New Developments In Girl’s 1985 Disappearance

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – There are new developments in the 1985 disappearance of an 8-year-old girl in Butler County.

State police say someone has come forward with new information that could be important to the case.

Trooper Robert McGraw says the new information has the potential to be crucial in the investigation of what happened to Cherrie Mahan.

“An individual came to the Pennsylvania State Police Butler station and provided some information to an investigator regarding this case,” Trooper Dan Kesten said. “May or may not produce additional leads for us.”

The girl disappeared back in 1985 after stepping off her school bus in Winfield Township.

Investigators will not reveal what the person who came forward said, but they do say the information is more specific than past tips have been.

Janice McKinney, Cherrie’s mother, is hoping for answers.

“Would hope that whoever did come forward, that it’s credible evidence, credible – anything that’s credible that could lead us to where Cherrie is, what happened, just answers,” she said.

  • NotNews
  • JOHN

    if you are going to report something more give us informatio that means something.

    this we can’t say or “”new information”” is nothing more than a very poor attempt to get people to expect more that there really is

  • betty

    i agree with NOT NEw and JOHN………Not new….

  • Lenita

    I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lady guatamala

    channel 4 reported that some psyic lady dropped by to tell them what she saw in her crystal ball!!!!! another nut that makes KDKA news

  • Daniel

    A crystal ball? If that is what all this is about then I have just wasted my time reading this article.

  • Matthew Finlay

    Somebody said something now we cant tell you what that something is, but just know that someone said something to us.

  • Sharon

    Don’t report anything until it is definite.

    • Kim

      I agree also that the public should be told instead of leading us all on. Why say anything if you are not going to tell us anything? All of us have been waiting for this case to be solved for almost 25 yrs. now on Feb.22,1985. It was a parents worst nightmare and at the time ,I had small children and my oldest at the time,who was in kindergarden,rode the same bus as Cherie did. We lived only about a mile away from Cornplanter Road so we knew the neighborhood there very well. I live in a different state now,but have always wondered if the case of Cherie would ever be solved. Don’t go saying something on the news and keep all the people wondering cause it isn’t fair. If there is something that we should know,then tell us. Do’t lead us on. Either you know something or you don’t!!!!

  • expittsburgh

    Wow…If that’s all that there was to this…and they posted two IDENTICAL (content-wise) articles, what a shame (and disgrace.)

  • Mr Carolson

    somebody told somebody at KDKA they saw something……..and they rushed to be first to bring it to us live!!!!!!

  • Rich

    All you haters, how can you lump KDKA in with Channel 4?? From 4’s “Only On” to “First On” to lying about the new Pitt coach…blah blah blah. KDKA is a true professional station.

  • Kathy K.

    Why don’t all of you stop bashing KDKA and focus on the story. I don’t care if it is a crystal ball or a two headed pigmy IF the police receive anything that will finally bring answers to this mother I think we should all say a prayer of thanks! For those of us who remember it like it was yesterday and who had children Cheries age, it struck a chord of fear in in our hearts for our own children. And as a mother who has buried two children my heart has ached for Cheries family. You can argue all you want about the “validity” of the reporting but until YOU have had to bury your child you will never know anything.

    • Mary

      We ALL remember it like it was yesterday. That’s why everyone’s getting so upset. KDKA posted this yesterday. Everyone was relieved to see that there may be a break in the case after so many years. Tonight KDKA posts a headline stating there’s an update when in fact it’s just the same exact story that was posted last night. Everyone has gotten their hopes up because of what was posted and now KDKA is just dragging it out when in fact nothing new has been released to the public. You are not the only person who has been troubled by this case.

  • billyd

    according to the sources the friends mothers cousins sisters brothers auntsformer boyfriends bosses next door neighbors cousins husbands brother said hi to a state police officer but we cannot reveal any more than that maybe if the former sister in law surfaces we may have a person of interest

  • Amy

    what happened to the cnn story?????

  • unnamed source

    KDKA We bring you News no matter what

  • billyd

    we now have a person of interest in the cherrie mahan case but we must keep it a secret we are not releasing any details state trooper so and so said this and that and MAYBE there is a different person of interest

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