about weather not freakin nurses and grammer-get a life!!!

    2. katgirl985 says:

      OMG – are we married? You sound just like my husband. 😀

    3. Yinzer Hater says:

      I am glad to see that censorship is alive and well… especially when you point out that Yinzer Nation is hypocritical for supporting their criminals in black and gold while looking down on the Bungals and Ravens, etc. Apparently KDKA is part of the problem here.

      1. yinzer lover says:

        lick my hairy balls

  15. Edward Niespodzianski says:

    pgh. weather people disgrace the profession!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. amanda says:

    as long as i get a two hour delay or cancellation, i’m happy 🙂 i just hope everyone has a safe commute to work or wherever you have to go.

  17. This Isn't Florida says:

    Folks, we live in Pittsburgh, it snows here…2 to 4 inches is a non event!! It is all media hype!!

  18. Gracee Brooks says:

    We live in western Pa. what do you expect? It is coming down now, here in Washington county and it’s pretty. Don’t like snow? Move to a warmer climate, and for my sake stay off the roads if you are scared.

  19. ItsSnowing says:

    It’s snowing in the strip district!!!! Run for your lives!!!! AGH!!!!!

  20. WOOSAA says:

    It is too funny that Steelers got brought up here. You people are way to hostile. CALM DOWN! This is about the weather, nothing else. You sound like children.

    1. Michelle says:


  21. Michelle says:

    Despite the obvious snow, we all have to be traveling on the road. Please everyone excerise caution. Make sure you make it home to your family safely, I know I want to!

  22. Beverly says:

    Wow…this is just…sad.

  23. Disappointed says:

    Wow, 98% of this string is just sad.

    1. ItsAllInFun says:

      I’m sorry, what did you expect in an article that is telling us to brace for 2 inches of snow today?

  24. Dino says:

    Honestly – this thread provided the first real laugh of the day for me. Thank you.

  25. T.J. says:

    This banter is quite hilarious, it just goes to show how bad people want to be correct. Ok, maybe an (or a) RN is not a grammar expert, but I would test any of you to administer an incision for a surgerical procedure, or wipe the rear of an elderly patient with a loss of bowel controll, and for the record, I am not a heath care professional!

  26. Bryan says:

    I have lost respect for all news stations in this area especially KDKA…hyping and trying to scare people of 3-5 inchs of snow in 48 hour period. KDKA should be taken of the air

  27. Kim K. says:

    LETS GO RAVENS!! LETS GO, show them yinzers who’s boss n @

  28. Paul says:

    When will the school delay’s be reported? tonight, early am, ???

  29. billyd says:

    ohhhhhhh boyyyyyyy here we go again we COULD or MAYBE or POSSIBLE half an inch they will just have a ball with this all week

  30. Dr Michael says:

    Most nurses are compassionate wonderful care givers. There are however a few that are different. Perhaps reviewing care plans and nursing diagnosis would be better than being a football analyst.

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