Weary Pittsburghers Hope For Break In Weather

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – After a week of non-stop snowfall, shoveling and salting, many Pittsburghers are ready for a break in the weather.

With more snow in the forecast for the weekend, people across the area are going weary of winter.

It’s getting a bit redundant isn’t it – the snow, the cold, the repeated shoveling.

“I’m tired of it, if I wanted to shovel snow I would move to Alaska,” said local resident Ray Klapkowski. “Over and over, it just repeats itself.”

Harry James is stuck in the elements everyday. He’s a crossing guard for Lincoln Elementary School and says the weather can make his job tough, but things could be worse.

“It’s better than Cleveland or Buffalo,” said James.

Meanwhile, with a broken snow blower, Jim Border spent his morning with a shovel in his hand. Even if it is a nuisance, he says this winter doesn’t even come close to some that he has seen.

“Nothing like – what was it – 1950 when we had the large snow,” he said.

While local people are ready for a warm up, some local businesses are loving it.

“Since the bad weather’s come through here, we’ve had a lot of good sales over the last two or three weeks here,” said Chuck Satterfield, of Rollier’s Hardware in Mount Lebanon. “So, it makes a big difference in the business.”

Aside from shovels and salt, Satterfield says roof rakes and a product that prevents pets from getting salt burn on their paws are flying off the shelves.


One Comment

  1. JBS says:

    Yeah Pittsburgh has such bad winters…snowpocalypse…YAWN…toughen up and stop complaining. Ed Rendell was right about one thing, at least.

  2. Dr. Gonzo says:

    Everyone needs to stop complaining about the snow. I can understand complaining if you’ve been here for less than two years and are not quite used to the weather. To those of you who have lived here for quite some time or for your entire life, get over it. It’s Pittsburgh, it’s winter, it’s going to snow and the weather is going to suck.

  3. TD says:

    What a wast of reporting, typical though for KDKA.

  4. Jaybolin says:

    I’ve not heard the expression “going weary” before. Growing weary, yes, but “going weary” is a new one on me.

    Maybe this weather will kill the stink bugs.

  5. buck up says:

    I love this weather. Someone forgot to tell that Ray character that this isn’t the deep south and we get snow.

  6. John Koval says:


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