Pittsburgh Police Officers Leaving For Jobs In Suburbs

By Andy Sheehan

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Seven years ago, former Pittsburgh police detective Tim Hohos left the streets of Pittsburgh for the slower-paced patrols of the northern Allegheny County suburbs.

These days, he has quite a bit of company. Today, there are nine former Pittsburgh police officers working for the nearby McCandless Police Department.

Over in Ross Township, there were seven ex-city officers patrolling those suburban streets.

And the list goes on. There are two in Franklin Park and two more in Monroeville.

It comes as no shock to Hohos.

“No, it doesn’t surprise me that people leave. I think it’s just to better themselves — to put them in a better position,” he said.

And now it appears this exodus may just be getting started. At least 200 current Pittsburgh police officers have signed up to take the Allegheny County police entrance exam at the end of the month. The police union puts that number at more than 300 — about a third of the bureau.

Union president Dan O’Hara blames six years of state-mandated budget cuts.

“Holding down wages, holding down benefits and making the working conditions much more difficult than they need to be,” he said.

“It is disturbing to see that many officers wanting to move on,” said Chief Nate Harper, who concedes that the Pittsburgh police which had been some highest-paid in the county are now on the lower end, but says that won’t be changing any time soon.

“We are looking at different ways other than money to look at different ways of enticing officers to stay,” he added.

That would include allowing officers to work a four-day week, but the union says discontent goes deeper. Many officers don’t like their required residency in the city and the doubt quality of city schools for their kids.

Said O’Hara: “Many officers don’t feel that the school system adequately provides a good education — or the best education – and so on the back end they end they have to pay for private schooling.”

Harper countered: “My daughters went through the public school system and they did very well and it’s what you make of it.”

Harper says the city is not considering getting rid of the residency requirement and says while more dangerous, big city policing can be more challenging than suburban work and quite a few officers want back in.

“We’ve had officers that felt the grass was greener and found out the grass wasn’t greener when they left,” Harper said.


One Comment

  1. Blueblood says:

    Who are they joking, nobody wants back in this city, people with 12 hrs on are leaving because this place sucks so bad. Working here you are more afraid of the people you work for than the people who want to kill you…that’s nop way to live

  2. Cityguy says:

    300 signed up to take the allegheny co test and 300 more are eligible to retire in the next 4 yes….do the math…nobody wants that job..can you blame them?

  3. city cop says:

    of course i signed up to take the Co. test they make in 40 hrs a week what i do working 70 hrs a week..plus they treat you bad in the city!

  4. lies says:

    Notice Harper doest say anything about his gay son who roams the east liberty mall area…schools didn’t do to much for him

  5. GOOD luck says:

    Enticing officer to stay with a 4 day work week? 40 hrs is 40 hrs no matter how you add it up…do they think the cops are that stupid to think it doesnt add up to 40 hrs just because its 4 days instead of 5?

  6. EX-city cop says:

    Yea everyday I look back and think i miss (1) all the people in the city that hate me and wanted to kill me like they did 3 guys last yr (2) all the idiot bosses, who became bosses by taking a test, and have never done any police work. (3) the chief who never saw and I cant really understand when he talks. (4) The radios and cars that didn’t work. (5)Worrying about being suspended for doing my job because it looked bad to the public( jordan Miles incident) (6) having to work 60 hrs and bar details to make what I do here answering 3 calls a day. (7) having to worry about sending my kids to a private school because the city schools are like a real life ZOO………..Yea…chief I am really missing all that BS and considering coming back to the city….

    1. Brad says:

      4 guys last year.. We lost 4 officers.. Some ex city officer you are.. Unless you aren’t considering officer crawshaw a city officer.. Considering we worked in Penn hills,. Show some respect for your fellow officers who lost their lives doing what you are complaining about. Rip officers mahley

      1. Ex-city cop says:

        Penn Hills is NOT the city

      2. FixPGH says:

        “having to work 60 hrs and bar details to make what I do here answering 3 calls a day.”

        You’re whining about bar detail? You guys don’t do anything on bar detail. I lived in Southside for two years and bar detail cops stood there and texted on their cell phones and oogled at the half-naked girls walking by. A friend of mine saw something happen two doors down and the cop standing outside the bar said he couldn’t do anything because he was on detail to a certain bar – maybe if you guys did your job to protect you’d get more respect.

