Student Sent Home Wearing Steelers Jersey

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — We all know the Steelers nation is far and wide.

A little boy in Washington State tried to show of his Steelers pride, but was sent home from school.

Grendon Bailie, 13, lives in Tacoma, Wash.

It was Seahawks Appreciation Day at School, but Grendon isn’t a Seahawks fan – he loves the Steelers.

He wore his No. 32 jersey to school, but administrators told him his clothing was inappropriate and promptly sent him home.

Grendon says he doesn’t think it was fair.

He said not everyone is a Seahawks fan and if everyone else got to wear their team colors, then he should too.


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  1. May Be Clueless But.. says:

    That’s just wrong…that school district needs to apologize to him. He did nothing wrong! How do they get away with that!!!!

    1. J lL Scott says:

      This reminds me of my favorite Shakespeare play “MUCH ADO OVER NOTHING” !

      1. FixPGH says:

        I’m not a football fan at all, but even I don’t agree with this. He has the right to wear whatever he wants. If it was his school’s jersey day for their teams and he wore the jersey of their rival team in the next town over to be a jerk, I could understand them asking him not to do that, but a pro football team? People move all the time and have favorite teams that may not be the state team. I have an aunt from Pittsburgh that has lived in Ohio, Texas, and Indiana and she is a Steelers fan. Let it be. Geez.

  2. crispy says:

    Obviously, Seahawk fans in Tacoma (or at least the school administrators) are still bitter over Super Bowl XL.

    1. steelergirl says:

      LOL that would explain their ignorance! lol

  3. Sky says:

    How dumb is that school ? I wouldn’t want them teaching my child anything ! Who knows what else they’re trying to brainwash him about . Our tax dollars are paying for closed minded people in power who abuse their power or who forget what their suppose to be teaching school students . I hope ACLU and the child gets a big hunk of money for this one .

    1. Tacomaguy says:

      I live in Tacoma pretty close to this school. But, yes, Seahawks fans are still bitter.

      What is missing from the story is that Tacoma middle school students where “uniforms” so, technically he was out of uniform. Whatever. He wasn’t sent home but he was threatened with a day of in-school suspension. So, his dad picked him up.

      1. poop says:

        Wait so the School force them to display seahawk pride. I think Hitler did them same thing

      2. Jimmy Hoffa says:

        bitter fow what they got beat grow up

      3. LOLLOLOLOL says:

        Perhaps you should go to that middle school and learn the proper context of “wear” and “where”…

    2. Andrea says:

      Sky, we don’t want to teach your child. Sounds like your child is taught that authority means nothing, that schools can’t help them prepare for the future, that their time is better spent watching TV. Hope you like your child living with you until he/she is age forthy-something.

      1. Andrea says:

        Sorry about the grammar mistakes and misspelled word. Maybe I missed school that day. Wonder what Grendon missed in school the day he was being a “hero.”

      2. Caitlin says:

        If the school wouldn’t have threatened Grendon with in school suspension, perhaps he would have liked to spend the rest of the day in school.

      3. Caitlin says:

        How does punishing a child for displaying his indivdual opinion prepare him for the future? The authority at this school in Tacoma are a bunch of closed minded fools who are going to get a giant serving of karma. And who said anything about any child spending all their time watching tv? I’m pretty sure Seahawk fans, Steelers fans and any other NFL team fan spends their Sunday mornings in front of the TV. Grendon is going places because he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes it. It is discrimination that some kids (seahawks fans) were allowed to wear their jerseys while students who happen to take pride in other NFL teams had to wear their uniforms. Why doesn’t the school try NFL Pride Day.. that way everyone has the oppurtunity to support their favorite team? Might get less ridicule that way!!

  4. Jim says:

    I smell lawsuit……………….

    1. Tacomaguy says:

      There won’t be a lawsuit. We don’t take it that seriously here in Tacoma and his dad has moved on.

  5. Doris says:

    That is tottally wrong , for the school officials to send him home for wearing another teams logo. If other children were permitted another team shirt besides the Seahawks

  6. Tacomaguy says:


    No. They could only wear Seahawks colors or their regular uniforms!

    1. Caitlin says:

      So while all the student who are in fact Seahawk fan’s get a day free from their uniform, those who are fans of other NFL teams have to be stuck in their uniforms? That is discrimination. Growing up, my high school had NFL pride during the football season. Maybe your lame administrators should consider something like that and try teaching students that it is OKAY to be an individual amd have different opinions than the other students in their class.

  7. Robert says:

    Washington is a state thats plagued by cultural Marxism.
    Apparantly the schools administration saw American freedom behind the black and gold and decided to take action like a bunch of useless lemmings out of Aldous Huxleys Brave New World.

