Police Probe Bank Robbery In Oakland

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Authorities are investigating following an armed bank robbery Saturday afternoon in Pittsburgh’s Oakland neighborhood.

The incident happened around 12:30 p.m. along North Craig Street.

According to police, two men were involved in the robbery at the Northwest Savings Bank.

A short time later, police say they found an exploded dye pack, money and a gun behind Little Nipper’s Pizza two just down the street.

The investigation continues.

Stay with KDKA for the latest details.

  • neat

    oh look racists

  • The Truth Speaker

    Who is “they” rsq? I don’t recall this article stating the race of the bank robbers, and the last I checked the most famous thieves and bank robbers in history were “white”. And guess what? I’m white.

  • amari

    To The Truth Speaker and Neat. No worries. When you hear comments like that out of the mouths of ppl like rsq, there’s no doubt that ignorance and hatred are the leading factors in their lives. So unhappi with the life they live, they find other outlets to vent their miserable fustrations instead or taking a long deep look in a mirror and im sure that in rsq’s world, every factor outside of himself is to blame. Such misguides ignorances and obnoxiousness is better left ignored but yet addressed with an LOL.. some ppl do strange things for attention.

  • Mr Obvious

    I’m sure the police are looking for 2 white guys wearing steeler jackets covered in dye

  • j

    Banks file false affidavits with the courts to take our homes. They run a scheme called “Fractional Reserve Banking”, at 10% this means for every 10 dollars put in the Banks lend out 100 dollars, plus interest. Wish I could do that!

    This is why Dillinger was so hard to catch. The people aided and abetted him! Banks do it wholesale not piecemeal like this.

  • The Truth Speaker

    I wish they had a “like button” like on Facebook. lol

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