      3. Brad says:

        Sure Penn hills isn’t the city, but why are a lot of young officers going to Penn hills? I personally know 5. Would you care to switch places with them? Or tell the crawshaw family that a Penn hills officer really doesn’t count because he isn’t city? You are a pathetic person and have zero guts coming on here hiding behind a fake name and complaining about you job. Coward. Quit the force and go get a job as security for a mall.. COWARD.. Show some respect

    2. Brad says:

      Rip officers mayhle, sciullo, Kelly and crawshaw ..

      1. sscop says:

        FixPGH…you must be the drunken idiot I through out of the bar last week…Thats your true issue…Idiot

      2. FixPGH says:

        Wow sscop super professonial of you!

  7. STUCKINZONE5 says:

    Being a cop in the city is the worst possible job you can have. I wake up everyday and wished I would have done something else, I hate this city.

    1. Brad says:

      Would you prefer to trade places with the 3 officers who lost their lives from
      Zone 5? I’m sure their families would love to hear you complain about it being the worst possible job. And from your zone? Wow .. Suck it up, put yourself in someone else’s shoes before you go crying about your job.

      1. Z5cop says:

        Brad you dont work in the city, so shut up. You have no idea how bad it really is.

      2. Brad says:

        Your right I don’t have a job down town, or used to work down at the county. Your right I was not friends/ acquaintances with 2 of the officers that were killed. I have no idea how bad it is. I hope your cerebral enough to pick up on my sarcasm. Show some respect dude. You should be counting your blessings you aren’t a cop in Detroit, la, ny, st Louis..etc .. Trust me, it could be so much wors. And your utter lack of respect for your fallen comrades is disgusting .

  8. Howie says:

    @fixPGH: So, let me get this straight. You lived in the south side for 2 years, and all of a sudden you realize that there are a hundred bars down there? I am so tired of all the complaining that goes on down there. Seriously. Unless you lived there since about 1950, you have no right to complain that there are too many bars. Open your eyes before you open your wallet, and you will be much happier in life.

    Further, if I could make twice as much for doing less work, and only have to move five or ten miles down the road…….

    1. FixPGH says:

      I knew about the bars and such before going down there, I didn’t know the lack of police work being carried out to control the drunks that pee on everything. People, no matter how long they have lived there, have a right to live there. Why should uncontrollable drunken children be allowed to rule the area like they do?

      I didn’t move down there for the bars, I’m not a heavy drinker or a partier by any means. I moved down there because during the day it was awesome to be able to walk out your front door and down to the coffee shop or bookstore. Not everyone needs a huge house and expensive car to be happy.

      1. robert says:

        SO you moved to an area knowing it was 20+ blocks of bars for a coffee and a book outside of your apartment ?? You need to blame yourself not the city/police for your lack of knowledge and poor choices in life

      2. FixPGH says:

        You want me to blame myself for the fact that people are ALLOWED to urinate in public, disturb the peace, and hit and kill innocent people (like the child KILLED a few months ago) when they drive away drunk?

        That makes no sense. Laws and resident safety should come FIRST not second. I don’t care how long there have been a bunch of bars there, there should be some ORDER. That’s what the police are there for right? To maintain order, so all of you that think Southside should have a right to be one big toilet, then petition to move out the residents and level the thing into one big puke and pee filled parking lot. People in Pittsburgh are so uneducated and their priorities are so messed up. Maybe if you guys would put human decency and safety first before your beer and football, the city wouldn’t be such a dangerous place.

      3. sscop says:

        I dont hear people complaining about there property values in southside. If you bought a house in southside in 1990 its worth 10 times what you paid…Like I tell the residence..Its not if you dont like it leave….its take the money and run

      4. Pro PGH Police says:

        Wow, so I guess you were one of the punks that probably got arrested in Oaklland Protesting the G-20. People like you, those who voted for the current Dictator of our country need to get the hell out. You hate the Police, whom you want to blame for everything. Whatever happened to holding an INDIVIDUAL responsible for their behavior. And by the way, probably the reason the police aren’t down in the Southside is because they are in Allentown or Beltzhoover responding to another homicide commited by the people you liberals want to give all the government handouts to. You make me sick, hippie.

