By: Dave Crawley

Dave Crawley is a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan, but he’s also a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe.

After Saturday’s win over the Baltimore Ravens, Dave sat down and penned a poem inspired by one of Poe’s greatest works.

Once upon a weekend chilly, rabid fans were shouting, shrilly:

“We all love ahr Stillers. Rilly! ‘Tis the team that we adore.”

Yet amid the the faithful, walking, I see fearsome strangers, stalking.

Could that be a Raven squawking on yon Pittsburgh’s Northern Shore?

A Purple Wave from Baltimore.

Purple people, crass and craven, doth invade our hallowed haven.

Welcome not the raunchy Raven, curs-ed bird that we deplore.

Steeler rooters, rooting madly. Yet this battle’s starting badly.

Will this donnybrook end sadly, as we watch the Ravens soar?

Quoth the Steelers: “Nevermore.”

Second half. No time to grumble. Flacco’s pass. A catch. A fumble!

Black and Gold begins to rumble. Pass to Heath! The Steelers score!

Taverns rocking, door to door.

Tide is turning. Game is shifting, as our spirits now are lifting.

Baltimore, again re-gifting! Ryan Clark completes the chore.

Hines to Ravens: “Gonna getcha!” Moments later, yeah! You betcha!

Hope that this will not upsetcha, but ol’ Hines has tied the score.

Steeler star, forevermore.

Seconds ticking. Third and long. It’s Ben to Brown, to thrill the throng!

Just use your head! You can’t go wrong! Antonio makes the masses roar.

Now, at last, the final pages of a showdown for the ages.

Mendenhall! And football sages will recall that thirty-four

Helped re-live those games of yore.

Quoth the Ravens “Nevermore!”

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