Community Marches For End to Violence

WILKINSBURG (KDKA) — People in one local neighborhood used Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior’s message of peace to call for an end to the violence that’s been plaguing their community.

Some residents held hands, sang songs and prayed as they marched through the street today.

Hoping to reach the youth of their community, they marched to Wilkinsburg Senior High School with a cross bearing the names of the young people who have lost their lives to violence.

Rev. Richard Payne from the Wilkinsburg Church of Nazarene said they wanted to send a message to the youth. “There are people here concerned about them,” Rev. Payne added, “interested that they live a full and happy life.”

Kevin Patterson’s son was murdered back in 2006 in Chicago, just shy of his 19th birthday. Now a member of the organization, MAD DADS, he told KDKA that he hopes their message will make a difference and help bring an end to the violence.

“A part of my heart died and I’ll never get it back,” Patterson added, “but I try to come out here to try to help maybe catch one person’s heart, maybe many — try to prevent the same thing from happening to them.”

Those gathered today said they know it’s going to be a tough battle; but they said, peace is definitely worth the fight.


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  1. bobbyjo says:

    I’m surprised that a couple of the marchers wern’t shot, cause thats what the brothers do in the burg

  2. WayToGoPens09 says:

    This is all well and good but when are they going to start practicing what they are preaching???? It is going to take more than holding hands and marching on Martin Luther King’s birthday.

  3. chance says:

    Well Said! The NUMEROUS past marches don’t seem to have any effect!. Got to deal with the root cause……dysfunctional families and hoodlums!

  4. Daniel says:

    I have lived in Pittsburgh since 1997 and this is at least the 50th march of this type. Does not work. Perhaps if we took all this energy and marched in support of our police officers things would be different. You never see marches in support of our police. The police are our defense, our way to reduce crime. Make sure we have a well trained police force who are fairly paid and you will see crime come down. And do not suspend our elite officers for doing the job they are paid to do.

    1. Sandy Klingensmith says:

      Well put Daniel, problem is this is a buddy buddy city with a out of control violence problem in the ghettos, and the people in the ghettos make excuses for these behaviors. Its out of control !

    2. FixPGH says:

      Daniel,l once again, zip it with the whiny police preaching.
      Police won’t solve all the crime. It will still happen because currently, not enough is done to deter people from committing it! They know they can get away with it!

  5. clippit says:

    Daniel, the problem in these communities is primarily the breakdown of the families and fathers who don’t care about their kids, etc. It’s not lack of law enforcement.

    Unless police officers are going to be at these kids’ houses every night helping them with their homework, attending parent-teacher conferences, attending their athletic events, playing catch with them, taking them fishing, etc., in other words, doing the things dads are supposed to do, there’s not going to be much change in crime.

    Marches to support police will have about as much impact on these communities as calls to “end the violence”.

  6. Sam says:

    The problems are to big to be solved by a couple dozen people marching. What else have they done to stop the killing? No respect for anothers life!

  7. bills says:

    It’ll take work in alot of domains. Constructive comments need only apply. If you comment, have something constructive to say. Daniels’ comments and the things mentioned by clippit are some things. bobbyjo and chance, what do you have to offer?

  8. joey says:

    i sure hope that getting the community togather will help. if the people in that community will turn in some of the violent offenders this would be a much nicer and safer place to live

  9. Mel says:

    It saddens me to read these comments. If I didn’t live in Wilkinsburg, I would probably agree with the comments. However, being a member of the community, I know that the people who organized and participated in this march DO practice what they preach. These people are not only religious leaders, but community leaders,police officers, tutors, volunteers, teachers, mentors. These people work at the Hosanna House and soup kitchen. They work with the Mad Dads and the schools. They are the peacemakers in the community. They recognize that comments such as bobbyjo’s do nothing but destroy what we expect of our citizens. There were several young people of the community that participated in this march and if just those few were reached, it will do wonders in Wilkinsburg. WIlkinsburg has hope, we just needed to remind everyone of that.

  10. Ana says:

    Hi people
    planing on moving to pitts with family. Would love to know what is the best neighbourhood to live in , somewhere quite, green, with good schools if possible .
    And what places should I run from ?
    Many thanks

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