      5. FixPGH says:

        Pro PGH Police:
        WOW. You are a complete moron if you are going to sit there and assume that I am some liberal G-20 protestor. Why do you automaically think you know who I voted for? It’s people like you that shouldn’t be talking. You just assume instead of knowing facts and that’s NEVER a good thing. Are you a police officer? Then I’m going to assume you’re one of those ones that use unecessary force on people, you like that?

        I stayed far away from the G-20. And how are we supposed to “Hold and individual responsible for their behavior” if nobody (police) are calling them out on their actions? Sorry I actually care about a neighborhood and want to improve it. If nobody is reprimanded for their actions, they are just going to keep going and keep going. People park where they want because they know they won’t get ticketed, they pee where they want because they know no police are looking.

        You, you assuming conservative stick in the mud, make ME sick.

      6. Pro PGH Police says:

        I may be a “moron” and a “conservative stick in the mud”, but I am at least smart enough to know not to move into the Southside, due to the fact I considered what goes on there. You stated in one of your other blogs that you moved there because of the coffee shops and bookstores. If they put coffee shops and bookstores in The Hill District, Homewood or Wilkinsburg, would you move there? I wouldn’t because I would consider all the drug dealing and homicides and everything else that goes on in those neighborhoods. Ity sounds like I struck a nerve in you and I must assume pretty well because I think I have you pegged for who and what you are. And I can also ASSume that you did vote for Obama. By the way, do you even work and pay taxes, or are you a recipient of all the handouts your party gives? Your a taker not an earner, liberal. I have you pegged, ha ha. Continue to blame the police, but one day if you ever need them to respond to an emergency for you, remember, they WILL be there and some officer would risk his or her life to protect yours. So before you bad mouth the very people that protect your weak little self, remember that, liberal.

      7. FixPGH says:

        Pro Police there you go making assumptions again. I did not vote for Obama and I DO work, make very decent money, thanks. You in no way have me “pegged” and because you feel the need to come on here and make assumptions about someone you know nothing about, I can peg you for a conservative, “I like to jump on the media bandwagon,” idiot. Like that?

        If you were able to read, you would have understood that I didn’t JUST move there for the bookstores and coffee shops, those are everywhere. I ENJOYED during the DAY at the fact that I could just go walk around the neighborhood, Jesus Christ you need to get a life.

        My whole point is, why can’t people be able to move to Southside? Why does it have to be one of those places where people say “don’t move there?” Because we let it be one. We let the vandals take over – what kind of city is that? An area that’s not that bad on violence as other neighborhoods, we let people pee and puke everywhere and disturb elderly residents that have lived there their whole lives – what kind of city hurts their residents like that? A greedy one with no priorities.

        And the fact that nobody can see my point is what disturbs me the most.

  9. Spit says:

    Nate, you probably wear your hat to the side, sag your pants , swing gold chains & watch Jerry Springer. You’re a loser. Crime has no color.

  10. dave moss says:

    GET RID OF THE RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT! Do a follow up story on how many cops would stay on the job if they did not have to live in the city. You can’t put a price on public safety. This should not be about lost tax revenue with a police exodus.

  11. 18 year veteran says:

    I have met less than 10 brothers who plan on staying past 20 years. Notice the firefighters don’t have this problem and weren’t mentioned in this piece. Even the city leaders don’t like the police here. I am more afraid of the administration than I am the thugs on the street. I have to go work a detail now, I only had 20 court hours this week. Private school tuition calls.

    1. da borough says:

      Wow only 20hrs at what 39 bucks an hour. Quit whining your lucky your not working 3 part time jobs for 8.50 an hr in all the small departments across the county.

      1. Pro PGH Police says:

        If you were able to pass the test to get hired with the city, you wouldn’t have to be working three part time jobs for 8.50 an hour. Trust me the test is not that hard, so what does that say about you?

      2. da borough says:

        Yeah I wouldn’t be a cop for that much, but I know a lot are And it’s a shame. Just be happy, you guys have basically unlimited OT and make good money/benefits.

  12. DMB says:

    Wow…I don’t know why everyone is so angry. I can see why an officer would want to move his family out of the city and make more money to help support his/her family. I have lived in Pittsburgh for eight years. I do not plan to stay once I finish school and get my “real job.” I long for more space and better schools for my future kids.

    I also don’t think that any officer on the force would ever downplay the impact of the deaths of fellow officers regardless of where they are stationed, city or not. Insinuating otherwise is extremely offensive.

    I doubt that anyone thinks that bar detail is difficult to do, but when you have to choose between that and relaxing at home with people you care about, I’d say that I’d be all for the home option.