  8. steelergirl says:

    Tacomcaguy ok No lawsuit but an apolgy at the least needs to be done. Seahawk fan patriot fan steeler fan if you are letting others wear what is out of uniform you cant not let them all. I went to a harsh pittsburgh school and on a day like today they would have never went to that extreme you guys should of just asked politely he call his dad for him to bring in his school uniform. I am a steeler fan and hope my understanding gets to your head seahawk fan were you apart of the adminstrator team you seem to be taking this hard

  9. Ron Whetsel says:

    Rules are rules. If the rule is “Seahawks gear or your school uniform’, then the kid and his dad have no beef. Something tells me the Rooneys are going to bury the kid in black and gold, regardless of the outcome of Saturday’s game.

  10. Mark Wilton says:

    Why did you say “little boy” since he is 13? Why not just say “boy” in the story?

  11. zelienople resident says:

    This is soooo wrong. I can see if the students had wear uniforms.. Everyone has a choice on the sports they support. I do not support a sport. That school was so wrong to send the student home.. That child is showing his support and pride. I hope the child is keeping his head high. Alot of schools and business show the support and pride of their own choice of sports.. That school better wake up and smell the coffee….

  12. Will says:

    Whatever happened to free speech??!!

  13. Connie says:

    Kudos to the brave Steeler fan who chose to exercise his right to display his team colors!! That is really something he should be proud of, his courage to defy the ‘rules’ and stand alone to support his team, regardless of the punishment from the school and his peers. That is a true Steeler fan. Hope you enjoy the Steeler win over the Ravens, I think the Steelers should send you a ticket to the Super Bowl!
    Go Steelers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. ian pgh says:

    good god people leave it go. im a huge steeler fan, n i know when i was that age i did all kinds of semi-rebelious stuff. he prob told his folks it was jersey day n not seahawks day. its not like he was caned n he lost his freedom of speech whe he was sent to a uniformed school go steelers

  15. Amanda Liegel-Held says:

    Oh please…being the away fan in pittsburgh I’ve had this in reverse happen multiple times to myself…suck…but steeler nations shows alternate fans the same respect 🙂

  16. jack says:

    They probably sent him home for his own safety. I know when I was just a “little” boy of 13 growing up in Pittsburgh, If anybody would have showed up at school wearing the shirt of another team the other “little” 13 yr old boys would probably beat the S@%t out of him ! (can u tell i think the adjective “little” is stupid here ?)

  17. janie says:

    As a lifelong Pittsburgh resident and New York Rangers fan, I know that Pittsburgh fans don’t always practice what they preach concerning the above comments. I wholeheartedly support this kid’s right to cheer his team, but have experienced the exact opposite in this city when I wear my team’s colors. You really can’t interpret this in a different way for different cities if you support free speech and a person’s right to support their team.

    1. FixPGH says:

      Very true Janie, Steeler fans are above and beyond ignorant when it comes to other teams. I had a friend that was walking to her car with an Ohio license plate (she was here for college) in Station Square. She decided to wear an orange sweater that day, for no real reason, but apparently the Bengals beat us that day or the day before and some “jag-off” walked over to her, spit on her and said “That’s for being from Ohio, b–ch”

      Seriously? Grow up.

  18. Max says:

    Get over it — I’m from Pittsburgh and not a die hard fan but that’s not even the point — the child had asked the day before and was told “NO!”. Children have to start understanding that word. Too many children today do not think that the rules pertain to them — it starts with parents — they don’t want to harm their fragile egos. OH PLEASE!!!! Then when these same children get into the business world — they just can’t understand why everyone just doesn’t bow down to them and give them their own way. I’m sorry, rules are rules. Deal with it!

  19. William A. Dlubak says:

    Is this school ran by ahmdenajad. If you are permitted to wear a football jersey, it should be your choice of team. This is a Democracy, not a fascist regime. I would sue for violation of my civil rights. Does our constitution cover Washington State? Obviously not! I am surprised he was not imprisoned. I would be looking up my attorney’s phone number. This school probably raises little anti-christs…….

    1. m. says:

      Are you serious? If the rule was, wear Seahawks gear or your regular uniform, then this kid broke the rules. Breaking rules=consequences. I have a hard time believing that you know what either “democracy” or “fascist” means. This child’s civil rights were not violated.

    2. Jim says:

      Actually the United States is a Republic, not a Democracy.

  20. David Crouch says:

    What has happened to authority? Doesn’t anybody respect authority anymore?

  21. D Reynolds says:

    Wait a minute….you mean people actually enjoy other teams like the Seahawks? I thought there were no other team besides the Steelers but then again I do live in SW Pennsylvania and I’ve been told that people here have been known to even poop black and gold.

