IUP Student Facing DUI Charges

By: Trina Orlando

INDIANA, Pa. (KDKA) – An Indiana University of Pennsylvania student is facing DUI charges after police say they watched her attempt to drive her car with a BAC of greater than 0.300.

According to authorities, police noticed 22-year-old Michelle Forgione, of Edinboro, as she was allegedly staggering out of a tanning salon last month around 2 p.m.

They arrested her after she tried to drive her car on Wayne Avenue.

Charges were filed at District Judge Haberl’s office.

  • George Hamilton

    Are you kidding? She was arrested when she staggered out of a tanning booth! She wasn’t doing 80mpr on Main Street….is this really news? I’ll bet a Penn State, Pitt and Slippery Rock student had a drunk too. Give me a break.

    • Get A CLUE

      Do you have a clue what a blood alcohol of above .300 is??? then attempting to drive a car! Bet it would been news to you when she crashed into a family driving home

  • Ken S

    Why wouldnt the cops stop her before she got in the car? It is crazy of them to let her drive then pull her over. They should be talked to about public safety and be less worried about getting money for the town!

    • Jamey M.

      I tottaly agree, less quotta more public safty


    KEN S
    Read it again!! They arrested her after she tried to drive her car on Wayne Avenue. Not they arrested her as she was driving. You people need stop blaming the police for what they do. YOUR NOT THERE or Do you see what they seen at the time they seen this.

  • MADD

    How they can you be arrested for Attempted drunk driving? I wanted to rob a 7-11 once, Could I be charged with attempted robbery?

  • Sara Sams

    I guess you dont know anyone who has lost a family member or a friend to a Drunk Driver. I do both my parents were killed by Drunk Drivers eight months apart. I have no use for people who drink and drive.

  • Copper Tone

    How long did she drink in the tanning booth?

  • pburgher

    seriously? this is newsworthy? what i’d really like to know is who brought a pie to last week’s church social.

  • Ace Slick

    With a BAC of .300, this person was not only a drunk, but she was an alcoholic.

    Most people at that level would be passed out on the bathroom floor, or couldn’t even find their pocket in their own pants to get their car keys.

    She’s a problem drunk, and we will be reading about her and her damage she inflicts on society one day in the near future. Believe it.

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