    South Side is bar central and has been for years, and it will be for many years to come. People pee in alleys, yell in the streets, and do all other sorts of drunken debauchery. This is a city that houses a multitude of colleges and universities. College students party. The South Side is the perfect venue, and as long as the owners of the bars are making money they aren’t going to turn all of their establishments into coffee shops. Just saying. 🙂

    1. FixPGH says:

      They can keep the bars, just when people are stumbling out trying to start fights, there should be someone there to stop it. When people are leaning against their cars trying to figure out where to put the key – someone should be shining a light on them and asking them how much they’ve had to drink. When a young college kid gets in his car after drinking for hours, and runs into a car carrying a mother and child and KILLS THE CHILD someone should have been there to catch him before that.

      1. Robert says:

        You live in a fairy tale. if you think a police officer can deter every thing and be every where you obviously don’t know anything about being a police officer. Maybe you should stop crying and complaining and go through police academy. Then you can be super cop and monitor all of South Side, Arlington, Beltzhoover, Mount Washington, Carrick and Overbrook to make sure your shining a light on those people asking them how much they had to drink.

      2. Pro PGH Police says:

        I guess you don’t remember a few months ago when the police were blitzing the Southside trying to contain the very behavior you talked about. The buisness owners were in an uproar. Also, the city is so understaffed because officers are leaving, the police on duty are busy responding to 911 calls in other sections of their zones.

      3. FixPGH says:

        Pro Police

        Oh, 2-3 weekends of blitz is going to make a real difference. Did it stop people from doing things? No. It should be blitzed every weekend. All the cars towed? Probably brought in money for local towing companies. They should keep getting called EVERY weekend.

        Who cares about the business owners? They are making their money no matter what, and not patroling an area on account of some lousy business owners shouldn’t be a deterrant for keeping an area controlled and safe. Stupid people will still go down and drink and break laws no matter what so everyone will still keep making their money. I’ve said it before: PIttsburgh has no priorities.

    2. Brad says:


      Those 2 are downplaying the fallen officers. One of them is from zone 5 and is being a crybaby about his job.. But posts anonymously. I’m sure the families would love to hear him complain. Also the first coward said there was 3 deaths.. He obviously forgot officer crawshaw . Does he not think Penn hills counts. He is brave enough to hide behind a screen name but I bet anyone any amount of money, that the coward doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude aka guts, to say that to officer crawshaw’s family. Penn hills is every bit of Pittsburgh as homewood is and wilkinsburg. Apparently the crawshaw family wouldn’t get it because the Penn hills officers aren’t paid by the city of Pittsburgh . Give me a break . I dare this man to reveal himself .. He won’t .. Coward

      1. Mike kosko says:

        Pennhills is not the city you stupid idiot…stop posting on here!

  13. PPD says:

    Cops v. tree huggers, good stuff. Oh, by the way, I have more problems and arrests working bars on the S.S. than I do in Homewood. Get rid of residency, and I would stay. Make me pay for private school tuition, and I will leave. Simple really.

  14. Dee says:

    very very interesting comments and rebuttals…
    I agree with most of them oddly enough…Both sides have valid points…
    The bottom line to me and I could be wrong I thought was to protect and serve… I agree the pay isnt the best and the hours suck and the school district isnt up to decent standards…
    But this has always been the case forever…
    And if one chooses to be an officer I would hope to think the the pay isnt the only reason why or the main reason… its very important to have to survive and every one has a right to earn a living And believe me I have the utmost respect for the law and anyone who chooses that path as a career…
    I may be wrong but I feel its an occupation that has to have some degree of unselfishness and desire to protect and serve the citizens where certain factors arent as much of a factor dont get me wrong Everyone has a right to earn and especially have the right to provide for their family’s i definitely get that…but certain jobs seem to me as understood as duties chosen by persons who truly care bout other people first and the rest secondary not that anyone should not be paid there worth cuz everyone knows bein an officer is a very hazardous job indeed…And should be paid accordingly…but bein an officer is a choice and most definitely an honor but i thought a choice to wanna make a difference and help first..knowing the pay isnt the main reason..kinda like school teachers or soilders fighting for their country…I dare not speak outta turn and especially dont wanna offend any one…but i would like to believe that protecting and serving is a choice made by those who where the sheild for that sole purpose first…and this is in no way to say any of u dont …so please forgive me…I know its a battle field out there..but u dont get to choose the war u choice to fight and once that choice is made ur obligated to the field of battle when needed no matter what…or u should not choice to fight…cuz there are many other choices…
    And much respect to the fallen soldiers and fallen officers who lost their lives in the battle be it the streets or on the field…my heart goes out to u and ur Fams..u all are and truly were unselfish heroes