  22. Kathi Zaidan says:

    That boy has CLASS! You go Grendon!

  23. otto says:

    Wear it loud and proud!!!!!

  24. James Mac says:


  25. white power says:

    Who cares

  26. m. says:

    I can’t help but wonder how many of you people would still be outraged if the kid was sent home for wearing a gay pride t-shirt. It’s football, and the kid blatantly disregarded the rules. In the real world, that means there are consequences. Get over it.

  27. Dr Michael says:

    This still is the Unted States isnt it??? We have freedoms and liberties that other countries just dream about. We can wear anything we want to wear, nothing wrong with the Steelers jersey. What are things coming to?? Maybe we someone to decide what we can and cannot wear.


    GO CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know its the NFL rules (they should be changed) but how the heck did Seattle make the playoffs with a losing season.

    GO STEELERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. lee says:

    it is very simple, Those in power can do what ever they like when they like it,s that simple!

  30. Keith Piecka says:

    Give me a break. The school should worry more about “EDUCATION” than a “team jersey”. Sounds like school officials have a LOT of growing up to do….and you mean the Seahags actually have fans? WOW…..GOOOO STEELERS

  31. pas says:

    maybe he should have gone to school with out a shirt. Schools today a more worried about what kids wear to school then they are teaching these kids

  32. Vladimir says:

    And why is it so big deal if a student was sent home?? he didint miss nothing special that day at school, but however he did got 1 day off or 1 day of vacation.. so whats the problem in it? also they saved him from trouble alot of kids would be picking at him and that usually doesnt ends pretty.
    And yes Dr Michael i am from Europe and what i can tell you is that we definetely dont have dreams about your freedoms… youre pointing at freedom of SPEACH welll buddy go GOOGLE about ” WIKILEAKS” he had freedom of speach and WHAT HAPPEND ??? hahah

  33. steeler says:

    Steelers blah – waste of time and money watching a bunch of dumbas2( running around a field chasing a ball – humans are so easliy entertained

    1. Shockly says:

      What are you a Vulcan.

  34. WayToGoPens09 says:

    This is America!!!! Go Steelers!!

  35. marc says:

    school administrators broke federal law

  36. Kathie says:

    What happened to our Constitutional right to free speech?

  37. rain says:

    In my honest opinion this kid did nothing wrong. so his school normally wears uniforms. So did my kids school. But, jersey day was jersey day. Any team jersey was allowed. It didnt have to be football it was just jersey day. This just goes to show no matter where you are at people are against steeler fans even the younger fans. Grow up school district. If you are going to promote or allow seahawks jersey you need to allow all jerseys or dont do it at all.

    Way to go kid. Keep supporting the steelers.

    Go steelers go Grendon

  38. Klaatu says:

    That never would have happened in PIttsburgh schools. A kid could wear Seahawk shirt on Steelers day and the school wouldn’t even think of sending him home. Of course on the other and he probably would have gotten his ass kicked, but I digress.

  39. Louie says:

    As a lifelong resident of Western PA, I still continue to wear my Raiders coats, hats and jerseys, when I want and where I want! No one and I mean NO ONE, can tell me what to wear and when to wear it! Wear your Franco jersey with pride, son! Yes, I do have a couple of Steeler jerseys and I wore one yesterday. Today, I will be wearing my Urlacher jersey! Go Bears!!! GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. demigod says:

    all sports should be outlawed. one goes to school to learn.

  41. demigod says:

    just imagine if instead of watching sports, everyone went outside and picked up litter. tailgating should be outlawed as well. they cause so much litter and humiliate themselves by acting as wild animals.

    i live on vulcan way.

    Vulcan Way

  42. will g says:

    the kid was probably never sent home from school. his parents just want to see thier little boy make the headlines.

  43. db says:

    I guess if you wear another sport team shirt, your ok. Typical school district politics. It all starts with the UNEDUCATED school board members that have know backround in education to begin with.

  44. sandi says:

    Oh and a Vulcan that is a tree huggre to boot! Live long and prosper! Go Steelers!! See you for the tailgating parties this weekend!

  45. Jen says:

    I dont like football. I personally think its just an excuse for grown men to grope each other. But this is not America. Its Steerler Nation. If the kid wants to support his fav. team then so be it. My husband is a die hard steeler fan. I like Tom Brady. He has a cute butt. On the other hand i have a few other fav players on various teams . The school board should be sued for violating the kids freedom of speech right. If it were anyother team would he have had to go home? Prob not.

  46. Anon Imas says:

    This kid is my hero. He should tell the school that there is a reason school buses are black and yellow.

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