    1. Dee says:

      And I am very much for any and all officers havin a right to live where ever they want as long as from the time they start their shift until the time they end it they are doin the job asked of them they should choose to live where ever they may feel comfortable…

      1. paythemwhattheyareworth says:

        I agree with you completely!

    2. Pro PGH Police says:

      Dee, you sound like a decent person, not like the FIX PGH blooger I have been going back and forth with. I understand what you are saying. But the city police deal with way more B.S. than the police in the suburbs. Granted, nowadays being a cop anywhere is dangerous, but overall the city is SIGNIFICANTLY more dangerous, stressful and less rewarding. However, the officers in the suburbs make a lot more money, have better equipment, better working conditions, and are generally like and respected by the citizens in the community. And the city officers are disgruntled because they know this. In the city, the mayor and all the politicians basically dislike the police and do nothing to make any of the things I talked about better. I agree, when you decide to be a cop, there are certain risks and responsibilities that go with it. But gone are the days of Andy Griffith where people like and respect the city officers. Go into the projects and be spit at, have rocks thrown at you, get shot at, be told by someone you are arresting they are going to rape your mother and your wife. Wonder why the city officers are leaving for MT. Lebanon, McCandless, Ross or any other place that pays way more money to not be treated like that.

  15. Stuckinthecity says:

    FixPGH I believe is Councilmen Bruce of the south side and all he cares about is the south side, as for this wonderful job and it’s pension fund which is a complete mess, why don’t we ever hear about where the money went ANDY? Report on that but you won’t, why? because it went to the untouchables ROONEYS to build Heinz Field and PNC park.

    1. FixPGH says:

      yeah, I’m actually a chick that loves the historic aspects of the city, Southsides buildings and homes being part of it, but it’s all going to hell because the city, or people, don’t care anymore. All they care about is drinking, Steelers, and money.

      1. Pro PGH Police says:

        I also can ASSUme that you are not from the city of Pittsburgh due to the fact you refer to us as “they” and say our priorities are messed up. I know a great place you should go. San Francisco sounds right up your alley. Or maybe even China, where all the rest of the communists are. Get out of the Southside and leave if it is so bad. People like yourself want to blame everyone but the right individuals for their problems. A kid decides to sell drugs and not go to school and ends up in jail; lets blame society and everyone else but the indivdual for the choices they make. A guy pees in public, lets blame the police, it has nothing to do with the fact the guy is an ignorant idiot. Libderals like you blame everyone but the right person. You are the type of person who has turned this country into what it has become. No one want to take responsibility for his or her actions. I hope the Steelers win the Super Bowl and then you will really see Pittsburghers at their best in the Southside, ha ha ha.

      2. FixPGH says:

        No, I am not born and bred here, I moved here for college and decided to stay. I love most of Pittsburgh but get pretty irritated that the attitudes of its “yinzers.” The ones that claim to bleed black and gold, get don’t give a flying fcuk about the city they pretend to care about.

        Also, once again, if you could read I DID leave Southside. I was forced to leave an area like I liked because the City prefers drunks to residents and I wasn’t going to put up with it anymore. I got tired of yelling out my window to people passing by my apartment, with me sitting there on ground floor watching TV with lights on and windows open, about to go pee in the alley right outside my window. Why is that acceptable for them to do that??

        I very much believe in people being responsible for their own actions, but how do we ever call them out on it? Some drunk idiot isn’t going to be peeing in some alley and have some revelation like “What am I doing?” No, he’s going to continue to do it. If a POLICE OFFICERS stops him, then HE must take responsibility at the fact that he was doing something illegal and must pay fines, etc. People can’t take responsibility if they aren’t called out on it. Trying to blame someone else for peeing in public would be me saying the police TELL them to do it. There is a difference and you really fail to see what I’m saying. Instead, you of course (you must be a commentor on MSN’s articles, aren’t you?) try to say that people are blaming others instead of the individual. Well, in this particular situation the individual IS to blame but nothing can be done until he/she is exposed, get it? YOU are the person that has turned this pathetic country into what it has become because you can’t see reasoning and just spout off what others are running around preaching/not researching.

        You’re just offended because you ARE one of the drunk idiots that pee everywhere. Hope you get caught soon.

  16. paythemwhattheyareworth says:

    As a former PPO I believe there is alot of reasons as to why Pittsburgh PO are moving on. Yes the schools do suck and yes they are not paid enough. Any officer nearing retirement would be crazy to leave but those young rookies have the right idea. The townships and boroughs have less drama then the city and their school districts are good and in most cases they do pay you good. The city needs the police to red up the city but you need to take care of them too. Also the reason harper’s kids did ok in the school is because they “blend” in with more then half of the population.

  17. Another_former_PPO says:

    Its still the same old bs mentality in the city. “My kids went through city schools and they did fine. or You knew it when you took the job!” Well times have changed and the City of Pittsburgh is not the nice place to raise a family, it may have been at one time. NOT ANYMORE !

    After 10 years with the city, I left over 5 years ago for the suburbs and don’t regret it one bit. Sure, it is a slower pace…no section 8 and the problems that come with! We have a much larger percentage of people who pay taxes and appreciate the job we do.

    It all came down to RESIDENCY! I would not have left if I was not forced to live within the city limits. I was not a discruntled employee, I liked the job that I did and worked with some great people. I saw many co-workers leaving that had over 10 years on the job like myself. The city spent tens of thousands of dollars training me for a specialty assigment in the investigations branch which was a great benefit to the department I went to. I can only image the signifigant amount of money the tax payers of Pittsburgh loose because of the high turn over rate. It costs alot of money to put one person through the required tests to be hired then pay, equip and train them for 6 months at the academy. Then he or she goes through 3 months of field training before being assigned to a zone. More and more new officers leave within the first few years than ever before. It was almost unheard of before.

    When I joined the force, I had planned on retiring from the city. But I realized after a few years there was a decline going on all around the city. Years of mismanagement in city government put Pittsburgh where it is today. Act 47

    The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police has become a revolving door for “free” paid training and great experience for those who desire to become officers. Suburbs all around this area welcome hiring well trained and experienced officers from the city. It saves their taxpayers from footing the bill. There are 4 former city officers in my small department of 14. Each of the surrounding departments have at least 2 former city officers as well.

    Until the city thinks “outside the box” and get out of the old mentality, the Bureau of Police will continue decline. Hopefully not to the degree of New Orleans PD of the 80’s and 90’s. RESIDENCY IS the issue. Drop it to not only retain but attract a larger pool of good qualified applicants. I never hear about this problem with the city teachers who can live outside the city.

    The TAXPAYERS in the city of Pittsburgh are victims!

  18. WHO CARES says:


    1. FixPGH says:

      yeah, typing in caps is completely unnecessary and makes you look like a psycho.

  19. Daniel says:

    I know for a fact that some hotel workers here in Pittsburgh have better medical and dental benefits that 25 year veterans of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police. I keep hearing that the city wants to bring the benefit levels of the police in line with the private sector..then if that is the case increase the benefits. Camden New Jersey just laid off half of the police force because the President of the FOP there refused to accept concessions. I commend him for that. If a Mayor wants to threaten to lay off hundreds of police then call him on it. See how long he stays in office. And to say that the city will entice people with things other than money. Let me attempt to pay my mortgage with something other than money Mr. Harper….let me pay medical bills that the insurance does not cover with something other than money…Perhaps of Chief Harper would stand up to the Mayor things would get better for HIS officers.

  20. Ex City Slicker says:

    Nate the grass IS greener on the other side. Lets see….stay in the city, required to live in the city amongst those you arrest, spend 4 days a week in court along with working 40 + hours…pay outrageous parking fees, terrible benefits , low morale, broken equipment, and a 29% funded pension that is getting lower by the minute. I’ll take my Suburb job and not look back…I live where I want, have neighborhood cooperation, make more as a patrolman than the Pgh Chief of Police and great benefits. In addition I get my snow removed efficiently and it doesnt take 15 studies to make a decision as it does in Pgh. The City WAS a great place to live…now its turned into abandoned properties or rentals. This along with the mayor who is so enamored with himself he forget he has to be a mayor not a movie star. Glad I left! Thanks for the memories.

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